Enduring Faith or Enduring Life?

Enduring Life

Who's Driving Your Enduring Faith? A Studio 1-37 Original ImageI love things that last. Most of the time, I’ve found that if things are to wear, last, and endure the test of time then quality is usually the key. Persistence certainly has its place but without the quality to back it up it just becomes this weak broken-down thing that just isn’t very useful. I have a few things like that lying around and I bet you do too. Those things that used to be in good shape but because of their quality or perhaps even their misuse they now just take up space. But, I don’t want to part with them as I still hold the enduring faith that some way they will be useful again.

I wonder if God ever looks at us like that? Probably not because He sees beyond our brokenness and to the good in us but sometimes I feel like that weak broken-down thing that isn’t very useful to Him. Yet He holds onto me in hopes that I too will be useful to His kingdom. He is enduring, but am I? Is my faith strong enough to hold the test of times? When I begin to question life in this way, it is at this point that I must stop and remember who is really driving.

Who’s Driving Your Bus?

Bobby was standing on the sidewalk in the middle of a city block. He was obviously waiting for something but what seemed unclear. An older man approached him and simply asked what he was waiting for? The little boy confidently told him that he was waiting for the bus. The man laughed and said the bus stop was not on this block but the next one. Bobby agreed with him but insisted the bus would stop for him right there.

The older man became annoyed as he felt the boy was just being rude and disrespectful. So, the man raised his voice and told Bobby that he’d better start walking if he hoped to ride that bus. But Bobby politely turned down his suggestion and said he would wait for the bus right where he was. The older man was furious as he stormed off. But before he was too far away, he heard the screeching of brakes. As he turned around he couldn’t believe what he saw. A city bus was stopping for the little boy.

The bus door opened and Bobby started to climb aboard but turned toward the man down the street and yelled, ”My daddy is the bus driver!”

Sometimes it pays to know who is really driving especially when enduring circumstances is on the menu of life. Those who know the driver of life can confidently remain faithful until the end for they know they will reside with Christ in eternity. Jesus teaches us that persistence is good however it is just a by-product of faith. A life truly devoted to Him in faith is the key to eternity with Him.

Enduring Faith is an Enduring Life

When, however, amid strife, it is of grave importance to remember that God is in control. He is driving the bus of life. Even when we are weak, broken-down, and maybe standing in the wrong place. But, because He loves us the bus will stop if through our enduring faith we plead to Him.

But the one who endures to the end will be saved. Matthew 24:13 (NLT)

Getting the Bus to Stop for You!

Staying the course is the key to enduring faith. A full commitment to Christ is necessary knowing that God is in full control even when life appears totally out of control. When placing your faith in Christ your future is secure. But to hold enduring faith there is one thing you must do.

Making a full quality commitment to Christ and staying focused on His kingdom is not only necessary to advance the kingdom but to strengthen you when life is out of control. There is no need to worry about your future when you place your faith in Him. Just like the things of the world lasting and enduring faith is best with a commitment to quality. Keeping calm in any adversity with a high level of quality to the Creator through believing on is the key to enduring faith and life in eternity.

So, when you feel weak and broken remember who is driving the bus. Challenge yourself to keep the faith even in times of persecution. Stand convicted through your commitment to Christ and allow your motivation to share His love with others not letting anything stand in your way. Find comfort in knowing that He loves and has great plans for you. For He is in the driver’s seat and ready to pick up all who wait with enduring faith.

Love in Christ,



If the foundation of Faith is not embedded in our hearts, the power to endure will crumble.

Henry B. Eyring

Extra Study

Matthew 10:22

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Who is driving your life? Are you filled with enduring faith or are you just enduring life? Do you find it difficult during times of persecution to keep enduring with your faith? Share your thoughts!

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