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Living a Divine Shaped Life

The Shape of Life

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If I ask you if you live a life shaped by the divine power of God, how would you answer? This is a daunting question, to say the least. Perhaps it is also one that makes us take a step back and think about the life we live.

Many things shape our lives. Sometimes the shape of our life is from the decisions that we make. Yet sometimes our life shape is from the decisions that others make. However, our life is also shaped by what we surround ourselves with. We can certainly control the first and come to terms to accept and work around the second. However, it is this last one, the environment we choose to surround ourselves with that often shapes us the most.

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Glory: Revealing the Christ in You

Are We in Glory Days?

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Many people are making a difference in the lives of others during the COVID-19 crisis. This week I read about children, as young as 10, receiving glory and affirmations about the innovations and ways their contributions are making a positive change. These young people, however, aren’t spurred to act to receive acclaims. Instead, they’re showing the world their true inner hearts that want to help others. The glory of goodness found within them is simply revealing itself to the world.

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Stories: How is God Working in Your Life, right now?

Listen to the Stories

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Have you ever considered the clarity of human emotions that the writers of Psalms depict as they tell their stories? These writings are often powerfully packed with the experiences of people. For even amid struggles, they find a way to praise God. True honesty describes the Psalms as these writers hold nothing back. Many times, the words reflect things that most of us might never voice aloud much less write down. Yet, they did, sharing their stories that connect with so many people. This is why they remain powerful even today. The words might be unfamiliar and ancient, but we can still connect to them because the world remains the same. The stories of the Psalms explain how God works in and through our lives.

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Worry – A Part of Life that doesn’t have to be!

Worry and Concern – What’s the Difference?

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Do you find yourself in frequent worry mode? Has your worry increased over the last couple of months? Our world has turned upside down with the world health crisis and for many, worry and anxiety have increased. When life spirals out of control often the first response is to begin to speculate on what might go wrong. This is the “what if” syndrome that can quickly gain a firm grip on our thoughts. Many aspects of life are simply outside of our control but how we handle them makes a vast difference in not only our personal life but those lives that are around us as well. We must learn to cope with life, not in worry mode but by approaching life’ s problems with concern. So, what’s the difference?

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Sheep – Living like Ovis Aries?

Sheep Knowledge

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How alike are you to a sheep? Maybe you are thinking that you are nothing like a sheep. They often hold a reputation for being not very smart, defenseless, and a docile animal. However, sheep are quite intelligent and have impressive memory and recognition skills. Sheep are also very connected to other sheep. They build up friendships, stick up for one another in fights, and commiserate with fellow sheep heading to slaughter. And even more interesting is that sheep like to play! Are you feeling any better now about identifying with a sheep?

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Embracing Joy Beyond Easter

Embracing Love Even in a World Crisis

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Embracing might seem like an idea of the past in our new world of social distancing. But embracing is much more than the physical clasping and pressing of another in a hug. Willingly accepting someone or something through love into our life and soul brings the indescribable and glorious gift of joy. When we embrace love, joy bubbles up in an overflowing abundance. But occasionally as time passes that joy fades as we allow the routines and problems of life to get in the way. Therefore, we need a reminder of just why it is important to embrace love. There is no greater love seen than the love that the gift of salvation brings. This allows the embracing of joy to carry far beyond Easter and into every day.

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Remembering Table Talk – Victory in the Revelation

Remembering Strange and Unprecedented Times

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We are witnessing strange and unprecedented times throughout the world. In future days people will sit around the table remembering all that is occurring. Families, in the years to come, will gather remembering and sharing the year that churches were closed. They will tell of how people were forced to celebrate Easter at home, and where finding normal supplies of milk, eggs, or even toilet paper was an issue. This is what we do, isn’t it when we gather? We share our experiences with those that were not with us and those that were. Remembering the good things and commiserating on the bad. The point of remembering is to help encourage each other pointing out the victories in the revelations. But it also teaches and shares the journey to those that might need to use our knowledge in the future.

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Assurances in Life – How Firm is Yours?

Unstable Assurances?

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Are there any assurances in life? It may seem like life is hanging in the balance in our current world crisis causing us to falter in the assurances that life holds. As we move into the 3rd week of isolation for most in the U.S. the assurances appear unstable at best and completely dissipated at worse. Many people are losing the assurances they thought they held as this situation continues to march forward and conditions appear on the surface to worsen. Where do you place your assurances, our governments or leadership? medical personal? researchers? pharmaceutical companies? Or are your life assurances placed solely in the only one that can save you no matter what may happen in the world?

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Count on God with Hope

What do You Have to Complain About?

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In today’s current world crisis, what do you count on? Are you complaining or lamenting about the problems affecting, not only the world but you? Many in the world are crying out to God in pain and despair over the current situation, but some were crying out way before this pandemic ever surfaced. It is in a cry of desperation that puts us in a place that we may feel alienated, misunderstood, and even lonely, which is why it is important to know that we’ve someone to count on. There is someone who has been through it all with us and stands ready to lay down their life and bring an end to the suffering. Christ knows and it why we not only cry out to Him, but we can count on God with hope. But what do we do with our complaints?

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