Finding the Light of Faith in the Darkness

The Key to Defeating Evil with Light

For every child of God defeats this evil world, and we achieve this victory through our faith. 1 John 5:4 (NLT)
The Light of Faith

As I write today the sun’s light is beaming through my window beside my drawing table. It is warm even though the temperature outside is not above the thirties. Light really seems to lift my spirits especially in the winter. Somehow that light seems to bring with it a sense of peace along with comfort.

Sometimes the light of the world is truly hard to see and the promise of peace seems to evade us. This week the world’s news has seen what can only be described as evil, with the burning alive of the Jordanian pilot. We do not have to travel to the other side of the world though to see or experience evil, as it is all around us.

Many times we find ourselves questioning God when these types of evil seem to abound and if the evil hits closer to home then our faith is really tested. We have to be most careful during these times, because that is what Satan really wants. He wants to attack those with a strong relationship with God more than any other people. He delights in such antics so we have to stand strong and vigilant in the midst of the whirling evil around us. People often question how anyone can have faith when so much trouble seems to abound.  I would say look for and see the light.

The light of faith is really what drives our world, even secularly as we often depend upon people for help. Take for example; have you considered that we go to a doctor who often times may have a name we cannot pronounce and with degrees that we do not ever verify? They write us a prescription that we cannot read. We take it to a pharmacist, we may not know and they give us a chemical compound that we do not understand. We go home and take the medication according to the instructions on the bottle. During all of this we have placed our faith in fallible humanity with no guarantees. When we trust in the perfect light of God, there is true faith that comes with guaranteed promises.

Sometimes we allow our faith to come forth negatively as past experiences. This can be a dangerous way of holding to faith as it can place you in a state of fear as you live in the past. There is a story of a circus elephant that was just enormous as far as the elephant world goes. The huge elephant was only tied though to an eighteen inch stake. He could have easily pulled it out of the ground and freed himself. So why didn’t he? You see when he was a baby; he had tried it and was unsuccessful. The elephant had determined that he could never pull it out of the ground. So there he stood a massive creature capable of lifting whole trees, yet held captive by a small stake in comparison to his size. The elephant lived in the past when he didn’t have enough knowledge and experience and so he lived his life based on the lack of faith he had in his future. The light of faith can release you from a small stake and set you free on the promises of the light of God.

Our focus verse this week teaches us that with the light of faith, we can realize that ultimately the victory over the evil in the world is already won. One day each believer will join our Father in heaven. It is in heaven that we know evil will not dwell and this alone should provide us the hope to keep moving forward, no matter the circumstances that may swirl around us.

As we learn about the light of faith we realize that there comes a great benefit of belief with the promise of peace. When we live in an evil world where everything seems to be falling apart nothing can provide more comfort than the ability to have peace and separate our self from the evil of the world. So by trusting Christ we can overcome our problems here in this world and find peace in the mix.

The important thing about the light of faith is to remember that the victory has already been won and that through our belief, salvation is ours. The light of faith doesn’t dissolve the evils of the world and life is and will continue to provide challenges and difficulties but with our belief we can continue to move forward and not be imprisoned by the stakes of our past. We move forward because the light of faith surrounds us with the peace of victory.

For every child of God defeats this evil world, and we achieve this victory through our faith. 1 John 5:4 (NLT)

The Focus must be on the Light

When we rely on the light of our faith and allow our belief to lead us, we will find peace not only easier but quicker. We must place our focus on the hard work and self-discipline we need to serve Christ and not get so caught up trying to solve our problems on earth alone. This is so easy to say but so difficult to actually put it into action.

So how can you overcome your fear of the circumstances and strengthen your faith and trust in Christ? You can begin by placing the focus of importance on Christ and putting the circumstances of the world in second place.  Nothing illustrates this better than the story of Jesus healing the lame man by the pool. (John 5:1 – 9) The man had been sick for thirty-eight years and this day lay by the pool when Christ, the great healer, came by.

Jesus asked him, “Would you like to get well?” But the man was so focused on his circumstances of the past and his life that seemed so hopeless that all he could whine about was the fix he was in, “I can’t sir, for I have no one to put me into the pool when the water bubbles up. Someone always gets there ahead of me.” He had his excuse of the past ready and he was staking his life’s future on it. Jesus though provided him with an escape if he would simply focus on him. Christ tells him to get his eyes off the circumstances and instead place his eyes on him. When the man did this he is instantly healed.

We must focus on the promises and not the problems. When you come under attack, you cannot give up. You must keep moving. Forward progress stops when defeat is allowed to take over. When the attack of defeat comes you must do something, you cannot sit. To overcome defeat keep praying, continue to study, and diligently keep your commitments to service. If you do not, defeat has a way of finding you.  Don’t live in defeat, do something.

It was the middle of a high school football game, and the home team was losing. They just could not do anything. One angry fan yelled out at the sideline, “Put Johnson in!” The sidelines turned around and yelled back, “Johnson is in!” The fan yelled back again, “Well, take Johnson out!” In other words do something.

When your light of faith seems in danger of allowing the darkness to swallow it, you must keep moving forward. You must allow your belief to kick in knowing that God will deal with the evil world in His time and know that the fight has already been won. Because we know the end of the story, our light of faith will continue to flicker in the darkness because no matter our circumstances no one can take God away from us. The peace from the promise can be found by focusing on the light of faith and moving forward in the immediate because you have invested in the long-term of eternity.

It was testing day and a student found himself in the middle of an academic career changing test with a problem. He had recently purchased a new mechanical pencil just to take this test. He felt it would provide the necessary means to complete the test without the worry of a point dulling away like a traditional wooden pencil.

But now in the middle of the test his new pencil fails him as it runs out of lead. He was greatly frustrated and anguish begins to set in as he wastes precious minutes in a frozen panic and then frantically attempted to gain the testing proctor’s attention to see if he could borrow another pencil.

After the test ended the student learned that his new pencil was creatively designed with a complete supply of extra lead inside that could be dispensed with just a press of a button.

We are often like this student; although we have all of God’s sufficiency available to us, because of lack of knowledge, we cannot see the light, and draw it to us in our time of need. The light of faith must be fanned with the never-ending exercises of prayer, study, and service in order to grow and be able to draw upon that faith when the darkness of circumstances move in around us.

We must put aside our fear and the weight of the world and allow Christ to send us peace through the Holy Spirit with the light of our faith. The light will motivate us to put our worry to the side and place our focus on Christ because the victory has already been won, no matter what evils of the world that may descend upon us. Comfort through the promise of peace is there for our taking if we will allow Christ to take our burdens because we have fanned the flame of the light of faith.

Yours in Christ,


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