Tolerance – A Sharp Tool Needed in the Shed

Tools in the Shed

Tolerance - a gift of the Spirit - A Studio 1-37 original image original

August, in the southeast, often requires a heat tolerance. But no matter the heat, many of us find ourselves working outside in our gardens this time of year reaching for our trusty tools to get the job done. Sometimes though the tool we need isn’t where it belongs requiring us to look for it. Other times our tools might be just where we need them, but they have become dull because we haven’t taken care of them or used them in a while. This can be true of our spiritual gifts that we should live by as well. When we don’t use them often or forget about them, we can’t pull them out when we need them. And like our garden tools, we must keep our virtues sharp and ready to use at a moment’s notice to cultivate the life we want.

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Destination- Known!

Destination Unknown?

Destination - A Studio 1-37 Original Image

Have you traveled to any unknown destinations this year? As the world slowly begins to open back up people are beginning to move around more. When I travel, I like to know where I’m going as I’m not partial to surprises. However, maybe that is a control issue and fodder for another writing. Either way, the thought of an unknown destination doesn’t appeal to me. What about you? Do you like to travel and if so, do you like knowing where you are going?

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Are You Tired of Being Tired?

Living an Overworked, Overwhelmed, Busy Life?

Rest and Renew from being Tired - A Studio 1-37 Original Image

Are you tired of an overworked life, a busy schedule, and overextending your time? If so, you’re not alone. Some days just seem like they’re too exhausting, with too much to do, too much information, and too much pressure. We live in a time where the tools of productivity are improving daily and that causes us to produce more. And if this isn’t enough being busy is a status symbol. It makes being tired considered the proper way to live. But being tired isn’t the way we were designed. So, maybe it’s time to figure out how to change our lives so being too busy and tired is not a way of life.

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The Guarantee – Promises of Life

Life’s Guarantees?

The Guarantee - A Studio 1-37 Original Image

Do you like a good guarantee? Are you more likely to take a risk if you know that isn’t going to cost you anything? Whenever I need to make a costly decision, I love knowing that there is a guarantee. It is so much easier for me to take a leap of faith when I know there is a system in place to protect me. This becomes my security much like a down payment, deposit, or a validating signature on a contract. The promise of a guarantee helps me feel secure. They say there are no guarantees in life and there isn’t for life on earth. But there is a guarantee that holds the promises of life issued by God.

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Making Connections – Relationships are the Foundation

Relationships Establish Connections

Connections - A Studio 1-37 Original Image

What kind of connections have you made with others this week? There are many opportunities to make connections and form relationships even in our day-to-day life. With today’s technology, there are no viable excuses for not making connections with others, yet it often remains a struggle. In Robert Frost’s poem, The Death of the Hired Man, one line reads, “Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.” But most will agree that home is not always “where the heart is” or a guarantee of golden relationships. So, where do good relationships and connections come from?

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Interruptions for Grace – Today’s hope; Tomorrow’s Promises

Daily Interruptions

Divine Interruptions - A Studio 1-37 original image

How do you feel about interruptions? There are all kinds of interruptions in our daily lives. Some are annoying, others exasperating, and some become overwhelming. Interruptions in our life often have us suddenly moving in a different direction and leaving behind the tasks of what we were doing. Recognizing how to handle interruptions whether they are important or just throwing us off track is necessary for they often affect more than just ourselves. Many Divine interruptions impact not only our life but become life-changing for those around us in a positive and eternal way. Interruptions of all kinds give us the ability to both offer and accept grace bringing hope to situations and promises of a better future.

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Stuff Happens – Preparation for the Storms

Life Happens

Stuff Happens - Life's Storms - A Studio 1-37 Original Image

Have you had any “stuff” happen to you this week? This morning’s headlines, in addition to the human-caused “stuff,” informed me there is a second tropical storm that’s threatening the U.S. next week. So, there is even stuff that happens that is caused by nature. If you had to describe your life at this moment in terms of weather, how would you explain it? Are you like a Tsunami because you are getting overwhelmed with stuff? Perhaps you are more partly sunny, as more of your days are better than bad. Maybe you are in the middle of a thunderstorm and just need to shelter in place. We could go on and on with overcast, foggy, and even sunny. The point is there is always the potential storm brewing and a needed plan of preparation for when “stuff happens.”

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Grow into a New Creation

Growing Season

Stringing Pearls to Grow a New Creation. - A Studio 1-37 Original Image

It will soon be officially summer in the U.S., a time when many things grow into new creations. It takes many things working together to grow a seed into a plant that then flowers and produces. There is a balance that must exist between the various parts of nature. As the sun, soil, and rain work together over time. It doesn’t happen overnight as there is a process to growing that happens one step at a time. Much like beaders string pearls, the strand grows into a new creation as each bead is strung.

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Home – Finding a Place of Renewal and Strength

Home – Finding a Place of Renewal and Strength

A Golden Home - A Studio 1-37 Original Image

When you think of home do you picture a place of rest, renewal, and strength? You might like to think of home as your haven and a place that you can find renewal after the world beats you up. Maybe you define home as where you find your strength to go back out tomorrow and “do the world” again. Or perhaps just the thought of home sends you in a different direction, far from a place of rest or a way to regain your strength. Whatever your definition of home, it is important to realize that the home or place itself holds no power. It is, however, instead, the people connected to that home, the relationships, which form our perception of a home. If we are looking for a place of renewal and strength, we need to look no further than to the nonjudgmental home that Christ offers us.

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Finding Your Identity in Love

Who are You?

Find your identity in John 3:16 - A Studio 1-37 Original Image

Do you know who you are, your authentic identity? That might seem like an odd question, but many people today have no idea of their true identity. Because of technology, today’s culture is unlike any before and the pressure is on to be someone we are not. If we look to social media, we quickly can determine that all posted is not quite the truth and sometimes not even close. Yet, we long for the authenticity and the true identity of others and ourselves. To find our true identity we might think we need to search high and low but in actuality, it is within us. As each of us has the love of Christ freely available. So, the question becomes whether we look within ourselves allowing His love to determine who we are, or will we search outside of us asking the world to define our identity.

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