Hardships and Happiness: Are you Praying?

The Last Resort?

Prayer Always in Hardship and Praise - A Studio 1-37 Original ImageHas your week been filled with hardships or happiness? Are you praying or praising? Do you see prayer as a constant line of communication with God or is it your last resort? Perhaps you can identify with the elderly lady who constantly expressed all her many troubles, both the real and the imaginary. Finally, her family tactfully told her, ”Grandmother, we’ve done all we can for you. You’ll just have to trust God for the rest.” With a look of absolute despair spread over her face, she replied, ”Oh dear, has it come to that?” If you think about it carefully, it should always come to that. In fact, that is where we shouldn’t just begin, but where we should always be.

The power of prayer is more than a plea of resolution for the hardships of life or even the needed recognition of praise. Instead, prayer offers a vital connection with Christ to allow Him to lead our life in the direction that it should go. But like the elderly lady, many use prayer, as a last resort and often forget to use prayer to thank God for all the good things in life. However, both are necessary to deepen our faith and create a long-lasting relationship with our Creator.

It is important to acknowledge to God both our praises and our hardships of complaints because He desires us to seek Him out. Christ stands by waiting to listen to all. So, no matter what hardships or praises your days may bring communication with God should be a persistent standard.

Are any of you suffering with hardships? You should pray. Are any of you happy? You should sing praises. James 5:13 (NLT)

Persistence Prayers in Hardships and Praises

Staying in a constant state of prayer means keeping your praise and requests continually before God as you live for Him day-to-day. It is in this belief that His answers come. It is important to not give up when you find His answers delayed, but instead, recognize that delayed answers have good reasons.

However, persistence prayer is not like Tommy. He is a fifth-grade boy who after hearing a sermon on persistence in prayer was praying by himself in his room one night. As his dad passed his door, he heard his son praying repeatedly, ”Tokyo, Tokyo, Tokyo.” The next morning, his dad asked Tommy what he was doing the night before. Tommy replied that he was praying because he had put the wrong answer on his test for the capital of Mexico. So, he was praying that Tokyo would become the capital of Mexico.

It is important to keep praying and praising for your needs for through this persistence we grow in character, faith, and hope. But it is also necessary to remember that your prayers, like Tommy’s, won’t change facts like Tokyo becoming the capital of Mexico. However, it is a beautiful expression of your faith that you show through the persistent connection of prayer. In addition, it is also though the expressing of your faith that you know God answers your prayers.

Attitudes of Prayer

An attitude of prayer should always prevail in your life. This attitude is acknowledging openly your dependence on God. It is realizing His presence within you and deciding to obey Him fully by praying and praising in the good and the bad.

So, no matter what the world around you looks like, find the challenge to keep praying and praising. Allow your convictions to surface in knowing that God is always watching out for what is best and knowing that His answers will come. Be motivated by knowing that He loves you deeply and will choose what is best for you according to His will. And find comfort in knowing that He never gives up on you so, keep those prayers and praises coming.

Love in Christ



Is our walk with God sometimes a crawl with God? Why the lack of passion for our Savior who gave His all for us? Is there lack of victory over sin in the average Christian’s life? Why the lack of power to shake this world for Christ? The words of Billy Sunday ring true: ”He that is a stranger to prayer is a stranger to power.”


Extra Study

Luke 18:1, Romans 12:12, Colossians 3:16; 4:2, 1 Thessalonians 5:17

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