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Do You Find Help and Guidance in Life from Quotes?

Holding God's Hand
God’s Helping Hand

Need help? This morning as I quickly scanned through my email one of the subject lines caught my eye. This title line promised to set my life straight, guide me in the right path, and all I had to do take was read these 10 quotes. The article’s author told how he liked to collect quotes and he was sure that the ten he mentions in the article was to be a game changer in my life. Now that was a big promise and my first thought was that if I needed guidance in the right path that God was my answer, not a human quote but since I too like quotes I thought I would give it a quick read through. We can all use a little help with some positive reinforcements.

I did read the article and as I thought my life didn’t change. I didn’t suddenly find the right path to guidance. Thankfully I know that there is only one path to guidance and that is through Christ. As I contemplate the journey to the cross that we are progressing through on our Lenten travels I realize that help on the life path is what we all need and that is where we will find true guidance. Help can come from all sources whether in form of a written verse, an encouraging word, or the physical help of another human. As I read the quotes I reflected on the help God provides to us on the journey of life which made this one quote in the article stand out to me.

We’re all just walking each other home. 
                                             Ram Dass

We are all moving on our journey toward home and for believers that ”home” is to be with God. It is during the Lenten journey that we need to reflect on how we help people who are on the journey with us. We must remember to be human and we must remember to reach out to others in the world and tell them about the home we are heading to. Help arrives in many forms but it is the greatest enlightenment to know that our Savior is ready to help us at all times just as our focus verse for this week tells us. It is easier for us to see how we can help others but maybe not as clear to see how our Savior can help us.

Five-year-old Charlie had a few ideas of his own. He was in the kitchen playing as his mother made supper. She asked him to go into the pantry and get her a can of tomatoes, but he didn’t want to go in alone. ”It’s very dark in there and I’m scared,” he said. She asked again and Charlie still insisted that it was too scary. Finally, she said, ”There is nothing to be afraid of, Jesus will be in there with you.” Charlie thought about that for a moment and walked hesitantly to the pantry and slowly opened the door. He peeked inside and saw that it was very dark and he knew he didn’t want to go in. Suddenly he had an idea and he said, ”Jesus, if you are in there, would you hand me that can of tomatoes?” (Adapted (Allen, 1981)

Charlie may have misunderstood his mother’s suggestion of Jesus’ help but we as believers need to know that during difficult times God will see us through. He is with us always and He cares about us and what we are going through. The focus verse this week illustrates God’s help for Israel and translates God’s help for us through the Holy Spirit. With God on our side we don’t have to be afraid or worried about our future. We are on a journey heading home and it is with that faith that we will feel and witness the power of God and gain peace through His guidance. As the Savior holds our hand it is important that we extend our other hand to help the soul beside us as we head home together on the carefully guided path.

For I hold you by your right hand ”“ I, the Lord your God. And I say to you, ”Don’t be afraid. I am here to help you.” Isaiah 41:13 (NLT)

Finding the YBH with the Three Points of God

The verse establishes that God is not only beside you but touching you with His help if you ask. So as you journey you may think that sounds great but don’t really comprehend how the unseen can possibly help? Maybe you don’t always feel God’s help or his helping hand holding yours. There was a man who borrowed a book from an acquaintance. As he read through it, he found intriguing parts of the book underlined with the letters YBH written in the margin. When he returned the book to the owner, he asked what the YBH meant. The owner replied that the underlined paragraphs were sections of the book that he basically agreed with. They gave him hints on how to improve himself and pointed out truths that he wished to incorporate into his life. So he placed, the letters YBH which stood for ”Yes, but how?” Perhaps you also understand what the text says but you think YBH?

To tackle the YBH problem you must first begin by trusting fully in God and not falter in fear or worry. A total depending nature is necessary to understand His help. The YBH in this week’s verse forces you to turn to the hand that holds yours in the beginning and then know that He alone is the only help you can truly depend upon. It is important to know that God holds you for eternity and the rest just doesn’t matter. Getting beyond the YBH requires a very strong component and that is the major component of trust. It is believing or not, as it forces you to trust fully in God and know that He will help you. It is knowing that the Holy Spirit, your advocate, and help mate is with you at all times helping you as you travel the journey. (John 14:15 ”“ 17)

The YBH is to be FTF; fearless through faith. David reminds you in his prayer for the people, Psalm 20, that the Lord protects you. But most importantly that you are different from the others who put their faith in man and the things of man but as a believer you trust in the name of the Lord your God. (Psalm 20:7) Want to be fearless and depend fully on the help of God then remember these 3 points of God.

  1. God is with you always because He loves you!

  2. God will help you for He is your God.

  3. God will give you strength and hold you up.

It is always easier to complete a job or get through a trying circumstance with help. Your help comes first through God. He wants a relationship with you and He will never leave you hanging. Assurance is found in His strength with the victory over death. Be challenged to trust fully in God and convicted to give your worry and fear to Him knowing that He is ready to help. Motivation is found on the journey home as God holds your hand, find comfort in knowing that He is always there.

Sometimes the YBH questions come when you over think an issue. There was one other quote that I read this morning that illustrates this point well.

Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. 
                                       Dr. Seuss

Don’t try to over think God just know that He is there to help as you journey home to Him.

Love in Christ,


 Post Script

Sometimes the Lord calms the storm. Sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms his child.

Extra Study

Psalms 20:1- 9, Isaiah 45:1, John 14: 15 ”“ 17, Romans 8:26

Allen, C. (1981). Victory in the Valleys of Life. Ada: Fleming H Revell Co.

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