Come and Worship: Beyond the Christmas Tree

Christmas Worship Celebrations

Come and Worship the Christ Tree - A Studio 1-37 Original ImageCome and Worship, Come and Worship, Worship Christ the Newborn King! Are you still worshiping and celebrating the newborn King’s day? The celebration can’t end fast enough for some and so their decorations and festivities find themselves packed back up before sunset the day of Christmas. There are many reasons people have for not wanting to extend their celebrations or even celebrate at all. For some its due to loss of loved ones, perhaps pain experienced from past Christmases, and others cite exhaustion. Some people, for whatever their reason(s), just don’t feel the excitement magnified during this time of year. They struggle to see the cross within the Christmas tree.

Seeing the cross at Christmas is often difficult for all of us. The beautiful decorations and extravagant celebrations many times over power the visual that the cross signifies. Perhaps though it is necessary to see the cross in the Christmas tree to remind us that we are to celebrate.  A powerful reminder that we are to come and worship Him all year-long for what He brings to us. A visual experience caught my attention during the church service I attended on Christmas Day while out-of-town. It is one that I won’t soon forget.

Seeing the Cross within the Tree

The community church was simply decorated compared to some but it still held the usual candles, bows, wreaths, and Chrismon trees. It is however the additional decoration that caught my attention. For at the front of the church without ornaments or decorations of any kind stood a simple evergreen tree. It seemed out-of-place and a bit lonely as its naked green branches reached out before the congregation. However, as the service moved forward the unadorned tree seem to find its place during the children’s moment as the small ones decorated the tree while the congregation sang a familiar carol. The tree’s role however was not complete. For it was at the end of the service that the isolated tree made its greatest impact.

As the service came to a close, once again, the congregation sang. It was during the last song that a church member walked up to the tree and began cutting its branches off. It was quite unusual and perplexing but obviously planned as the man lobbed off each branch cutting them to the trunk of the tree. The limbs fell to the floor decorations and all but he continued to cut. First to the left and then to the right until no branches of green were left not even at the top.

The tree now stood before the crowd wearing only its bark as its beautiful green branches full of decorations lay all around its feet. The tree cutter then took his pruners and made the final cut as the top of the tree fell down. The man, with his pruners now laid aside, took the last cut from the top of the tree and fashioned it horizontally within two limb stumps. The simple Christmas tree suddenly transformed itself as it shone brightly as a cross. The final cut revealed the purpose of it all.

Come, let us worship and bow down. Let us kneel before the Lord our maker, for He is our God. Psalm 95:6 (NLT)

Remembering Christmas all Year Long

Oh let us Come and Worship! For the Christ Mass tree is truly the Christ tree. Let us not forget that the Nativity brings more than a sweet manger scene as it brings us all life. The delivery of Christ(mas) brings love and truth together lending peace to all the earth. (Psalm 85:10) This delivery is more than a once a year reminder. For it is within the grand celebration of Christmas that we come to see the cross.

It is at the cross we find the story of angels, shepherds, wise men, saints, and a world of sinners in full worship and adoration of all that Christ brings to us. So challenge yourself to hold off packing up your decorations and celebrations too soon. Allow yourself to bask in the light of hope that Christmas brings. Move your faith beyond the stable remembering He is more than a baby.

Come and Worship beyond the Newborn King and Christmas. Come and Worship the risen King from the cross. Experience all year-long all He brings as justice kisses peace. Let the cross of Christ shine through your Christmas tree.

Happy New Year to You! May your year be bright with the light of Christ.

Love in Christ,



We don’t worship what should be used, and we don’t use what should be worshiped.


Extra Study

Psalm 85:10, Isaiah 45:8

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