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Grab Hold and Take a Bite

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Have you ever longed to grab hold of something just to see if it is real? Sometimes it seems, we live in an artificial world and that artificiality makes it difficult to distinguish the real from the unreal. This often creates doubt and confusion making trust an issue. It begs us to ask what can we believe and how should we measure our belief? Do we need to grab hold of something to see whether it is real?

There was an elderly woman that made her living selling artificial fruit. One day a customer complained that the fruit was not realistic enough. She pointed to an apple, saying it was too red, too round, and too big to be a real apple. At that point, the artificial fruit lady picked up the apple and proceeded to eat it. Sometimes to be able to grab hold of something is the only way to test and measure its reality.

Some things in life just need to be examined closely to determine if they real or not. Take for instance the resurrection of Christ. Throughout the years His resurrection has been critically examined, judged by authorities, and editorialized by writers. The conclusion of some is that it is simply an event that cannot be proven and probably is too good to be real. It may look like an apple but in actuality, it is artificial fruit, they say. But if you will pick it up and take a bite you quickly come to know that He did rise from the grave and He is alive.

Grab Hold and Touch Reality Today

In this week’s focus verse, we see that Jesus is trying to ground the disciples’ faith in the reality of His presence. He wants them to see and understand that He is real. In this, He suggests that they touch Him, and then He asks them for food. All of this is to show that He is real. Instead of “show and tell,” He offers “touch and see.” This is how we know that a life filled in faith is real and why Jesus made His point. By stopping and watching Him eat the fish we grab hold of the reality that He is showing us.

This is important because if we don’t see His reality our message likely turns into something that happens in the future, somewhere in the great beyond, and not the present here and now. Christ cares about getting souls to heaven but He cares more about feeding those around us right now. The former is difficult to realize until the latter is a reality. We must recognize the injustices around us and see they are real and take active steps to grab hold and do something about them. These are not problems to let heaven sort out in the future. We are tasked to grab hold of them now and see them rectified.

Reality in Fish

Christ proves to the disciples His body wasn’t a figment of their imagination. They could touch Him and watch as He ate food. He was alive and real to them just as He is alive and real to us today. He is listening to our prayers and ready to serve when that service is given with the human heart that needs the Good Shepherd’s guidance and love. What hands-on proof can we provide to show that Jesus is alive among us?

We must resolve to live our lives as if Jesus were a guest in our homes, workplaces, and businesses. To show others the truth, that the Lord is here, there, and everywhere. He is live and real. He is our Risen Lord to who we offer our discipleship with the love He taught us. Flee from doubt and live a life like Christ, helping others along the pathway.

“Look at my hands, Look at my feet. You can see that it’s me. Touch me and make sure that I am not a ghost because ghosts don’t have bodies as you see that I do.”

Luke 24:39 (NLT)

Still, they stood there in disbelief, filled with joy and wonder. Then He asked them. “Do you have anything here to eat?” They gave Him a piece of broiled fish, and He ate it as they watched.

Luke 24:41-43 (NLT)

Today is Important

Christ showed the disciples He was alive and real by letting them grab hold and seeing the physical. This reality shows that He is more than just something to consider for the hereafter. He is in our lives now through the Holy Spirit and we are commanded to be His hands and feet in our neighborhoods trusting that He will help us along the way. We must grab and take hold of Him and see that life is about wanting to live in the world that He lived in and this brings hope to our reality every day. As believers who have grabbed hold of Christ, our lives must reflect His life to all those around us. Barbara Sayles from Orlando, FL reflects upon this.

Early, one hot Florida September morning, volunteers unloaded 2 truckloads of food boxes and began placing them into the 1000 plus cars of people waiting. After an hour at a rapid pace, and what seemed like an endless line of cars, the group leader ran up to her in a panic. “I don’t think we will have enough for everyone, what should we do?” Barbara glanced around at the dwindling boxes and cars steadily rolling in and after a brief moment of fear, she remembered Jesus’ words ‘give them something to eat.’ “There will be enough,” she responded. By the time the last car came through, they had a few boxes left that volunteers took to shut-ins. She didn’t know if they would run out or not but her faith, though often tested, requires her and us to act justly and trust in the One who always provides abundantly.

Showing Others How to Grab Hold and See

Perhaps today we can grab hold of something that takes us from ourselves long enough to embrace the realities of someone else’s existence. Whether it be through needed food, clothing, shelter, or the educating of ourselves or others on diversity. We can achieve this through the acceptance of all people by stretching ourselves and ways of life to include and embrace diversification. We live in a world desperate for us to grab hold and see as if our life depended upon it. For in this lies our hopes, by grabbing hold of Christ, we see His reality and our path, future, and purpose.

The song goes, “They’ll know we are Christians by our love.” Won’t you challenge yourself today to be about your Father’s business as you serve Him with joy? Find your convictions rooted in the reality of the disciple’s eyewitness account of touching and seeing. Be motivated to show and tell others the good news of the gospel. And lastly, find comfort in knowing that Christ loves you so much that He offers you to grab hold of Him and experience His touch so you, too, can see.

Love in Christ,



Any time you begin to do life together with somebody different than you, you get different perspectives. You get different histories, and you begin to create a shared history together.

Pastor Randall Littleton

Extra Study

John 20:19 -23; 1 Corinthians 15:5

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