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Destination Unknown?

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Have you traveled to any unknown destinations this year? As the world slowly begins to open back up people are beginning to move around more. When I travel, I like to know where I’m going as I’m not partial to surprises. However, maybe that is a control issue and fodder for another writing. Either way, the thought of an unknown destination doesn’t appeal to me. What about you? Do you like to travel and if so, do you like knowing where you are going?

I recently read an article about 24 unknown places in the world to travel to. The phrase itself seems like a misnomer as if it is unknown how can you travel to it? But what they are trying to say is that there is not a lot of people that travel there and that makes it more appealing. But even these “unknown” destinations are known. This raises the question of whether a destination can be truly unknown and if so, do we want it to be part of our life?

Although many things in life are unknown, it seems that there are few places that one could travel that are. However, there might be one exception where the responsibility and decision rest entirely upon us. And that is the possibility of the unknown travel to our final destination.

Since it is the unknown things in life that often cause us the most anxiety maybe this destination should be decided upon sooner rather than later. This requires us to place our faith into something that we can fully trust. A person in our life that we know will see us through the good and bad times. There is only one such person and this is why it is important to put Jesus in your lifeboat.

Put Christ in Your Boat!

I love this week’s focus verse taken from John 6:20 – 21 where it reads in the New Living Translation. “And immediately they arrived at their destination!” There is great comfort in knowing that if Christ is with us, we have nothing to fear. We can get to our intended destination if we put Him, the one in control of everything, in our lifeboat. It is with Him in the boat that we can know with full confidence that we will arrive at our intended destination.

But He called out to them, “Don’t be afraid, I am here! Then they were eager to let Him in the boat, and immediately they arrived at their destination!

John 6:20 – 21 (NLT)

It is through faith in Christ that we can get through life’s obstacles no matter what we may encounter. For it is only through Christ that we can set our final destination. When we realize that our final destination is sealed then we can approach life from a different angle as we look to Him for help during all of life not just a means to the end. By placing our trust in Christ, we can stop trying to solve our own problems. Instead, we have a helpmate and can reach out to Christ when the waters around us begin to rock our boats.

Through faith in Christ, we hold all we need, and it is through faith that we eagerly allow God to take full control of our situations. When we trust fully in the only one that can take our fear away and help us reach our ultimate destination, we can move forward in life with a positive outlook no matter the storm we may be in.

Faith, Love, and Final Destinations

Our faith stands strong because of His love for us. This is the gift each of us holds in the wrappings of grace. This is the grace we only experience with Christ and the grace that we can live in, share, and give thanks to God for it.

It is through His love that we hold strength. This is the strength that makes for strong hearts and souls. When we have His strength in the center of our being we can stand strong against outside problems when they arrive. We are grounded and rooted in His love and that is where our strength comes from. And it is through this that we strive to live differently and with love for others. But it is also His love that allows us to be filled with the fullness of God giving us a meaningful and deep life where we recognize that through love, we reach a better way to live.

Setting the Destination

We don’t know what we may face tomorrow or how things are going to turn out. But for believers, we can know that our final destination is a known one. And that in the interim when life and its situations hit us, we can turn to God first. For it is only through Him that we hold the strength to continue on the journey to our known destination. God loves us so much that if we trust in Him, we will see the miracles of life around us more fully which helps us love others as He loves us.

Not knowing about tomorrow is ok because we know that God knows, but not knowing about our final destination is no way to live. Our sight is limited so it is important to trust in the one that sees more and that can work miracles into the fabric of everyday life and set our final destination. Won’t you be challenged to be confident in your final destination? Allow your heart to fill with the conviction of His love for you creating motivation for you to love others. And surround yourself in the comfort of knowing that tomorrow’s situations are clouded but you hold the power of knowing your final destination through the grace of Christ.

Love in Christ,



Always remember that your present situation is not your final destination. The best is yet to come.

Zig Ziglar

Extra Study

Matthew 14:27; Luke 24:36

What are Your Thoughts?

Do you have a known or unknown final destination? Have you sealed your travel plans with the only one that can assure life? Share your thoughts on the destinations of life and the assurance that Christ gives you on your final destination.

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