Busy? Refocusing Your Life for Peace

Busy: What’s Your Scale Rating?

Busy? Refocus - Study with Studio 1-37 each week.Have you been busy this week? Where would you rate your busyness? Mine has been off the charts or at least that is what I thought when I began my week.

Monday started off on a full run as I knew I had a meeting in the morning. As I prepared for the meeting I began to think about other things that I wanted to bring with me. I wanted to take care of some other issues, so I could mark them off of my list. As one thing led to another pretty soon my time was fleeting away. I quickly did my last searches for documents on the computer, printed them, and out the door I ran at somewhat of a panic because now with the extra items I had added to my personal agenda I was up against time.

Busy Makes Us Late

As I parked the car the clock hand rolled over to one minute after the hour, meaning I was now one minute behind. Gathering up my things I quickly made my way across the parking lot just short of running as I hoped the meeting was not starting on time and anxiously anticipated slipping in without interrupting. As I rounded the corner where the meeting was to be held I noted that not only was there no sound, there was no people. Not a single soul in sight and the room was dark.

In my second panic I thought the meeting must be moved and now I needed to find the new location. I inquired to the first person I ran into, but they seemed confused about my inquiry regarding a meeting. As I began to slow down and explain further, the email regarding the meeting began to faintly appear in my memory. I suddenly realized in the middle of my explanation that there was no meeting, not on this day anyway! As my mind now clearly formed the image of the email I saw the date. I was a week early for the meeting! I suddenly began to laugh at myself as did many others at my expense that morning. My really busy detailed life was not allowing me to see some of the most important things of the day.

Learning What’s Important

Some weeks my life seems so busy it is a little overwhelming and obviously this is one of those weeks. Sometimes I just need to refocus. Prepared with all my reports and then some left me frantic in the details but omitted pertinent information, the date. Sometimes bogging down in the details keeps you from seeing and accomplishing what is truly necessary.

U.S. President Eisenhower felt this way. It is said that Vice President, Richard Nixon came upon the President one day signing an immense stack of mail in his office. Mr. Nixon watched quietly for a moment and then asked the General how, with all that mail, he ever found time to think about the big problems of the country. The President replied, Dick, I really haven’t spent that much time on these letters. In fact, in some instances they probably don’t even say exactly what I want them to. But you’ve got to learn that, if you get bogged down in the fine print and the little details you’ll never get anything accomplished.(Bits and Pieces, 1992)

Busy: An Age Old Problem

We live in a very busy world and so often we easily lose focus on what is really important. But this really isn’t a modern world problem as being too busy and worrying about life and the details of the day is an age-old problem as we see in this week’s focus verse as Jesus visits Martha and Mary. Poor Martha so caught up in the details of what she wants to accomplish with their very important guest, she can’t focus on enjoying and cherishing the guest. In fact, she becomes so focused on the unnecessary things that she even begins to complain to Jesus, the honored guest. She rants on how she is having to do all the work because her sister, Martha is just sitting and listening to Him speak.

Christ quickly lets Martha know that details are good but that more important is knowing and finding the real necessities of life and cherishing them above all else. We must keep our focus on Christ too. When we do we will find the calm that we need in the middle of our busy and frantic life. Christ teaches Martha that spending time with Him, is time well spent.

When we accept Christ into our life assurance comes in knowing that He always remains with us. No one can take Him away. We should not only cherish that knowledge but preserve it. If our focus is on and with Christ, our life and its overwhelming details of busyness will fade into the background. All the busyness of life means nothing in the eternal tomorrows of our life.

When Christ is our center, the busyness of life fades as the peace of importance settles around us securing and grounding our life where it needs to be.

Focus Verse of the Week

But the Lord said to her, “My dear Martha, you are worried and upset over all these details! There is only one thing worth being concerned about Mary has discovered it and it will not be taken away from her.”  Luke 10:41,42 (NLT)

Busy? Lower Your Score

So do you still think your life is just way too busy? What if I told you that the quickest way to lower your busyness score on the rating scale is to spend more time with Christ? Sounds crazy to say that by adding one more thing to your day, you will reduce your busyness, but it is true. It doesn’t even matter what kind of busyness you have going on for your score will remain up even with the busyness of church or service work.

You must take a true and dedicated time with Christ every day spending time with Him alone. This time nourishes your relationship and deepens your connection. You will quickly center your life with what is truly important. This formula allows your eyes to clearly see, experience, and acknowledge how the eternal importance of a special time set aside each day lessens your busyness.

Refocus for Life

Busyness takes away from relationships and God wired you to have relationships with not only Him but others. When you set aside a dedicated appointment with God each day in short time you will quickly realize that it is the most important one. You will begin to see an improvement in all your relationships. Your priorities with Christ at the top of the list is a must. Even service work should not take away from Him. For it too can become self-serving and meaningless if allowed to overtake your dedicated time devotion to God. It is said that when you don’t do the most important thing in the day, there is no time for anything else as you become the busiest person in the world.

As you reconsider your schedule make sure you’re challenged to preserve your time with God every day. Don’t allow the world to dictate what is important. You will find peace in your refocusing knowing that Christ is the most important thing you have. Motivation comes in knowing that Christ is with you always. Find your comfort in the knowledge that God cares for you and gain peace from just seeking Him each day.

Love in Christ,



It is more important to know where you are going than to get there quickly. Do not mistake activity for achievement.

Mabel Newcomber

Extra Study

Psalm 27:4, Matthew 6:25-34, Luke 12:11, Philippians 3:13-14

Bits and Pieces. (1992, April 30). Bits and Pieces.

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