Honor Above All Whether in Life or Death

Deserved Honor

Honor without Fear - Philippians 1:20b -A Studio 1-37 ImageThis next week in the U.S. ends with honor but will the honor be seen in the midst of a turbulent week of elections? Friday, November 11th is Veteran’s Day. It is a day we should reflect upon the honor that men and women of the armed forces deserve for their willingness to sacrifice their own life for our country and freedoms we enjoy. There are many men and women that served in the armed forces that have gone over and beyond just serving. These distinguished individuals put or gave their life on the line for their comrades and belief in the values of what our nation was originally built upon. Many of these veteran’s lost limbs or their life at the time of their heroic actions. Other’s suffered with many maladies causing them problems for the rest of their life. There are countless heroes of every U.S. War and conflict; and just as many stories that depict what they willingly devoted their lives to without fear. 

As I reflected this week upon the word of honor, I came across twenty-four Medal of Honor recipients that were not awarded until some 45 ”“ 70 years after they displayed tremendous honor for our country. The delay in honoring these men were due not to oversight or unknown factors but instead their actions were not recognized because of prejudice over race and religion. These 24 Medal of Honor recipients finally received their due honor at the White House on March 18, 2014. These men served in W.W. II, Korea, and Vietnam wars. Needless to say only three were alive to actually accept the honor.

Sgt. Santiago J. Erevia

Honored as he distinguished himself May 21, 1969, while serving as a radio-telephone operator during a search-and-clear mission near Tam Ky City, in the Republic of Vietnam. “Under a hail of enemy fire, he continued to advance until he reached a location a few feet short of the first insurgent position. Disregarding the fire directed at him from the remaining bunkers, he pulled the pin on a hand grenade and advanced on the bunker, firing his rifles until he dropped the grenade into the bunker, thus destroying the fortification and killing the enemy soldier within.” (Memmott, 2014)

Sgt. 1st Class Melvin Morris

Honored for his valorous actions on Sept. 17, 1969, while commanding the Third Company, Third Battalion of the IV Mobile Strike Force near Chi Lang. Staff Sgt. Morris led an advance across enemy lines to retrieve a fallen comrade and single-handedly destroyed an enemy force that had pinned his battalion from a series of bunkers. He was shot three times as he ran back toward friendly lines with the American casualties, but did not stop until he reached safety. (Memmott, 2014)

Master Sgt. Jose Rodela

Honored for his valorous actions on Sept. 1, 1969, while serving as the company commander in Phuoc Long Province, Vietnam. ”Rodela commanded his company throughout 18 hours of continuous contact when his battalion was attacked and taking heavy casualties. Throughout the battle, in spite of his wounds, Rodela repeatedly exposed himself to enemy fire to attend to the fallen and eliminate an enemy rocket position.”  (Memmott, 2014)

These men finally achieved the honor they so deserved. They devoted their life to what they felt was important without fear. Have you faced a war battlefield where you had the great opportunity to defend what you felt important or to potentially protect another person’s life with your own? What things do you devote your life to without fear?

Honoring with Both Life and Death

The Apostle Paul devoted his life to Christ and so he neither feared life or death. He found joy knowing that where he went and what he did brought honor to Christ. Paul sets the ultimate example to us. Clearly, we should develop our eternal values over worldly ones. It is necessary that we put Christ first in our life because without Him we have no life. It is difficult to live with one foot in the kingdom and the other on the earth. So in order to live without fear and in peace, it is best to strive to maintain what we honor above all else.

The pull of the world’s values is strong because they are the ones you can see and experience. If your focus is on Christ, then the value placed on the things of this world just aren’t important. You find joy in your salvation knowing that your eternal values are beyond anything you can possibly amass on earth. As your focus shifts to the values of the eternal you easily honor God above all things.

Being certain of your eternal destiny allows you the freedom to serve Him by devoting your life to what counts and without fear of the world. A life that honors Christ is one that fully exhibits what the real values are. This is a life that clearly shows what you stand for. So in the day-to-day battlefield you hold the opportunity to either defend and honor Christ as your focus or to live in fear of the world with its opinions and its values. On this battlefield you too can protect another’s person’s life by sharing the good news of Christ but you must decide where your honor lies.

No Fear ”“ Only Honor

Find the challenge to make a strong commitment to live your life for Christ by honoring Him in everything you do. Learn to live by your convictions, ones without fear of the world because your life’s devotion strives at what is truly important. You probably won’t receive an earthly medal of honor for standing up for Christ but your motivation comes from your assured eternal one. Find full joy and eternal comfort in a life of honoring Christ and one filled with no fear. Let Paul’s mantra be yours;

And I trust that my life will bring honor to Christ, whether I live or die. Philippians 1:20b (NLT)

Love in Christ,



Show me the man who you honor and I will know what kind of man person you are.

Thomas Carlyle

Extra Study

Romans 5:5, Romans 14:8, 1 Corinthians 6:20, Ephesians 6:19

Memmott, M. (2014, March 18). Here Are The 24 Heroic Stories Behind Today's Medals Of Honor. Retrieved from NPR - The Two Way - Breaking News from NPR: http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2014/03/18/291120789/here-are-the-24-heroic-stories-behind-todays-medals-of-honor

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