Dreams, Plans, and the Realities of Life

Let the Lord make the Plans

”I Got This?” Failing at Dreams

Your eighteen-year-old self may yell, ”I got this”, but at thirty and beyond, do you feel the same way? Are you living your dreams, the life you planned and hoped? I’m not, ”I don’t’ got this”. I am not living the life that I dreamed about or the plans that I carefully laid out.  My life has taken many twists, turns, and wrecks; most of them totally unexpected and many circumstances that created devastation. I can however say that I have learned a lot. I have learned that without God, there are no dreams to be. To make it through life there must be faith and trust in one greater than yourself.

Did you know that there are people who are blind that snow ski? I recently read a story about these phenomenal skiers and have since learned that there are huge organizations and events for blind skiers, both cross-country and downhill. Britain’s, Kelly Gallaher, a blind skier, understands and knows what dreams are made of, as she won a gold medal in the historic Winter Paralympics in March of 2014, sharing the inspiring event with Charlotte Evans, her directional partner with ”eyes on the slopes”. When Kelly skies, she can’t see anything at the snow level, and the way she determines her speed is how fast she is moving with the force of wind on her face. Kelly must have a good guide and for her, Charlotte has met the criteria. She said after winning the gold in Sochi, ”She can be so mean to me on the course, but that means that I can ski better.” She couldn’t have achieved her dreams without the expert ability of a guide.

Do you have the expertise of a guide to meet your dreams? Blind skiers say that an outstanding guide is essential in accomplishing their dreams. The guide themselves take a great responsibility as they are verbally directing the blind person down a slope, at the speed rate of a car on the highway. They have to trust each other implicitly. The guide gives constant direction and must stay the same distance, between the skier at all times. They use blue tooth technology now, but used to have to yell over their shoulders, putting both themselves and the competitor in danger. The guide experiences everything the skier does and helps them verbally, but cannot help if the skier falls.

Do you have a guide to help you with your dreams, paths, and plans? The blind skier and guide partnership gives a good illustration to the importance that God should have in our life. We too, are like the blind skiers and do not know what lies ahead on the slope. We must rely solely on the Word of God, who is fully sighted, and sees the whole picture. It is through His directions that we can see the realities of dreams. But unlike the blind skier guides, God can stop and help us when we fall down. He can help us get back on the path to our dreams or redirect them, to help achieve our purpose through Him.

Do you consult with God before you plan for your dreams? Protestant missionary, Hudson Taylor’s convictions about how God’s work should be carried out was definite. Too often, we tend to do one of two things. We make our best plans and try to carry them out in our strength or we make careful plans and then ask God to bless them. Taylor, however felt that what we should do is start with God, ask His plans, and then offer ourselves to Him to carry out His purposes.

Making dreams a reality is part of the future, as long as God comes before those plans. He must be in our lives to direct our life, as only He knows what is best for us. Our focus verse this week, taken from Psalms and written by David is a thanksgiving prayer. David is a man who understands what happens when you fully trust God with your dreams and what happens when you try to run your life without the greatest guide. Our purpose is clearly defined and fulfilled by God. Dreams become realities, when we place ourselves in line with God's purposes. Click To Tweet God promises not to leave us and to help us through the life He leads us, to fulfill our purpose set forth by Him. He takes us through the difficulties we face, as He continuously works through the dreams and plans for our lives. We may not always understand His ways or methods and perhaps sometimes like the skiers, we think He is being mean, but it makes us better for His purpose. Like the blind skiers, we must trust the guide before we move to set our dreams and plans, but unlike the blind skier’s guide, our Creator will pick us up when we fall and set us back on the path to our dreams.

The Lord will work out His plans for my life for your faithful love, O Lord endures forever. Don’t abandon me for you made me. Psalm 138:8 (NLT)

“I Don’t Got This!”  –

 A 5 Step Plan to God Purposed Dreams

I cannot imagine what it must feel like to rush down a hill at dangerous speeds without sight. I do however have some experience on what it is like to rush through life at dangerous speeds. I would not want to do either without a partner guide that I fully trust. When skiers and their guides begin a new course they don’t do it by starting at the top of the slope. They consult with one another and make a plan so that their dream of success will come forth. They must develop a relationship of trust before going down the slope.

Like the skier and guide partners, we should also, first sit with God sharing our dreams and plans about our future, so we can fully trust Him as we move forward. A life filled with God-given purposeful dreams requires total and full trust in God for the future and without the fear of difficulties, we may face. When we can turn our eyes fully upon God, the concern for the uncertain future will dissipate. There are five lessons learned from the blind skiers and their guides, to apply to life with God.

Develop a Relationship ”“ You must develop a strong relationship with Christ. A relationship built solely upon love and understanding. Christ understands you, as He is not only human, He was there when upon your creation. He is the one you can tell your innermost thoughts to without fear of judgment.

Trust Fully ”“ You must be able to fully trust that God is in control, even when life seems like it is not. There is a long history of trust and faith built on the credentials of God’s past record. He does not play favorites and He stands by His promises. Know that when you fail or fall, He will be there waiting to help you up once again. All you have to do is acknowledge Him.

Consult often ”“ You must consistently consult God. He wants to be part of your life all the time not just when problems arise or you need help. If you consult God with everything in your life, you will find your life with a God -focus which is your purpose.

Listen Carefully ”“ God does speak, if you will be still and listen. He speaks through the Bible and scriptures and he often speaks through other people. If you are too busy to sit and listen, then you will not hear the words you need to hear. Stop trying to solve your own problems and just be still, for there you will hear the voice of God.

Win together ”“ When you win, so does God. Living your life focused upon God is a life filled with hope, promise, and a future. A winning combination for sure.

God’s plans and dreams are larger than ours, His ways are not always our ways, and sometimes appear more difficult. There is a purpose behind every problem and God is there to carry the purpose through. He takes the bad and makes good out of it. Just look to the cross for the ultimate example of bad turned to tremendous. God’s plans are so much better than ours. God sees things from the eternal perspective. Because of this, God will always sacrifice our short-term comfort to gain long-term glory and build the character needed in our life to bless us later on.

Trusting God will see your God-given purposeful dreams and plans come to fruition. David wrote the 138th Psalm in a difficult time during his life, yet he had the full confidence that God will fulfill His purpose in his life. God has your life under control and He will carry you through it all, if you will let Him be your guide. Develop your relationship, trust Him to your future, consult with Him often and listen carefully. He will never leave or abandon you if He is graciously invited into your life, so win the gold with God.

Love in Christ,


Post Script

Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God. Corrie Ten Boom Click To Tweet

Extra Study

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