Finding Order in a World of Disorder

Disorder ”“ How do I Find Order?

Disordered World of Crabs
Can Order be Found?

It seems that here lately, disorder rules my life, well maybe not my whole life; just parts of it, for example the garage! I have attempted to get rid of clutter, for some time now. The success of that venture is evident by opening up the garage door, for all the clutter that was in the house, is now in the garage. My thought was that once all the extra ”junk” we have finds a new home, peace and tranquility will descend upon us. The goal for the disorder is sound, but the steps to get there seem unachievable. So am I unorganized or disorganized? Is my life out-of-order or something much stronger?

The Oxford Dictionary gives the definition for organize, as to ”give an orderly structure to,” so then unorganized is simply the opposite therefore being not organized or not in order. Disorganized, however really gives a stronger connotation, as it means to, ”destroy the system of order.” I think at one point, the garage was simply unorganized, as I placed the decluttered accumulation of ”stuff” from our home into the garage. However, as time has passed and more ”stuff” accumulated, so did the ever-growing pile of mess in the garage; it went from being unordered to a full disorder, as the system of order was slowly being destroyed. The result is the embarrassing mess that the neighborhood sees when the garage door opens.

What happens, when the way we live our lives, have this kind of disorder? Where does the root of this problem come from and how do we reorder it? This week’s focus verse theme in James 3:16, talks about the beauty found in the genuine wisdom of God. It points out that too often, we allow ourselves to get caught up into a world of greed and sometimes destructive competition. When this gets out of control it creates a disorder in our life and we find ourselves in the midst, of a mess. There is a way though, to regain the order we so desperately seek, and that is by searching out the wisdom of God. Through the wisdom of God, we no longer need to compare ourselves to others and will find ourselves delivered from the disorder the world creates.

A life of disorder, much like my garage, needs an overseer. The overseer in our life is the Holy Spirit, as we look to God for help with the straightening; we allow Him to guide our way and direction. This will reset the order in the disorder that we created. It is only through God that we can get ourselves out of the messy disorder we made. It takes a focus on Him and a shift away from the selfish ambition that the world pushes on us. The world often seems to promote the great importance of seeking our own independent way; we must learn that our way, without God, is a formula for disorder. Once we regain our focus, we will find the order and the peace that comes with it. It should be our goal, to strive to live our life for Him each day, seeking to please only the one who created us for His purpose.

For wherever there is jealousy and selfish ambition, there you will find disorder and evil of every kind. James 3:16 (NLT)

Disorder ”“ Cause, Effect, and the Steps to Recovery

When looking to displace the disorder in our life with order, it is clear that focusing upon God for our wisdom is important. But sometimes it is also important, to understand how we came to this point; a life of disorder. Allowing God to run our life and live according to His will, sounds easy, until the world overwhelms us once again with its enticements, strivings, or promoted teachings. So how can we overcome the pull and not allow ourselves to fall back into the old pattern of disorder?

As I began to think about the disorder in my life, I came across an article through the Home and Garden Television web publication, about understanding the types of disorganization. By understanding the different root causes and types of disorganization, one can determine how to correct and then veer away from it in the future. This can easily apply to more than the overwhelming disorganization of just our physical ”stuff” accumulation, as its application is also very relevant to overcoming the emotional sin baggage of self-ambition, over-commitments, and jealous nature that lead to a life of disorder.

5 Roots of Disorder & Ways to Overcome Them

  1. Situational Disorder ”“ A sudden life altering event that creates a disruption and therefore a disorder in your life, creating a break in trust with God. Acute situational disorders call for immediate prayer and surrounding yourself with others of like faith, finding unity together and allowing God to take control knowing that He is looking out for your best interest.
  2. Habitual Disorder ”“ This disorder is the bad sin habits you pick up and do without giving a lot of thought to it. It might be the twinge of envy when the person in the office gets the promotion instead of you or feeling less than excited, for your friend as they give you a tour of their new home. It is also found in taking advantage of someone for your own gain. There are a multitude of habitual disorder creating situations that can creep into your life when you are seemingly unaware of it. The biggest step in getting rid of them is to acknowledge they are there, one by one, and then ask God to help you move past them, trusting that there is a bigger picture for your life, directed by God.
  3. Historical Disorder ”“ This type of disorder can be traced back to your surrounding of disorder growing up. The disorder can be simply a repeat of how you saw things or it can be the total opposite. Recognizing your past experience is the way to help prepare for future order. Trusting God and truly depending upon Him for your wisdom will put forth a good model for others around you.
  4. Social Disorder ”“ This is the strongest disorder among the five as your social world strongly influences it. The world, its influences, and the people you surround yourself with, too often, determine your choices. This can be, not only, with the perceived notion of collecting physical items, but with over loading your schedule with things that are not of kingdom importance. The result is often being overwhelmed with a life of disorder. You must carefully choose your influences, remembering that if it is not kingdom important then it isn’t very important.
  5. Chronic Disorder ”“ This disorder is a chronic state of disorder and the seemingly inability to overcome it, because of repeated failed attempts. The history of disorder through not trusting the wisdom of God, undermines the current quality of life and affects the future of order through the loss of hope. It is important that aid of outside help is there with continuous support. This is found through the church, small groups, and accountability partners. Surrounding yourself with others who are strong in faith to help you reset the order is a continuous necessity of life.

The beauty of a life filled with order is found in the results of trusting God, as told in the continuing verses of James 3:17 and 18. Knowing that the wisdom from above is pure, is the key to moving from a life of disorder to an ordered one. The rewards of the ordered life are abundant peace shown through a love that responds to others with a gentle and willing nature. In the ordered life, there is mercy and good deeds that show no favoritism and works done with sincerity. Becoming a peacemaker of order and ridding your life of the disorder will help plant more seeds of peace and the harvest of rewards are tremendous.

The visible world we live in makes it hard to do away with the things we know are not of God. It takes a tremendous amount of faith to trust that God will trump all in the end, but it is this challenge that should convict us to do what is right according to God and His will. The motivation is in knowing that God has already won the fight. It is comforting to know that we can find order in a disordered world, by simply choosing to seek the wisdom of God through trust.

Love in Christ,


Post Script

There is a huge stress with disorganization and there is also a cost to being disorganized.

Carolee Cannata

Extra Study

1 Corinthians 3:3, Galatians 5:20 ”“ 21

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