Crowded Lives Leave No Room in the House!

Cleaning Out Crowded Houses

Crowded - Pruning for Fruit - A Studio 1-37 original imageI have spent this week cleaning out my crowded garage. It is amazing how over the years the clutter can build up to the point you don’t even know what you have, much less the ability to use it. I have located good surprising things that I didn’t know we owned and other things that were long forgotten. But there were also things that were worthless. Yet, they lived in the garage doing nothing more than cluttering up and crowding out the important things that needed the secure space.

Recently, I read that, in America, the average desk worker has 36 hours’ worth of work on his or her desk. Yet, they waste 3 hours a week just searching for things in the maze of clutter. This information wasn’t surprising to me as I could certainly relate. We live crazy, busy, and crowded lives. So much so that we often waste our time mucking around in unimportant things that are totally meaningless.

Our daily schedules are often overcrowded as we pack our lives with materialistic burdens and worthless desires. These pursuits usually crowd out God’s word leaving us like fruitless trees with empty lives. Sometimes even things that appear externally important can leave us overwhelmed. Our clutter-filled and crowded lives not only waste our time and resources but in the end are pointless.

We long to be free, to live our lives to our own desires but in reality when we attempt to do so we instead become chained to the world. It is more freeing to live and run an uncrowded life, so we can hear God when He speaks. This is the only way to be truly free. For living an intentional life for God is the only way to freedom, not only on earth but through eternity.

Too Crowded for God?

When we have lives too crowded to read the Bible, too crowded to wait and pray, and too busy to speak kindly to people who pass our way.

A life that is too crowded working and worrying, to think of the life to come; too crowded with building earthly mansions, to plan for the heaven above.

If our lives are too crowded to help others who face trials and suffering woes; then we’re too crowded to share his burden, ”No time,” we say, ”Our life is too crowded, you know.”

All of this creates a life too crowded for all that is holy, on earth beneath the sky; it is a life too crowded to serve the Master, but not too crowded to die.

My rendition of this poem written by an unknown author really drives home that when we live crowded lives with the things of the world there is no room for what is truly important. For when we shift our focus to the world we quickly become anxious and discontent with our crowded yet unimportant life. This type of fruitless life chains us to the world as we long to be free. But in the end, no matter how crowded we fill our life there will be a day in which we will account for the fruit we did or didn’t produce.

”but all too quickly the message is crowded out by the worries of this life, the lure of wealth, and the desire for other things, so no fruit is produced.” Mark 4:19 (NLT)

Cleaning Up and Out

The Apostle Paul teaches us that we must learn to be content without having all that we want. When we become trapped by foolish and harmful desires, our life becomes crowded. Then there is no room for anything else which leads ultimately to our destruction. However, it takes more than just externally avoiding the attitudes of the world.

To live a free and fruit-filled life you must also avoid the worldly attitudes in your heart. Allowing your actions to speak to the values of God and not to the worlds is of utmost importance. This doesn’t mean however that you must withdraw from the world. For it is only through loving others and spending time with them while maintaining a commitment to the values of God’s kingdom that you can make a vast difference in the world and produce a fruit-filled life.

So, look to your own house, work carefully to declutter any crowding you may have to make room for God. Challenge yourself to be knowledgeable of the world and its things yet hold true to the kingdom of God. Find your motivation in knowing that the things of this world are neither important or lasting. And lastly, surround yourself with the comfort of knowing that God’s way is less stressful. It is only through Him that there is a life that is freeing.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers whether birth, adopted, or appointed!

Love in Christ,



Someone once observed that a wasted life is really nothing more than a mass collection of wasted days.


Extra Study

1 Timothy 6:9-10;17, 1 John 2:15-17

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