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Heartbeat and Love

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Do you ever listen to your heart or specifically your heartbeat? I generally don’t think about my heartbeat much unless it is not behaving properly. For example, when I hike up a mountain early in the morning, then it lets me know that it is working hard! It seems, however, that even outside medical reasons all of us should give more consideration to our hearts but maybe not in the way we think. Our hearts connect with our brains and have a social reputation that is connected with love. There are many cultural references to the heart and love with sonnets, songs, images, and many others. It might all sound like hype, but there is science behind the lovesickness that might just be good for that heartbeat.

According to Everyday Health, there are 7 Reasons Love is Good for Your Heart.

1. Spending time with someone we love can lower our blood pressure. (It can also raise our blood pressure but that is a different story)

2. When we are in love multiple chemicals are released in the brain that causes our heartbeat to pick up speed, giving it a good workout.

3. Love usually causes us to give the one we adore a good hug which releases the hormone oxytocin. This reduces stress and lowers our blood pressure.

4. When we are in love our joy levels raise often creating laughter. This has many benefits and some that are as good as aerobic exercise.

5. If we take our love to a higher level and choose to write a few love letters our cholesterol can drop.

6. When we are in love, we generally have a positive attitude and that can reduce our risk of a heart attack.

7. And the simplicity of just holding hands with the one we love can lower stress, anxiety, heartbeat, and even weight gain.

It sounds like love is important to not only our spirit but our health overall. Maybe that is because our Creator loves us so much, we can say that our life depends upon it.

Look Up for Love

As we continue on our Lenten journey, we are getting closer to the cross. And during this time and approach perhaps it is time to start looking up. This might not sound like much of a commitment but if we start to look up for direction, help, and a better way; it means we are allowing someone else to take the lead. When we choose to look up, we can see hope for our lives and those around us that we love. As we look up, we see and experience the ultimate love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ and His redeeming grace. But when we look up, we have to let go.

When we choose to look up, we let God take control. Through the process of looking up, we can let go of the belief that it is up to us to independently change our lives and build a better world. By choosing to allow our heartbeat to rest in the one who loves us beyond all else, we see His vision for our life and the world. And this doesn’t include our selfish preferences and understandings. But if we allow ourselves the freedom of looking up, the Holy Spirit will take us from one joy to another and from this world to the next. By grabbing hold of the hand of God with our heartbeat of love pushing us forward we can latch onto the where, what, and who that God is calling us to be.

When we decide to let God control our lives through the heartbeat of His love it results in such joy that we want to share this with everyone. God has done so much for us and we have so much to be thankful for and must speak out for the Lord who redeems us. When our heart aligns with God in control of our life, we should not hesitate to tell others and boldly declare our glorious experience with Him.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! His faithful love endures forever.

Psalm 107:1 (NLT)

Declaring with Your Heart!

A heart that beats in full love and adoration of God wants to share this news, not in a witnessing manner, but a declaration. For God rescues everyone no matter how extreme their problems may be. He stands ready to help the wanderers, prisoners, distressed, the storm-tossed, and you. It matters not if our trouble is in the past, the present, or hasn’t even surfaced yet as He is able and willing to help us. God is loving and kind to those in distress even if that distress is the result of our sinfulness. Because of His vast love for us our heart beats. So, look up and live a life of love.

Won’t you challenge yourself to boldly look up and declare your love for Christ letting your heartbeat out a steady rhythm of love for Him? Allow your convictions to stand steadfast and true as you journey to the cross and see His love for you. Be propelled with the motivation of joy from all He offers and surround yourself in His comforting love as He prepares a place for you.

Love in Christ,



Praise and worship shouldn’t be a few hours of church service entertainment. It should be our heartbeat and should never depart our lips. ‘Let us come before Him with thanksgiving and extol Him with music and song’ (Psalms 95:2)

Euginia Herlihy

Extra Study

Numbers 21:8-9, Psalm 106:1, John 3:14 – 16

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Does your heartbeat in one accord for the love that Christ offers you? Have you chosen to look up for life? Share your thoughts and experiences on the love of Christ in your life.

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