About Us

Who –

We are a Christian artists’ team who wish to dedicate what we do for the glory of God. In the midst of looking for a broader meaning of life, we want to share our deepening relationship in Christ with others and use our knowledge base in visual art as the channel.

Why –

Studio 1-37 is the result of these wishes; sharing with others our excitement of realizing that it is a blessed life to live on this awesome earth God created and the fact that our creator wants to have a relationship with us. We have learned through time and life circumstances that the world we were living for is not what God intended so we have redirected our lives realizing we were moving in the wrong direction and now are striving to live God’s purpose and will for our lives.

Belief –

We are not theologians or Bible scholars and it is not our want, wish, or motive to debate our beliefs or the scriptures of the Bible. We are “simple sheep” who; devote time to know God better, have a hunger to learn more, and share with others what we learn from these experiences. We do believe firmly in the Apostle’s Creed and our thoughts and sharing derive from this very basic belief.

Education –

We, collectively, have devoted over fifty-five years to the arts with forty-five, of those, dedicated to the field of visual arts through both studio and instructional careers. We hold undergraduate and graduate degrees in this area of study and have explored most of the disciplines within the field and continue to learn and experiment in different areas as inspiration leads.

Inspirational Process –

We love to spend time out in God’s world hiking, kayaking, and experiencing the less traveled areas of the world. Guided by the master artist, Himself, our inspiration and creativity for our art formulates as we see, explore, and experience through nature His magnificently created world.

It is our aspiration to help others move beyond just looking and really see all of God’s creation as we share our experiences and encourage seeking your own. We hope there is an appreciation for what we create but mostly we hope others will seek beyond our experiences to really “see” the world in different means and have a will to know Christ or deepen their relationship living their life in dedication for Him instead of the influences of man in this world.