The Gift of Priceless Extravagant Grace

The Priceless Gift

The Gift - A Studio 1-37 imageNow that Thanksgiving is in the past, the Christmas season is rushing in. Have you started shopping for the unique gift for each special person on your list? Perhaps Neiman Marcus can help you with a few ideas. For a mere $700,000 you can give a luxury living gift of a week at three English estates. If that is a little out of your price range perhaps an exclusive Grammy Awards experience will fit the bill for the music lover on your list at the small fee of $500,000. If, however you simply must budget this year then you can dazzle that special football lover with a one-day private quarterback camp with Joe Montana as that will only set you back $65,000. No matter what your budget is I am sure you are searching for the right gifts for those truly special people on your list. However, the most precious gift you or anyone on your list can receive is readily available for all at the drop dead bottom price of”¦free. Have you given thanks for it?

It seems that we often hastily put Thanksgiving aside and move into the season of gift giving a little too quickly. Sometimes we move so rapidly that we really forget about the thanks and the real gift that God gives us. The gift of overflowing and abundant grace that God continuously gives all believers is the most extravagant and priceless present anyone can ever receive. God’s grace gives us eternal life simply for our belief. This gift isn’t earned and it can’t be purchased through Neiman Marcus or any other venue. The purchasing took place at the cross by Christ, God’s most Holy son who gave us our life through the giving of His.

The Best Gift is Free

The unmerited favor of God’s kindness confirms that God is indeed the source of everything that is good. Paul gives us the reminder, in this week’s focus verse, that we need to thank God not yearly but daily for the beautiful giving of grace. As we move into the Advent and Christmas seasons it is important that we do not leave the Thanksgiving behind and instead reflect strongly about the real gift that is priceless and freely given to everyone.

Thank God for this gift too wonderful for words! 2 Corinthians 9:15 (NLT)

Illustrating Grace

Grace is sometimes misunderstood or perceived that some type of earning is necessary in order to receive it. But make no mistake in knowing that it is not only available but that it is an entirely free gift. A good illustration of God’s grace defined is to think about how one earns, wins, or achieves a gift.

When a person works an eight-hour day and receives a fair day’s pay for their time, then earned is a wage.

If a person competes successfully with an opponent a prize or trophy for their performance results.

An award or appropriate recognition often comes about when a person performs a high achievement or long service.

But when one is not capable of earning a wage, winning a prize, or deserves no award yet still receives such a gift anyway ”“ this is the picture of the goodness of God and His grace that is freely given. (Knight, 1988)

Not only is the grace of God given at no personal cost but by recognizing that God provides all goodness and believing that He will continue to do so will increase your resources to use and invest for Him. Thanking God daily not for what you have but for the grace He freely gives changes the way you look at life. This way allows you to keep your focus remaining upon Him and the greatest gift. An attitude like this, especially with the pressures of the world’s commercialized Christmas, helps yield the temptation to desire or spend more than you should which often loses the purpose and perspective of Christmas.

Remembering the Purpose of Christmas Leads Us back to Thanksgiving

So as you move into the grand celebrations of Christmas remember the purpose of Christmas is about the greatest gift ever given. Worship this season like those who came to honor the Christ child on that Holy night by falling on your knees and thanking God for His grace brought and bought to you by His son.

No greater gift given or received in the Christmas past, present, or future will ever come close to the gift of grace God freely and abundantly gives all.

Love in Christ,



God gives you 86,400 seconds every day. Have you used any to say ‘thank you?’ (adapted from William Arthur Ward)

Extra Study

Acts 14:3, Romans 5:21, 2 Corinthians 9:14, 2 Thessalonians 2:16

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