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Patiently Waiting on the Future? or Patiently Waiting on the Future!

Patiently Waiting on the Future?

Patiently Waiting with Beautiful Ginger FlowerAre you committed to patiently wait on your future? Are things going your way or do you just don’t understand where life is leading you? Are you waiting patiently for a future of good things to come and a life filled with no problems? For most of us the two words of patiently and waiting really do not seem to go together and is often a struggle. And it seems that there is a lot less patience when things get a lot worse or the struggles seem to mount in great numbers. Continue reading Patiently Waiting on the Future? or Patiently Waiting on the Future!

What’s Your Number? Procrastinator Beware

Are you a Procrastinator?

Procrastination; fading the future.
Facing the Fear of the Procrastinator

I am a 38! No, I am not 38, but I scored a 38 on a procrastinator quiz with Mindtools. I learned that I was a mild procrastinator. I find my score rather funny, as I was procrastinating writing this week, by taking a procrastinator quiz. So are you a procrastinator? Continue reading What’s Your Number? Procrastinator Beware

The Anchor of Hope; Security with God

Blowing in the Wind

This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls. It leads us through the curtain into God's inner sanctuary. Hebrews 6:19 (NLT)
We all need an anchor!

Do you have an anchor? A device, method, or person that you depend on to help you get through difficult times? An anchor, as defined, is an object that is normally made of metal and used to connect a floating vessel to the bed of a body of water. The anchor prevents the craft from floating off and out of a desired area, due to the wind or current. Most sailing schools will advise their captains to carry two different types of anchors. A lightweight anchor, that will dig into a soft water-bed and hold tight, works fine in sandy and soft conditions. But when faced with a rocky or solid water-bed, an anchor that will dig into the harder ground with added weight and power is necessary.

When we apply the practical illustration of anchors to how our lives drift or may be affected by storms, perhaps we think that several types of anchors are also needed. In reality though, there is only one anchor that needed, and it is a multipurpose anchor, that holds fast and faithful in all types of winds, currents, and even storms. It is the anchor made of hope, which only God can provide.

The anchor of hope, sounds very weak and flimsy and more philosophical than practical. When I have a problem, I generally want immediate action, a quick and permanent fix; an anchor of hope just doesn’t sound very solid. But we should not underestimate the anchor of hope, for with it holds great power and strength. Continue reading The Anchor of Hope; Security with God

The Goodness of God – Blessings and Lessons

Goodness in the Blessings

Give thanks to the Lord, because He is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107:1 (NLT)
God is so Good!

The goodness of God is so often seen all around us if we will slow down and just look, listen, and quietly observe.  This week the opportunity to paint with a good friend out at a local farm came about where the landscape continued to remind me of how wonderful the goodness of God is.

The sun was rising well by the time we set up our easels Continue reading The Goodness of God – Blessings and Lessons

Hindsight vs Faith; Our Need for Explanations

The Science of Hindsight

Now we see things imperfectly like puzzling reflections in a mirror, but then we will see things with perfect clarity. 1 Corinthians 13:12a (NLT)
Visual Imperfections

Things are sometimes not what they appear to be and it is often only in hindsight that we think we understand the answers; the true revelations, or see clearly the situation at hand so it can be put to rest. We often think that because of hindsight we “knew it all along”. Studies have revealed however that hindsight is not the usual simple surmising revelation of things we knew all along. This is known  Continue reading Hindsight vs Faith; Our Need for Explanations

Resting in the Shadows of the Lord’s Light

Changing the Perceptions of Shadows

Those who live in the shelter of the most high will find rest in the shadow of the almighty. Psalm 91:1 NLT
Soothing Shadows

The portrayal of shadows conjured by writers, poets, artists, and the more recent film industry have long influenced our imaginations and have given the term shadows a “bad rap.” Often as we approach the word shadows, frightening images of things we would rather not envision surface to our mind that are usually not sources of comfort.

But if we think clearly about shadows we realize that they can only be cast if there is a great light. The comfort of light seems to expel the dark side of life that often goes with our fear of shadows. If you have ever sought the shadows of the beautiful shade of a tree for cool relief from the heat you realize that shadows are not a bad thing as it is in the shadows that comfort and rest can take place.

I recently took a day off from the studio and spent the time with a good friend of mine at the beach of a local lake. As the day waned on we took our own comfort in the shadows of a lovely tree’s shade at the edge of the beach, eventually just sitting in silence watching the other people frolic about on the beach and in the water. As I sat allowing peace to transcend over me I began to watch a father and his young son playing on the beach. The sun was beginning to cast low in the sky which made delightful shadows for anything that was between the sun’s light and the ground’s surface. The little boy, who may have been about three or four, had noticed Continue reading Resting in the Shadows of the Lord’s Light

Faith Requires An Active Practice

An Active Practice

Jesus replied, "But even more blessed are all who hear the word of God and put it into practice." Luke 11:28
Practice with Action

Faith requires an active practice. It seems most of my life I have heard quotes like “practice what you preach”, “practice makes perfect”, and my personal favorite to quote to my children, “actions speak louder than words”. We hear these quotes and often repeat them in short sermons to other people but do we really follow what we are saying? Do we put to practice our own quotes of making our words equal to our actions?

Every year I want to plant a successful vegetable garden. I’ve read articles, attended seminars, and listened to my mother and other gardeners with their advice. I have yet to really have a successful vegetable garden. Every year I have a plethora of excuses on why my garden does not yield the measure or quality of vegetables that I would like to say it does.

This year’s excuse is the deer. Bambi with all her family and friends have eaten their fill and then some. The plants do not have a fighting chance to make a fruit or a vegetable because Bambi and friends eat the plants and flowers before they form. Last year, the excuse was late planting. I planted too late and because of this the plants really didn’t get a good start as they were little and then it got really hot. The year before that, well it was the drought. I was not at home like I should have been to keep it watered and so the plants didn’t provide as they should.

I could keep going on with this but it really amounts to the fact that I do not want to put to practice the knowledge gained in order for the garden to yield the desired amounts. My lack of success is not because I haven’t read and heard the knowledge or information; it is because of my application of practice. Gardening takes time, energy, and most important of all planning and thinking through what actions and reactions should be when problems arise. It boils down to the fact that gardening takes work and it isn’t always the type of work that is fun or that I really want to do. In the lull of the cold winter and cool spring it sounds like a beautiful thing to have a lush, flourishing, and producing garden.Yet as the weather gets warmer and warmer, the soil drier and drier, and the weeds higher and higher the desire fades as easier and more selfish activities present themselves luring me away like an idol, from the difficult, the actions of practice, and ultimately my original goal. I do not however have any problems giving others gardening advice. I can tell everyone else all the information I read and recommend what and how they should do but I do not practice my own words. I just sort of limp along with the gardening and the end results show that evidence every year.

Practicing our faith is much like practicing the knowledge of gardening, practicing a sport, musical instrument, or anything else one may wish to do for achievement. We will yield what we have put into it and how we have practiced. We must do so much more than just hear the word of God. We must make our knowledge evident.

This week’s focus verse is Luke 11:28;

Jesus replied, “But even more blessed are all who hear the word of God and put it into practice. (NLT)

Continue reading Faith Requires An Active Practice