Handmade Journals


Handmade Journal Galleries

Studio 1-37’s Handmade Journals are bound with approximately 54 single folios (pages) or 108 double folios using 90lb paper.

Handmade Journal Collage

Each sheet is hand folded and placed in signatures and stitched by hand using either a copic or long stitch technique with linen thread that is hand waxed using bee’s wax.

Handmade Journal Construction

The text block is bound with a unique one of a kind covering combining several fine art techniques resulting in a unique mixed media and or assemblage bound covering that is a totally individual work of book art with hours of personal time invested.


These journals are for Bible scripture art journaling encouraging the owner to memorize one scripture a week. Each journal comes with an inside introduction that tells the Studio 1-37 story of how the journals came about and a removable card insert is found in a hand created envelope in the back of the journal.

This card has practical ways to memorize scripture through art journaling with suggested methods of basic art journaling techniques on the back.


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