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Then God looked over all He had made, and He saw that it was very good! Genesis 1:31a (NLT)
I Saw God Today

Creating Art to Inspire a Connection with God

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 Learn, Understand, & Develop

Studio 1-37 works of art, are our witness to help others reach or deepen their relationship with Christ by motivating thinking through visual art or providing a kinesthetic means to spark your own visual art.

Thank you for visiting with Studio 1-37, won’t you join us and our friends as we journey together.

Dear Studio 1-37 Friend,
I would personally, like to invite you to join myself and friends for scripture study at Studio 1-37. Each week we choose a different focus verse to explore, think, and create beautiful meanings together. I welcome you to journal along with us in one of my handmade journals or a journal of your own. Whether you creatively write, draw, paint, collage, or simply spend your time just writing and studying the verse and making notes, it all helps deepen and strengthen your relationship with Christ.
Please consider signing up for the Studio 1-37 weekly post and receive the latest study right to your email inbox. I look forward to hearing your thoughts through the conversational comments. Won’t you join us with your friends at Studio 1-37 today?
Love in Christ,

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Art to Inspire a Connection with God