Compassion: Rejoicing Over Heaven’s Touch

What’s the Level of Your Compassion Meter?

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Do you have a compassion meter? An internal indicator that alarms when you see people for people? Sometimes in our hasty world, it seems that we overlook the most important thing on earth – people. We set up rules, guidelines, or even selfish focuses that help us justify not seeing people for people. Our reasons may be based on our own hurts, being taken by a schemer or scammer in the past, or even the attitude that it isn’t our job or business to get involved because there are other entities to handle those situations. Sometimes we even justify our “hands-off” attitude because it is perceived that a person created their own problems, issues, or “tangle of mess” they are in. But even in these cases should we turn against them or shut our compassion meter off completely?

It is certainly easier to turn the other way than to get involved. How many times do we allow our own hypocrisy to come to the surface because of the way someone looks, acts or is just different from us? What gives us the right to judge others, compare them to our own way of thinking, or create a plethora of answers on why we can’t help them. It seems however when we have this attitude it is because we have not taken the time to see the person as a person or to hear from their heart so that our compassion meter will register correctly. Perhaps in these moments of rush, we need to take the time to step back, so we can accurately see and hear the heartbeat of the hurting before we condemn or rush off on our own selfish affairs.

Drowning in Compassion

Approximately 4 weeks ago, I, as the local Clothing Center Director, was asked to assist with some possible clothing needs for a man. I am always on standby for sudden needs and so this was not an unusual request or situation for me. However, within the next 4 days, the circumstances became direr than anyone realized, as it was revealed that this was a homeless situation. Because I held the knowledge of local resources, I was able to assist in getting the immediate situation of shelter taken care of. Once the man’s basic needs were at least temporarily on track it was time to put things in place that would help stabilize the man’s future. It brought me joy to help and I was glad to be part of the team to offer assistance.

However, God held more for me and so my work was not yet finished. As more information surfaced, I found myself in the middle of being an advocate for this individual as it became clear that this wasn’t just a man down on his luck. There are medical components involved that have allowed the man to be taken advantage of by some not very nice people. His family and friends have purposely distanced themselves in addition to many other things that have contributed to his current situation.

The way these things were revealed was by taking the time to see the person as a person, to hear and listen to my own compassion meter soar and to not only realize but remember that Christ did not allow justifications, excuses, or even financial concerns to stop Him from approaching people who needed help. Christ not only saw but listened to their heartbeat of desperation. It is in this that we should all rejoice and follow His example.

Rejoicing Over His Compassion

There are many causes and sometimes multiple reasons for the problems of the world to include disease and disability. The issues and situations in our lives derive from a myriad of causes that range from own choices, the choices of others, or even a direct attack by Satan. But no matter the immediate cause the original source lies with Satan. He is indeed the author of all the evil in our world as He comes to steal, kill, and destroy us. (John 10:10)

But we should rejoice that Christ is more powerful than Satan or any of the woes of the world. He often brings physical healing in this life and upon our return to Him or His return to us, He will put a permanent end to all problems, disease, or even disability. However, we don’t have to wait that long because He brings to the table now, for all who want to partake, internal healing that begins immediately upon the acceptance and belief in Him. It is with His guidance and love for us that we are able to hold compassion for all people, even those we may not understand. So, let us rejoice in not only the love of Christ but in all the wonderful things He brings to our life now and for the future.

This shamed His enemies, but all the people rejoiced at the wonderful things He did.

Luke 13:17 (NLT)

Compassion – Lessons and Blessings

Compassion takes time. Time is the one thing that I always feel I never have enough of. But I am learning that when I use my time to show compassion through Christ’s light that my time no longer seems to be an issue. The minutes in the day do not lengthen, but somehow all of my responsibilities seem to work out as long as I trust in Christ.

The experience of helping this individual is not one that I readily accepted or signed on for. It has become more involved than I ever imagined and one that I don’t see ending in the immediate future. But in it, God has taught me valuable lessons to use not only in the present but in how I approach the future.

One important lesson is that we, as the hands, and feet of Christ, must work together for the good of all. I am not a one-woman show and it has taken a direct hands-on team of 3 plus countless of others as both individuals and organizations to help this one person. In addition, it is fully recognized that without the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we would not have been able to accomplish the solutions that we have experienced thus far.

But perhaps the greatest lesson is that we must see people for people. Look directly in their eyes to see their hurt and hear their cries. We must feel what they feel and put ourselves in their place, realizing that not only is this the example that Christ set for us, but that the situation could easily be turned around. It is in this way that the light of Christ shines to the world through us and we show Him our gratitude and worship for all that He does for us.

Rejoice Over the Power of Compassion

Antoni Porowski said, “I will forever be touched by anybody who has a choice to love someone, and they make a decision to.” Christ has tasked us all to love and help others with the abilities that we hold. He touches each of us, offering His healing from within ourselves and it is only in His touch that joy floods our soul. And it is in this that we can praise God for His mighty power, worshiping Him in awe of what He is capable of. It is in this place of trust that we realize He holds the best plan for each of us.

Won’t you be challenged to see people as people knowing that through Christ you can touch their lives with compassion and meaning? Find your convictions rooted in the love of Christ that He holds not only for you but for the world. Be motivated to share the light of Christ through the abilities that God has given you. Surround yourself in the comfort of knowing that God is more powerful than all the evil in the world and that one day, all people everywhere will clearly see that.

Love in Christ,



The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.

Helen Keller

Extra Study

Matthew 12:12; Mark 3:5; Luke 14:5

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Do you find it easy to justify turning your compassion meter off? Have you felt the healing touch of Christ in your life prompting you with compassion to touch others with His light? Share your thoughts on the importance of having compassion for others in all situations by looking in their eyes and hearing their heartbeat of cries.

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