Fine Days: Journeying with Reassurance

The Fine Days of Life

Fine Journeys - A Studio 1-37 Original ImageDid you experience a week of fine days? Perhaps there were just a few fine days or maybe you are just glad the week ended? Isn’t it funny how we perceive our days of being fine or not? And even greater is the broad way in which we each individually determine the ranking of a fine day. No matter whether your week was full of fine days or you can only identify one, the journey is easier when we have some reassurance that everything is ok.

Many of us look for this reassurance from a variety of sources; perhaps a parent, spouse, or a close friend becomes your voice of reassurance when your day or days aren’t going fine. These individuals become our symbols of hope in the midst of not great happenings in our lives. They usually don’t make the problems go away but stand ready to assure us of a different perspective.

Author, Ruele Howe, tells the story of how his house caught on fire when he was fifteen years old. The family escaped with only the clothes on their backs. There were no close neighbors to help so he and his father walked to town to get supplies. Ruele tells that it was upon that return that he and his father saw a sight that he never forgot.

There beside the charred remains of what was once their home his mother had prepared lunch on a log. But in the midst of the food sat a burnt-out tin can filled with wildflowers symbolizing hope in the midst of their tragedy. The flowers didn’t make the problem go away or erase the tragedy but there they stood as a reassurance that things would move on and they would be ok.

The Reassurance of Promises

Isn’t reassurance what we really need the most when we hit a snag in life? Reassurance that there is still life, that joy remains, and most importantly; we are not alone. Each of us has that level of reassurance available no matter whether you consider your day or life fine. God never leaves our side and He remains with us whether we are journeying uphill or down, on the mountaintop, or in the valley. This is not just positive thinking this is a positive promise found in the one tangible item that gives us the full assurance of His presence ”“ The Bible.

The Bible stands to remind us of God’s promises and to guide us through each day. We can look to His Word both day and night to reassure us that He is helping us along our journey no matter the road surface we are traveling on. Combined with the Holy Spirit we can walk peacefully through each day. We can cope with all that’s expected of us and even handle the unexpected things along the way. This is the solid assurance that we are on the right journey moving one step at a time.

The Lord replied, ”My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”Â Exodus 33:14 (NIV)

 Do You Need Help?

Have you ever considered that if you can’t announce your day as fine that you can expect to receive more help from the Holy Spirit? By keeping your mind on His presence and taking the next step, you are reassuring yourself of His promises. The challenging time you experience may be a God moment, teaching experiences that make you more aware of not only His presence but your need of help.

You must trust that God not only knows what He is doing but He knows all things. This is why it is important to be ready to follow His lead while knowing that He will give you strength and bless you with peace for doing so.

Fine days will abound when you believe that with God’s help you can handle anything. This is possible through your relationship with the Almighty, the promises in the Bible, and looking at your past experiences of successful coping during the difficult times.

Some Things Never Change

For even when your circumstances dictate a not so fine day or your fine day changes dramatically and takes a turn for the worse, God never changes. He remains the same throughout time and eternity. This is your confident reassurance of good things to come and fine days to experience.

Won’t you be challenged to trust Him fully with all that you may face in a day or moment? Know that with His Presence you can face all things. Allow your convictions to secure your knowledge in His promises to be with you no matter what circumstances your journey in life may take you through. Find your motivation and comfort to keep going even in difficult days with the great reassurance of knowing that you are never alone.

Love in Christ,



The only way to live is to accept each minute as an unrepeatable miracle.

Margaret Storm Jameson

Extra Study

Exodus 13:21, Joshua 22:4, Isaiah 63:9, John 14:26

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