Dusty Roads of Life; Recognizing Christ Along the Way

Hot, Dirty, and Dusty

Hot & Dirty: Dusty Roads - a Studio 1-37 original imageHave you ever traveled a dusty road on foot? This type of travel even in the best of times is hot, dirty, and well”¦dusty. But if you are traveling on a dusty road in the midst of hardship, anguish, or despair this type of travel is overwhelming.

Peanut's Character Lucy
”Do you think that life has any meaning when you have failed nine spelling tests in a row, and your teacher hates you?”

There are many ways to travel the bad experiences of life that we go through. Sometimes what is overwhelming to one person isn’t such a big deal to another. The scale determining good to bad experiences depends upon many factors including age and life circumstances. As we get older the overwhelming problems of the past are often no longer significant. Sometimes though the dusty roads of life can catch us off guard and unprepared.

This is the type of travel that the two followers of Jesus’ experienced on that 7-mile dusty road from Jerusalem to Emmaus. They were so overcome with sadness they didn’t recognize that suddenly Jesus was walking with them. Caught up in their disappointments and problems they initially missed the great significance of the Savior being in their midst. These two made their problems even worse as they isolated themselves from the other believers choosing to walk away.

It was only through continued conversation and instruction with Christ that their eyes opened and they saw Him for who He is. This revelation turned their grief and despair upside down. Things were not as they appeared. They had to look at the circumstances differently and rely upon the promises of God.

Seeking Relief with Revelation

When life’s circumstances find you on the dusty road it is easy to miss Jesus if you remove yourself from the strength found in other believers because you become overwhelmed with dashed hopes and frustrated plans. When you experience times where you feel God isn’t listening this is just the time that you must stop, look carefully, and gain the support of other believers.

God is with us at all times but you must seek Him out. During the travel on the dusty roads, if you look for Christ, He will reveal Himself. It is there that you can experience the power and help, He can bring. When God is consistently and constantly sought, not only will you not falter on the dusty road of despair you can even rise above it.

 Suddenly, their eyes opened, and they recognized Him. Luke 24:31a(NLT)

Consistent and Constant

Consistent and constant faith along with trusting in the promises of God is the only way to navigate the dusty roads or the green paths. It is necessary to know that He is with you no matter if your life circumstances are on the mountaintop or in the shadows of the valley.

Help is always found in the scriptures, with God’s promises, and through the help of other believers. This is why fellowship with one another is so important and supports the immense significance of small groups. Even a group of two people can help open your eyes to see Jesus right beside you. For trusting God and knowing He is not a created figment of your imagination is easier to do when you have the support of other believers.

Jesus is with you through the Holy Spirit. He is right beside you on the dusty road just as He is beside you in the green pastures. Confusion and pain are a part of life on this earth that is navigable if you allow God to take the lead.

So look carefully for God no matter if the road you’re on is dusty or green. Find your motivation in knowing that He is with you all the time as He cares deeply for you. And allow peace and comfort to overcome you as you realize that one day you will join Him in His kingdom that is free from pain, sorrow, and other hot, dirty, and dusty roads.

Love in Christ,



John Wesley spoke of his experience of encountering the grace of God firsthand as a time when his heart was strangely warmed. Burning hearts and hearts strangely warmed are hearts ablaze with the promise of resurrection and new life, with the good news that fear and death do not have the final word, that love is stronger than hatred, that peace is indeed a possibility.

 Joel D. Kline, Hearts Strangely Warmed

Extra Study

Mark 16:12 ”“ 13, Luke 24:13 ”“ 34,

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