Discover Life’s Happily Ever After

Discover the One that Got Out!

Discover Happily Forever - A Studio 1-37 original imageSometimes it is difficult to discover the happily ever after but even more so when life seems at its lowest point. As I remember and reflect this week on Christ’s last days on earth, I align my feelings to those closest to Him. Watching helplessly with no power to intervene is difficult. Standing by as a tragic and horrendous death takes place in less than 24 hours’ notice of a friend, a loved one, and the person you placed all your hope in is overwhelming.

Tragic loss is, unfortunately, a concept that many people can relate to. Quickly discovering the anguish of seeing hard work, missions, and goals suddenly end is devastating. Things are not however always as they seem when in the midst of despair. There are occasions where loss provides a happily ever after. Sometimes it is necessary to discover that the ways of life are not always clear. 

Such discoveries often come with time and life experiences. Five-year-old Billy and his dad were walking past the town’s gated cemetery on their way to the ball field. As they approached the cemetery’s main entrance Billy gazed wide-eyed at the large pile of dirt next to a freshly dug grave. He quickly turned to His dad and said, ”Look, Daddy, one got out!”

Things are certainly not always as they appear and sometimes they are difficult to understand. By listening carefully and through faith we can discover the astounding grace of the ”one that did get out,” the One Whom the grave could not hold. It is only through this discovery that the difficult to understand becomes more acceptable. It is in this place that we learn peace and joy can fill and overflow our soul.

A Happily Ever After for All

Mary Magdalene discovered that joy can indeed overflow the soul even when it appears all is lost. We find her weeping in great despair outside of Jesus’ tomb on the third day after His death. After several days of silence, the tomb stands empty with the stone rolled away. She wept, not only, because of all that happened but also because she wanted to show Him every respect she could even in death. His body appears stolen and she finds herself helpless to do anything about it.

Mary demonstrates her love for Jesus through her devotion that leads to her simple child-like faith. Jesus returns her devotion with a deeper love coupled with joy and peace by appearing to her first. He simply speaks her name and she immediately knows it is the Savior. Mary discovers that Christ indeed rose just as He said.

Sometimes it is important to stop and listen even in the midst of turmoil. For like Mary, He calls our name but we must discover the empty tomb in order to meet the risen Savior. The tomb is empty for He is indeed alive and stands ready to bring great joy to all people willing to discover His truth. This is the offered happily ever after for all.

Mary Magdalene found the disciples and told them, ”I have seen the Lord!” Then she gave them His message. John 20:18 (NLT)

Taking Discovery to the Next Step

Mary didn’t keep her joy to herself as she ran to tell the others. There is such a great happily ever after when you discover Jesus that you want to share with everyone you meet. Mary, blinded in grief by the world, found it difficult to see the unexpected. She had to step back and listen in order to hear His voice. Once she did, she was overcome with joy and immediately ran to tell others. She took her discovery to the next step. Do you?

When you discover the empty tomb and realize that He is alive it is important to share your joy with others. Mary’s abundant enthusiasm of discovering her Master alive spurred her forward. The disciples didn’t immediately believe her but this didn’t deter her. They had to discover the Good News for themselves. This is a lesson for all believers.

The blessed position of sharing the Good News of the empty tomb doesn’t require you to convince anyone of the message but simply to share your joy. Allowing your personal enthusiasm to deliver the message is the most effective means of sharing your faith. After learning basic knowledge of Christ, each person must discover the empty tomb themselves realizing that Christ is alive and the hope of salvation is only through Him.

There is a great happily ever after offered to everyone that discovers the empty tomb and believes that He is indeed alive. Allow your motivation of this personal discovery to fill you with such joy that the love of Jesus spills from you enthusiastically sharing it with others. It is Good News that believers bring to the world and people everywhere. It is only through a Christ led life you can discover a life that offers a true happily ever after.

Happy Easter!

Love in Christ,



The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance ”“ it is the illusion of knowledge.

Daniel J. Boorstin

Extra Study

Mark 16:9 ”“ 11, John 20:11-18

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