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Are you looking for joy in all the wrong places? Perhaps your joy is merely hiding because you don’t have an abundance mentality mindset living life from the inside out? It has been 30 years since Stephen Covey coined the term abundance mentality in his best-seller, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. In his book, he defines the term as a concept in which a person believes there are enough resources and successes to share with others. During the last 30 years gaining an abundance mindset has become known as one of the best means to grow as a person.

It is believed that someone who holds an abundance mentality lives an unlimited, full, and satisfying life. Their life spills with joy despite their circumstances. People with an abundance mindset give and receive affections and items of worth with an easy attitude. These persons feel they are not only inspired and creative but appear to be confident in what they have. They take advantage and enjoy new opportunities which in turn creates meaningful and memorable life experiences. Furthermore, because they feel secure and confident with their life and how they live it, they experience successful outcomes.

Abundance Comes from the Inside

An abundance lifestyle sounds great, so why are so many people miserable? It seems that when people think of abundance, they try to gain it from the outside, but a truly abundant life comes not from the outside in but from the inside out. Did you notice that all the characteristics of the abundance mindset have nothing to do with physical holdings or material things? This is because it has been recognized from the beginning of time that satisfaction and joy in life come not from having plenty but from knowing that life is secure, and this mindset only develops from the inside.

When we choose to place our confidence in God, we know that He will listen when we call upon Him. This allows us to rejoice in His protection and peace. The things of the world come and go because they are the things of the outside world. But the things of God never change. He is as steady now as He was at the beginning of time.

When we place our trust in God, our joy becomes as steady as He is as we create a mindset from the inside out. This allows us to confidently move through life no matter the upsets we encounter because we simply turn to Him in trust as we continue to move in His direction. This is where we clearly see that joy comes only from having God on inside.

You have given me greater joy than those who have abundant harvests of grain and new wine.

Psalm 4:7 (NLT)

Living a Life of Abundance

When we clearly see and live a life of abundance, we live a lasting life of inward joy that always defeats discouragement.  Happiness is only a temporary feeling that comes from the outside. It leaves often as quickly as it arrives because it only results from the continued influence of outside circumstances. Happiness is great when it is in session, but it is unpredictable.

Joy, however, is rock solid and steady. True joy comes from inside and it lasts forever. This is a true abundance mindset. In addition, God provides us with daily proof of evidence of Himself and His goodness sealing our abundant joy. So, when we feel doubt creeping in, all we have to do is look around and see the abundant evidence that God is at work in the world.

The Beginning of a Life of Abundance

There are ways you can help foster your own abundance mindset working from the inside out. Try practicing these ideas to develop a greater abundance in your life and connect closer to God who provides a life of eternal abundance.

  • Focus and align your thoughts

Pay attention to what you are thinking about. Take control of those spiraling thoughts in your head. You can make a conscious effort to turn your thoughts towards the abundance of God.

  • Practice being grateful

Gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to develop inner joy and feelings of abundance. When you focus on what you have rather than what you don’t, you quickly realize that you hold a precious life granted to you by your Creator.

  • Recognize that with God all things are possible

Be mindful of all things and the possibilities of life. When you focus on all possibilities you not only feel inner joy but peace as you realize that by placing your trust in God the impossible becomes possible.

  • Develop and share your God-given purpose and passions with others.

When you recognize, focus, and develop the talents God grants you. You determine and develop your purpose. This not only builds your abundance of joy and peace but promotes you to share your gifts with others through service.

  • Learn from and expand your life experiences

Your past experiences in life whether successful or not hold a great amount of education for not only yourself but others. When you take your learned knowledge and develop a new mindset you can turn around even painful life experiences into ones of gratitude as you move forward.

The Next Step for an Abundant Life

Once you have the practical methods down of practicing a life of abundance it is time to take it a few steps further. These ideas will help seal and set an abundance life of joy and peace as you continue to focus on your Savior.

  • Share even painful life experiences in a positive manner

What you tell yourself and others will define your reality. Think carefully about what you say or how you present your life and participation. Focus on your growth and what you have learned from life and its experiences.

  • Approach life openly

As you go through life keep an open mind to learning and growth even in areas that you feel you hold mastery in. When you hold an attitude of openness and enthusiasm along with a willingness to expand your knowledge, you will add to your abundance experiencing even more joy.

  • Synthesize the positives of life

When you focus on the things that go right in life the good quickly overshadows the not so good. This falls in line with gratitude and quickly aligns life with all that God abundantly provides.

Practicing an attitude of abundance takes effort as it challenges you to find your joy in the steady vastness of God over the temporal worldly things of life. Allow your convictions to clearly show you that God never leaves Himself without evidence of Himself and His goodness on the world. Be motivated to know that the light only shines in the darkness and it is only in the light that joy reveals itself with hearts that align with the Creator’s. Surround yourself in the comfort of knowing that with your full confidence in God there is an abundance of joy found in any set of circumstances.

Love in Christ,



Riches are not from abundance of worldly goods, but from a contented mind.


Extra Study

Psalm 97:11-12; Acts 14:17

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  Stephen, C. (1989). The Seven Habits of Highly  Effective People. New York: Simon & Schuster.

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