Counting on Something? Why Not God!

There is a Bridge

Counting on God! - A Studio 1-37 Original ImageMany years ago, a young girl, who had not done a lot of traveling, took a train ride through the country. During her trip, her train had to cross two branches of a river and several wide streams. The child could see the water in advance as the train approached the end of the land, causing sudden fear and doubt to rise in her. She couldn’t imagine how it could be safely crossed. As the train came closer to the water, however, a bridge suddenly appeared and provided a way over to the other side. This occurred throughout the trip repeating itself so that finally the child could lean back and rest easy with a breath of relief and confidence. ”Somebody has put bridges for us all the way!” she said contently while counting on that security the rest of the trip. (ATC, 1922)

Isn’t this the way of life? There are so many troubles that we face on a given day and sometimes those difficulties appear large and overwhelming as they hang before us. But as we go forward we see that there is a way through them. God builds the bridges we need as we travel on our way.

Counting on Promises

Many times, we feel like we are alone, but in truth, we can count on God’s love and goodness that He surrounds us with. There is never a time that we are totally on our own. Christ is faithful and will stay by our side even when we have gone through so much that there seems we have no faith left. For even then His promise remains.

Counting on the promises of God assures us of the Lord’s forgiveness. Turning to Him first secures not only our faith but lifts the burdens that bring us down. He knows what is best because He knows all. So, plan on placing yourself in the correct position of counting on Him to stand strong against the winds of life that try to sweep you away.

I am counting on the Lord; yes, I am counting on Him. I have put my hope in His word. Psalm 130:5 (NLT)

When you place your counting on God, you do so knowing that His promises always ring true. He cares about you because He deeply loves you. Christ is there for you now and eternity if you will simply place your trust in Him.

This counting process requires only that you turn to God before others when the world crumbles around you. If you positively trust in His goodness, you will come to know that even if things don’t turn out the way you hope that God is looking out for the best of things for those who love Him.

Just COUNT on God!

Counting on God though requires that you wait patiently for Him to act. Remember COUNT as you trust fully in His mighty power.

C = Cares ”“ He cares deeply about you now and in the future no matter who you are or what your past holds.

O = Offers ”“ He offers to lift your burden as He takes it on allowing you to be secure in His promises knowing that He is in control.

U = Ultimate – The ultimate benefit in counting upon God is the promise of a life with Him in eternity.

N = Nourishes ”“ He nourishes your soul into remaining calm as you move forward knowing that He is with you always

T = Transfers –  Christ transfers joy to your soul in all circumstances because of your confidence in counting on Him knowing that He cares for you.

Take the challenge to wait patiently for God’s blessing, counting on Him to provide His promises. Allow your convictions in Him to give you the assurance you need that His promises will come true. And move forward motivated and full of comfort in knowing that He not only cares deeply for you now but your future.

Count on Him always for He will provide the bridge you need to get to the other side of whatever you may face.

Love in Christ,



Three boys gave their definition of faith. One said, ”Faith is taking hold of God.” The second said, ”Faith is holding on to God. ”A third said, ”Faith is not letting go!” Each boy was right.

Walter B. Knight

Extra Study

Psalm 40:1, Isaiah 8:17, Matthew 28:20, 2 Timothy 2:13

American Tract Society. (1922). American Messenger.

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