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Know Your Destination

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It truly does pay you to know your destination or where you are going. I read a brief story recently about the crazy rules of the airlines and how they set their fares. One man told of wanting to go on vacation but couldn’t decide whether to go to Salt Lake City or Denver. He really wanted to go to Denver, but his money was limited so he decided to let the amount of his fare determine his destination.

He called one airline and asked what the fare was to Denver. The reservation agent replied, “Airfare to Denver is $300 per person. So, he then asked the cost of the fare to Salt Lake City. The agent excitedly replied, “We have a really great rate right now to Salt Lake City, only $99, but there is a stopover. The man asked where the stopover was to which the agent replied, “Denver.” It certainly paid the man to know his destination before he journeyed on.

As we travel the road with Christ to Jerusalem during the reflection of the Lenten season, it is revealed that Jesus knew where He was going. He moves forward toward His destination knowing what His destiny involved showing no hesitation as He journeys forward. He was committed, courageous, and cared too much for us to turn back. Christ knew the ultimate victory and held tightly to God’s plan because of it.

Your Destination?

What about you? Is your ultimate destination set? Do you cling tightly to God’s final victory because of the sacrifice of Christ?

As I write today, a good friend of mine was notified this morning she will need a biopsy next week for possible cancer. In addition, in the last week, a family member’s home was broken into and she is facing a great loss both materialistically and emotionally as her spirit is depleted as well. Furthermore, recently someone ran a stop sign causing my car to now sit broken in my garage while the insurance company gets things sorted out for the repairs. And if that all isn’t enough, we had a storm this morning and my roof leaked! My point is that we are often overwhelmed by the problems of this world. When this happens it is easy to forget our ultimate destination making us feel lost and confused.

When the world we live in appears to just not be very friendly and life throws us a curve ball we just aren’t expecting, we can move forward more easily when we know our ultimate destination. Evil descends upon us in so many different forms and for believers, Satan likes to catch us unprepared and when we least expect it. But God is waiting for us to come to Him for help. Therefore, it is important to know our ultimate destination for it pays in life to know where you are going.

Crying Out

When we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by problems and then move into despair, our hopelessness will grow by leaps and bounds. But if we will turn our attention to God and cry out to Him, our focus changes as we look to the only one who can really help. For it is in the desperate times that we feel isolated and distant from God as our world crashes down around us, that we must turn to Him and not away. It is during these times that we must cling to and fully place our trust in the only One that holds our ultimate destination because the victory has already been won.

Hear my cry, O Lord, Pay attention to my prayer.

Psalm 130:2 (NLT)

Peace is found by clinging to our ultimate destination no matter our situation or circumstances. And while we wait in a world that often seems to test us, let us offer our praise, confession, and petitions to the one true God. He promises to listen to anything we want to tell Him. Having someone that knows everything about us, including our deepest secrets, yet still loves us promising us a future free of problems provides tremendous hope and peace right now in the today.

God always listens to us and fully understands our concerns. When we place our focus on Him the attacks of Satan may not vanish but without His help, we have no hope. However, through the truth seen in the scriptures of both the Old and New Testament prophecies secured in the ultimate and final victory lies our faith.

Destination and the Architecture of Religion

Recently I read in a sermon, by Brett Blair adapted from Daniel T. Hill, that many religious architecture structures are based on the form of man. For example, the Hindu temple’s outer court rises on pillars and is open on all sides represents the human body. The inner court with its wide spaces is the human mind and the shrine room is the human soul. Man moves within himself into himself and there finds the presence of God.

Also built in the form of man is the Muslim mosque. The central dome is man’s head and the minarets imitate his hands upraised in prayer. In the Muslim faith, a man comes to God through an act of adoration and submission.

The Buddhist dagoba represents man as well. Its figure is that of a man in the posture of meditation. Its legs cross, the body is erect, and the head held straight and unmoving. The approach to reality is by way of inner withdrawal from the world.

The architectural base of the Christian church is also built in the form of a man. This man, however, is stretched out upon a cross and because of that, it has made all the difference. Christ doesn’t ask His followers to find their own way or to discover the truth from within. The Christian church says one man, Jesus of Nazareth is the way, the truth, and the life. It is our faith in knowing Him, trusting Him alone, and following Him that we see our destiny and our ultimate destination. It is with this knowledge that we can come to Him with all the problems of the world that we encounter.

Ultimate Victory in the Final Destination

Won’t you challenge yourself to cry out to the Lord knowing that He is ready to listen? Find your conviction in knowing that His promises ring true through the ages. Step out in motivation with God by your side holding the ultimate victory. Surround yourself in the comfort of knowing that God is always ready and waiting to listen to all your problems. It is only when your focus is fully on Him that you can find peace in the problems.

Love in Christ,



Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.


Extra Study

2 Chronicles 6:40, Psalm 28:2; 64:1, Luke 1:68

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