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Believe it or Not – Considering Faith

Believe it or Not!

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Believe it or not, the month is marching on with warmer temperatures, new life, and maybe even a return to normalcy after a year of strangeness. Easter has come and gone somehow signifying that believe it or not, summer will soon be here. Sometimes it seems like this past year of the weird and strange life we moved into wasn’t real. But seeing is believing and we have all been witness to it. As Robert Ripley said, “Truth is stranger than fiction” and it has been one strange year. But what about the things of life that we can’t or don’t see? Does that make them not real or signify that they don’t exist? This is where we must examine the facts, gather our notes, and decide to believe it or not. When we are in this place of doubt, we must take to considering our faith.

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Good News That Never Gets Old!

The Best Good News!

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Do you need some good news? It seems there isn’t much good reported. We are quick, however, to hear the bad, disturbing, and disheartening. So as Easter approaches maybe it is time to hear some good for a change. Good news that creates wonder, amazement, and awe. Easter is often viewed by its celebratory accessories of rabbits, eggs, and bonnets. But if the jubilation of the Good News is to overflow from us, let’s reset our attitude on the joy that the Good News brings instead of the fluff around it. We also mustn’t see the Good News as old news forgetting its impact on our lives today because it’s a story we’ve heard before. So, how do we keep the enthusiasm of the Good News going so we can experience and express the joy of the glory of God all year long?

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Mindset – Reaching Beyond Fixed Attitudes to Find Growth

Looking to Mindset

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What’s your mindset been this week? How about in the last year? Do you have a different attitude for the future? Mindset plays a critical role in how we cope with the challenges we face in life. Our mindset is a collection of thoughts and beliefs that shape our thought habits. And our thought habits in turn affect how we think, feel, and the actions we take. To understand how we can take our mindset and pivot it for a positive future we first must recognize the 2 types. Then we can refocus and realign our thoughts and beliefs to the processes of life rather than the product.

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Do You See the Writing on Your Heart? – The New Covenant

The Shaky Foundation of the Unfocused

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Can’t you see the writing on the wall? Do you recognize what is going to happen if? Have you ever been told this or told it to someone else? As I read today’s headlines this is what I wanted to scream. Is the world blind? Has the focus been lost and buried so long that life is deteriorating? It often seems that the world is crumbling away bit by bit. Somewhere along the way, we have lost our focus and direction. Are we part of the problem or solution? When the writing appears clear how do we share it with others in a loving way? And what is going to happen to our world if we don’t?

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The Heartbeat of Love – Look up, for Life!

Heartbeat and Love

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Do you ever listen to your heart or specifically your heartbeat? I generally don’t think about my heartbeat much unless it is not behaving properly. For example, when I hike up a mountain early in the morning, then it lets me know that it is working hard! It seems, however, that even outside medical reasons all of us should give more consideration to our hearts but maybe not in the way we think. Our hearts connect with our brains and have a social reputation that is connected with love. There are many cultural references to the heart and love with sonnets, songs, images, and many others. It might all sound like hype, but there is science behind the lovesickness that might just be good for that heartbeat.

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Boundaries – The Description of Love Given by God

Are Boundaries Stifling or Freeing?

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Boundaries, rules, and the practicalities of life sometimes seem restrictive and even stifling. But most of us would agree that some boundaries are just necessary for life. They help it run smoothly and allow relationships between people to be amiable. Perhaps boundaries wouldn’t be necessary if people treated each other with love but that is not always the case. God recognized this early on and decided that boundaries were needed for the safety of His people. He created out of love what we call the Ten Commandments. This set of boundaries are guidelines to direct the community of God. They weren’t designed to earn God’s protection or love. Instead, they show God’s love for us. For as Christ taught us, they were to help fulfill and teach God’s ultimate law of love.

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New Identity – Walking with God

Reflections of a New Identity

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The weather today seems to be taking on a new identity, one of spring! After weeks of snow maybe spring is really on the horizon. Yet, I know that even with today’s warming temps and the beautiful sun that winter isn’t over. The weather just isn’t ready to fully take on a new identity. It needs to work towards it slowly having some good weather days and some that aren’t so much. Taking on a new identity can be difficult as it requires a lot of work and it isn’t something that happens overnight. The biggest step though is deciding to change. J. P. Morgan said, “The first step toward getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.” And that is the key to a new identity and the way to walk with God to eternity.

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Signs and Promises – The Journey of Lent

The Signs and Promises of Life

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Signs can tell us lots of things as we are journeying along. Things such as where we need to go, if we have arrived, and even where we are. Sometimes these signs are visible and sometimes they seem to be hidden. Yet they all proclaim and hold the knowledge that assures and reassures us as we seek where we are going in our journeys. Signs that are visible and easy to understand are the ones we generally like the best. It can be frustrating when signage is unclear, missing, or misleading. Thankfully, the signs that God sends us, hold true to His promises as we journey through life.

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Indescribable – When Words are Unnecessary

Indescribable Experiences

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Have you ever had an experience that could only be described as, indescribable? When indescribable things happen to us or even to other people sometimes it is difficult to find the right words. There are times in life where the indescribable things are tragic, devastating, and life-altering. When these types of events occur that leave us or those, we know reeling with shock there are simply no words that can explain or soothe the situation. There are also times in life where the indescribable things are amazing, offer new understanding, and become life-transforming. However, in both accounts of indescribable experiences we often feebly attempt to fill the void of the revelation with unnecessary words. When what we need to do is be silent, listen carefully, and observe.

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Forever Fortitude – On the Wings of Eagles

The Fortitude Effect

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Fortitude, that inner strength that pushes one forward no matter what circumstances may surround them. How strong is yours? Fortitude, as defined by Merriam-Webster, means the strength of mind that enables a person to encounter danger, bear pain, or tackle adversity with courage. Many times, we face a choice in which we can allow obstacles to stop us or we can keep pressing forward regardless of what we face. Where does fortitude come from? How can we get it? And can we bottle it up so that as we face challenges in our daily life, we can quickly pull it out and use it? We can exercise and eat right to strengthen our body over time but just how do we go about strengthening our minds?

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