Compassionate Superhero to the Rescue

Compassionate Superheroes

All we like sheep need a compassionate superhero! - A Studio 1-37 original imageHave you found yourself in need of a compassionate superhero this week? No, I haven’t had a rough week but really can’t we all use a compassionate superhero just about every day? Someone that we know will rush in and relieve the burden from our shoulders just in the nick of time. Or perhaps due to a good relationship is always standing by to gently take the problems we face from us. Who wouldn’t want that? Someone to lead us where we need to go and protect us from our often own worst enemy, our self.

I like sheep and often fancy myself with owning one or fifty. Something about seeing them on a hillside with their fuzzy little wooly round bodies and sweet faces makes me smile but I also know they are a lot of work They seem sweet, trusting, and docile yet hold a poor reputation of stubbornness for wandering off to do things their own way. It takes a good shepherd or superhero of a leader, if you will, to raise happy and healthy sheep. But the shepherd can only protect unwilling sheep so much if they are going to remain as free range animals.

Understanding Shepherds and Sheep

The sheep of the Scotland highlands are known to wander off into the rocks and get into places that they can’t get out of. They love the sweet grass on the mountains of the highlands desiring it so much that they are willing to jump down ten or twelve feet to get it. However, once they jump down that far they can’t jump back up again and so they will bleat in distress crying out to their shepherd leader. They can be there for days, until they eat all of the grass.

The shepherd can’t just rush in to save them as soon as the sheep began to cry because the animals so easily startle they will just dash over the precipice and die. Instead the shepherd must wait until the sheep are so faint they can’t stand, once that occurs the shepherd places a rope around the sheep and then pulls them up and out of the dangerous area. The compassionate shepherd cares deeply for their sheep and are willing to risk much for only one. In addition, they understand them and their thought patterns recognizing that saving the sheep can only be successful at just the right time. The shepherd is the superhero to the rescue for the sheep.

We also have a compassionate superhero leader to bring us to where we need to be. Sometimes we have to get ourselves in a lost place with nowhere to go in order to get back to God. American evangelist and publisher, Dwight Moody, drew the parallels between people, sheep, and shepherds; if you are a wanderer the Good Shepherd is standing by waiting to bring you back, the moment you give up trying to save yourself, and are willing to let Him save you by His own way. (Moody, 1898)

Christ Holds all the Shepherd Leader Qualities

When you look for a leader, there is no better place to determine the qualities they should hold than the Bible. For example, Matthew says a leader serves and is confident. 1st Timothy indicates that a leader rules. James feels a leader is humble. While Mark teaches that a leader is one of action. Luke instructs that a leader is one that prays but yet has a strategy. But Mark cites the greatest attribute where he says a leader submits readily to God’s will. What better superhero qualities can you find than Jesus for He has all the leader qualities listed in the Bible. He is the ultimate leader of lost sheep-like people. Christ not only holds all of the greatest qualities that a leader should hold but He also truly cares and is the compassionate superhero that you long for.

You need Christ as your superhero with His outstanding leader qualities. For it is His qualities that allow Him to understand you and be compassionate for all that you go through. God cares so deeply for you that He sent His son to bridge the way between you and Him. There is nothing on earth that you experience that Christ hasn’t already experienced. There are no claims holding truth that Christ doesn’t understand your problems. He fully understands what you experience and more, standing ready to rescue you from yourself once you are willing to fully turn your life over to Him.

Compassionate Understanding

So if you feel God is too far way and doesn’t care about your life or can’t possibly understand what you are experiencing take the time to look at His life more closely. There you will see that He felt hunger, exhaustion, pain, experienced humiliation, persecution, and ultimately suffered death. He did all of this willingly because He holds compassion for you and wants to see you connected to God.

This week’s focus scripture shows that even when exhausted He kept serving for He knew people needed a superhero shepherd to rescue them.

Jesus saw the huge crowd as He stepped from the boat, and He had compassion on them because they were like sheep without a shepherd. Mark 6:34a

Know and understand that Jesus is your compassionate superhero, the only one who can teach you what you need to know, and keep you from straying from God. Look to Him for guidance because He is more than just a good shepherd for He cares deeply for you.

Your Superhero Awaits

Place Christ as your leader and let Him guide your life allowing all those around you to know that He is your shepherd. You can trust fully on His leadership for He loves you so much that He willingly left heaven and came to earth to experience all things and more that you may go through in life in order to provide the bridge for you to find your way to reside with Him eternally.

Challenge yourself today to fully know Christ, the true and good Shepherd. Through your convictions follow His lead with the striving motivation of His deep caring nature for you. Take comfort in knowing that He understands all that you experience and relates personally to you. Thus allowing an ultimate and deep bonding relationship to develop with Him.

Your compassionate superhero is standing by at all times ready to rescue you, won’t you let Him help you?

Love in Christ,



Compassion can’t be measured in dollars and cents. It does come with a price tag, but that price tag isn’t the amount of money spent. The price tag is love.

””J. C. Watts Jr.

Extra Study

Numbers 27:17, 1 Kings 22:17, 2 Chronicles 18:16, Zechariah 10:2, Matthew 9:36, John 10:14

Moody, D. L. (1898). Moody's Anecdotes. Chicago: Moody Bible Institute of Chicago.

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