Discovering, Accepting, and Appreciating the Life Given to You

Timing is Everything

Discovering Beauty - A Studio 1-37 Original ImageDo you spend your time discovering, accepting, and appreciating your life? Sadly, most of us don’t. Too often, we dwell on the things that are going wrong rather than the things that are going right. Have you ever stopped to consider that timing is everything? It doesn’t seem to matter whether it is the simplest of things like making all the red lights in town, so you aren’t late to where ever you are going, to even the most complicated and complex life situations. Timing certainly seems to be everything.

Joe Sardler certainly believes that timing is everything. He experienced the miracle of sight with a situation that on the surface appears as a disaster. Joe became blind in one eye at the age of 14 months from atrophy of the optical nerve. He, then, lost his sight in his ”good” eye while in his teens. So, he had learned to live his life without sight; discovering, accepting, and appreciating the life he lived.

On March 11, 1981, he went down to the basement to wash a load of clothes for his wife. As he made his way there he tripped over the dog and hit his head on the wall. When he came to, he discovered that he could suddenly see the furnace in the eye that had lost sight 6 years earlier. It was an interesting situation of timing, and the result of what appeared as a horrible accident held sudden and miraculous appreciation. Joe gave full credit to God for the miraculous healing.

Discovering a Life of Miracles

Life, itself, is a miracle but when we spend it discovering, accepting, and appreciating what is given to us, it allows us to see all things in life as miracles from God. Dr. Albert Einstein said, ”There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” When we place God first in our life, approaching everything we encounter as a miracle, we experience a life of peace.

Timing, in life, is important as most people will agree that there really is a time for everything. But more importantly, is to discover, accept, and learn to appreciate that it is God’s timing that must rule our life. Thankfully, we will never be satisfied on earth because God has greater things in store for us. Our dissatisfaction in life is embedded in our soul, and therefore the only way to find full satisfaction in life is through our eternal God.

When we allow the doubts and resentments about God’s timing in our life to enter, we open the door to despair, desperation, and sometimes trying to move ahead without His advice. It is in this place that we must recognize that we are not in control and that He is. There is a better way to live on a more even keel. For a life spent discovering, accepting, and appreciating what we see and experience each day builds our trust in God for not only the present but the future.

Yet, God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end. Ecclesiastes 3:11 (NLT)

Accepting and Appreciating Life

When you chose to accept God’s timing and trust in His promises you will secure your future. Through accepting life, you learn to appreciate the glimpses of heaven that you see, hear, and experience on earth.

When you recognize fully your creator, you experience a life through Him that discovers the good things He has created. By accepting that His ways are greater than yours, you learn to appreciate the things you are granted more than the things the world tells you that are missing. But the greatest discovery is the full appreciation of eternal life through Christ.

For when you accept God’s timing you are trusting in Him fully for your future. You are able and ready to step out in faith discovering, accepting, and appreciating the goodness of God. The Apostle Paul reminds us that the riches, wisdom, and knowledge of God are great and because of this it is impossible for us to understand His decisions and His ways. Therefore, it is important for us to trust in Him wholeheartedly by discovering, accepting, and appreciating what He grants us, most notably the gift of life through Christ.

Challenge yourself to discover, accept, and appreciate the ways of God. Allow your convictions to give Him your full trust. Be motivated in knowing that your desire for eternal life is planted deep inside you and that He makes good on all His promises. Lastly, find comfort in the life that He provides for you that holds a future of eternal glory.

Love in Christ,



The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

Marcel Proust

Extra Study

Genesis 1:31, Job 5:9, Ecclesiastes 8:17, Romans 11:33

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Do you spend your life discovering, accepting, and appreciating the life you have? Have you ever caught yourself in despair and acting in desperation when you forget that God is in control and there is His time for everything? Share your thoughts on the peace found in a life that is experienced when you spend your life in discovery, acceptance, and appreciation of all that God provides for you.

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