Common Things: Taking Another Look at Christmas

Is Christmas Over Yet?

Common Things - A Studio1-37 Original ImageAre you welcoming the season of push and shove that started somewhere in September? Is your calendar and ”to do” lists filled with the common things of Christmas? I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure that I have listened to every Christmas song ever recorded about 50 times each on the radio in the last week. The stores decorated for the event months ago. And apparently, I am remiss in my gift giving as I should have finished by last weekend. All of this and yet the main Christmas event is still almost a month away.

It seems that with all this ”Christmas” around us, our faith should abound. But unfortunately, the commercialism push of Christmas seems to take away the true meaning of the season. And Christmas gets lost somewhere in the decorations, parties, and business side of all things Christmas. Regrettably, all of this just seems to make Christmas and its components into meaningless common things.

Has Christmas Become Just a Group of Common Things?

Somewhere along the way, this ”new” way of celebrating Christmas loses the wonder of it all. And as Virginia Owens suggests in her book, And the Trees Clap Their Hands, somewhere along the way everything in our life becomes ”merely.” The list of ”merely’ s” that we see daily such as stars, sunsets, rain, flowers, and a plethora of other magnificently God created phenomena’s are lost. When we view these creations as common things or lose them in what we see as their misplaced commonality, the awesome connection between God and them is severed.

The loss of the grandeur and magnificence of the birth of Christ and all it encompasses for us also can quickly become merely common things. We know the stories, the characters, and the setting but Bethlehem, a stable, shepherds, and a birth appear to take a back seat to everything else. Even for believers, they become common things that disconnect our feelings and wonder of the miraculous birth and life of Christ. The seeming familiarity of it all presents itself as insignificant and perhaps even unimportant when pitted against other grand festivities. When this occurs the true root of the celebration takes a back seat or fades completely in the background.

But there is nothing common about the birth of Christ. Nothing in the narrative is a common thing as all is the grand design of God that was declared and prophesied from the beginning. The common things in the plan such as motherhood, a birth, and a child take on a magnificent transformation of beauty and grandeur that only God could possibly design. A miracle created by God who loved the world so much that He gave His only Son up for us. (John 3:16)

Remarkable Secrets

We only have to look to God’s promises of peace and prosperity to see that through the ages He consistently provides for us through His design. His grand reveal comes through the prophets such as Isaiah and Jeremiah and there are no common things. Secrets revealed over time that involves angels, unusual stars, lowly shepherds, and high-ranking wise men. There is no commonality found in these things. We have questioned God from the beginning, yet He has always provided the answers if we ask for His help. As we acknowledge that He alone is God, He not only promises but provides for our future. It is only through His strength, our purpose and accomplishments come. There are no common things with God.

Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come. Jeremiah 33:3 (NLT)

God reveals His remarkable secrets as we humble ourselves before Him laying aside our problems along with our wilfulness as we strive to obey Him. As we approach this season of celebration let us not reduce it to just common things. Let us remember that this celebration is anything but common. Looking to the past will determine and seal the knowledge that God always makes good on His promises. There is much we do not know but as we strive to know Him better, He will share things with us through scripture and life that shows us who He is.

Taking Another Look at Christmas, Every Day

Seeking out Christ is not a seasonal event but a cause for celebration every day. Like the Wise Men of the east, wise people continue to seek Him out daily. Perhaps it is time that you take another look at your Christmas celebrations and determine that they will be anything but common as you challenge yourself to find Him in everything good. Allow your convictions in His promises to acknowledge not only the success of the past but future fulfillment to come. Find your motivation in knowing that God always makes good on His promises. Surround yourself in the comforting revelation that God is always good every day.

Move into advent with the miraculous knowledge that there are no common things in the birth and life of Christ.

Love in Christ,



I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year.

Charles Dickens

Extra Study

Psalm 50:15;145:18, Isaiah 9; 11; 48:6; 55:6 -7;58:9, Matthew 7:7, Luke 1; 2

What are Your Thoughts?

Have you found yourself reducing the upcoming season to merely common things? Do you fully recognize and acknowledge the grand design of God’s plan? Share your thoughts on the necessary and conscious plan to reëxamine Christmas celebrations to honor the miraculous events of the birth and life of Christ.

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Owens, V. (2005). And the Trees Clap Their Hands. Eugene: Wipf & Stock.

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