Assurances in Life – How Firm is Yours?

Unstable Assurances?

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Are there any assurances in life? It may seem like life is hanging in the balance in our current world crisis causing us to falter in the assurances that life holds. As we move into the 3rd week of isolation for most in the U.S. the assurances appear unstable at best and completely dissipated at worse. Many people are losing the assurances they thought they held as this situation continues to march forward and conditions appear on the surface to worsen. Where do you place your assurances, our governments or leadership? medical personal? researchers? pharmaceutical companies? Or are your life assurances placed solely in the only one that can save you no matter what may happen in the world?

When our world turns upside down little seeds of discontentment can grow like the weeds that are currently sprouting up on my new spring lawn. These seeds of discontentment, like the weeds in the lawn, can quickly get out of control if they are not tended to immediately. Where we place our assurances in the things of life most definitely matter and so let us choose wisely. Whatever each day may bring, we choose where and what we place our assurances in whether it is someone or something. As we look consistently for things to get better and be able to settle in peace, let us place our assurances in the only one that has proven His trust for centuries and whose promises are consistently revealed.

The Missing White Horse

Life teaches us that sometimes things are not always as they appear on the surface. Therefore, it is important to know and examine closely what we want and will commit to in our life. Let us focus on this as our Lenten Journey ends and we move into Holy Week. Our journey has revealed the need to be quiet and reflect fully on the glory of God acknowledging our weaknesses and sins bringing them before His grace. Through our journey, we should see the full assurances that we hold through Christ. But let us step back for a moment and put ourselves in the place of the crowds that lined the streets the day Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey.

The people sought a Savior. Someone to save them from the woes of the climate at the time with oppression, poverty, and bleak life in general for the mass majority. They wanted a leader to set the scales of justices back in balance. The people expected a knight on a strong and mighty white charging steed to save them. But instead of a white horse, He arrived on a humble donkey to declare Himself the King of Peace.

This wasn’t an accident but purposely chosen and declared then as it is now. He continues to invite us to pledge our allegiance to the King of Peace. The people praised Him as He entered, waving their palm fronds, and shouting with acclamations. They were ready to accept what they could get. But as the week moved forward their life didn’t change. So, the seeds of discontentment began to take root and send up shoots. The assurances they placed in their plans quickly fell apart. When things didn’t go as they wanted, they quickly turned against Him.

Lack of Assurances in the Seeds of Discontent

Perhaps that is where some of us are today, with seeds of discontentment growing because this crisis continues, and things aren’t immediately turning around. Our daily lives have been turned upside down and on end. It would be so easy to turn to other entities in our feeble attempt to solve our problems. But that sets us up for ultimate failure for if we have learned nothing else in life most of us know there are only temporary assurances found in or through people or things. Therefore, it is so important that we have and hold the assurances of God’s eternal love. His love remains unchanged from the beginning of time and through the midst of changing situations. When we hold the security of His love, we hold the key to the assurances in life. Christ guides us not only here on earth but to our eternal destination.

It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in people.

Psalm 118:8 (NLT)

As we look for stability it is important to have a strong foundation. Christ is the only cornerstone of life that we can place our full assurance in. Only a building with the proper cornerstone holds together and survives time. Likewise, it is only with Christ as our cornerstone or foundation in our life, that we can find stability. By placing our full assurances in Christ over any human, we can find the guidance we desire for peace on earth and our journey to eternity.

Firm Foundation Assurances

Let us remember that no matter what happens on earth or whether we understand, we hold the full assurance that God is in charge and control. Christ continues to stand strong as He always has and always will. He is the same today, as yesterday, and as He will be tomorrow. (Hebrew 13:8)

Won’t you challenge yourself to place your full assurances in Christ before looking to others? Find your convictions rooted fully in the promises of God revealed to you on Easter Sunday. Be motivated in knowing that Christ came in peace and continues to be the King of Peace both in today’s world and the next. It is only through Him that you can hold peace no matter what circumstances you may find yourself in. Surround yourself in the comfort of knowing that no matter the week, or circumstance your life on earth unfolds, you can live a life full of the assurance that on Easter Sunday Christ returned fully as He promised and that He will return again.

Love in Christ,



I have held many things in my hands, and I have lost them all; but whatever I have placed in God’s hands, that I still possess.

Martin Luther

Extra Study

Job 19:27, Matthew 21:1-11, Hebrews 13:6

What are Your Thoughts?

Are you struggling with having full assurances in your life? Have you placed your trust fully in Christ whose promises are consistently revealed through time? Share your thoughts on how you have found peace through holding your life assurances solidly in Christ.

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