How to Seek, Find and Keep God

Losers – Weepers

If you look for me wholeheartedly you will find me. Jeremiah 29:13 (NLT)
Those who sincerely seek Him will find rewards.

Have you ever searched for something that you wanted to desperately find? Perhaps you simply misplaced it but then you couldn’t find it and because of that you couldn’t move forward. Or how about the dreaded panicked feeling that comes over you when you feel that something really important is missing or lost and you frantically search and pray to find it again. No one wants the title of “loser” and “weeper” because with it comes more than just losing and weeping.

When important things are lost we often find ourselves immobilized and incapable of moving forward until it is found. Feelings of hopelessness come about when we have spent hours looking for that valuable or needed item and our anxiety and stress levels soar. Relief will only come when we have a search plan, tactics, and prevention to guard against loss in the future.

Sometimes lessons come through watching the simple things in life and so my lesson of how to seek and find things begins with nature. Early one morning this week, I sat at my kitchen table with my  freshly brewed, hot, and aromatic cup of coffee going through my daily Bible devotions. As the steam from my coffee rose I glanced at the cold temperature on the thermometer that I could see from my chair.  I began to wonder if we had lost spring as my mind wandered out the window to the iced over pond, cloudy sky, and prediction of winter weather. Just a few days before, the weather had been a winter warm but obviously now Old Man Winter was letting us know that He was not finished yet.

Suddenly as I sat contemplating where I could find spring at in February, I heard a tremendous cacophony outside. I couldn’t imagine what this was and at first I wasn’t sure where the sound was coming from. I arose and moved to the kitchen window to see if I could find out what was going on. I noticed there seemed to be a lot of birds flying around, at least more birds than usual. It was then I realized that the noise seemed to come from the front of the house. As I went to the front windows I was in awe at what I saw.

There in front of my home and all around the front pond were hundreds, or more, of Red-Winged Blackbirds. I watched warmly in amazement from my windows as the birds quickly and diligently seemed to be looking to find food in front of my house. They appeared to have a search tactic within the flock, a systematic approach of sorts, attempting to find food for all of them. They would sweep in and out in groups trading places between the pond, the grasses, and the evergreen trees. It was a sight with the gloss black wings of the birds accented with the red patch floating in and out much like dancers on the stage in just the right rhythm and timing.

The noise was tremendous as they spoke to one another in their native language regarding the success or failure on their sought after find. Then without warning and as suddenly as they arrived they all departed. Their cacophony disappeared and there was an almost deafening silence that quickly transcended after the clamor and commotion of their babbling chatter. It was obvious that the birds did not find what they were looking for here and went on to look to the next place in hopes they would be successful. They did not allow their disappointment in the lack of their find to affect them from moving on and continuing to seek what they needed.

As I settled back into my morning routine I thought about how the birds diligently were seeking to find what they needed, much like we do.  They didn’t however allow their disappointment to keep them from continuing to move on with their life. And when their efforts of exploration here yielded not what they had sought to find they moved on continuing to seek out what they needed. Together and individually they knew what they needed and they gave it all they had to find it.

How often do we find ourselves seeking to find what we need in life? Sometimes we look for things we have lost in the past and other times we seek things that we see others have. The one thing however that we need above all else is to find God and place Him first in our lives. Once we do, everything else will fall into place. Our focus verse this week tells us how to go about this.

When we seek God and place Him first in our life we must do so like the birds – wholeheartedly, giving it our all, and not letting anything deter us from doing so. If we will put forth this effort there will be nothing that can break our fellowship with God. We will be able to know with full confidence that no matter how bad things may get God is always there and we can call upon Him in our times of need. We will not lose Him if we keep Him in our focus.

We have to want to find God though, as He will never force Himself upon us. This week’s text reminds us, just like it reminded the exiles in Babylon, that when we search for God with our hearts we will find Him. For if God is first we will not be “losers and weepers” but “finders” and “keepers”. For then we will be able to calmly keep living and moving through life knowing that He is in control.

If you look for me wholeheartedly you will find me. Jeremiah 29:13 (NLT)

Finders – Keepers

When we earnestly seek God the things of this world will no longer matter as our sight will be consistently upon Him. Once we find Him there is nothing that can separate us again because we, as the “finders” are certainly the “keepers”.  We must however make the choice to seek Him out as He will not force Himself upon us because He gives us the free will to make this choice.

When you own a valuable it is important to have a plan so misplacement or loss will not occur. This is especially true if you want the relief and title of “Finders- Keepers”. To safe-keep your valuables, you must consider a strategy plan in three areas; a search location, search tactics, and loss prevention. You can take these same strategy plans and apply them to finding and keeping God close to you too.

Three Strategies to Seek, Find, and Keep God in Your Life

1. Search the Location

  • Look in plain sight first – God is all around you, just look at your surroundings.
  • Recall where you have been in the past – Remember Him from your past experiences and then count your blessings naming them one by one.
  • Don’t skip the obvious – the Bible
  • Check on yourself – find one thing you are currently thankful for, no matter how small, and there you will find God.
  • Call on your friends and others for help – Surround yourself with people who are strong in faith, find a church family, or small group that you can depend on when you feel you have lost God and need help finding Him.

2. Search Tactics

  • Be systematic – Start with the scripture and work your way up and out from there with prayer, study, and dedicated focus.
  • Check everything again and again – when in doubt repeat the systematic steps.
  • Think about when you used it last – When did you last commune with God? Go to that memory and you will find Him again.
  • Clean your surroundings – Get rid of all the “junk” in your life that takes you away from God. You can’t find Him among the piles of “stuff” you have surrounded yourself with in life, so clean it up.
  • Know your habits – Consider your habits and start with making God first in your day and not last or squeezed in if you have extra time.
  • Give it time – You must have patience in your seeking as God has been patient with you.

3. Loss Prevention

  • Form good habits – If you will make good daily and weekly habits placing your focus on God you will not lose Him among your busyness in life again.
  • Prevent emergencies – With God as your number one focus, you will find yourself prepared for any emergency that could crop up.
  • Spend time every day reflecting – Start your day with God and end your day in reflections of all the good things that have come about because of your relationship with Him.
  • Consider an app or other method tool for safe keeping – There are many methods to help us keep our focus straight on the important things in life. An app such as the Bible or the “old fashion method” of carrying a Bible with you will help you have your tools ready when you need them. This is your number one defense against losing God amidst your life in this world.
  • Make sure it doesn’t go missing again – Following all of these guidelines diligently will prevent loss again.

When you find God and keep Him in a place of high importance you will always have Him to rely upon when you need Him. The focus verse this week reminds you to seek, find, and keep God first. If you have God first in your life, your steps will be light, and you will keep moving forward.

There is motivation for all of us in knowing that God wants a relationship with us no matter who we are or what we may have to offer Him in return. Comfort abounds us in knowing that if we seek God we will find Him along with an unbreakable relationship that will sustain all our needs.

Do you think you have lost God? If so know that you haven’t, He is sitting right beside you, just acknowledge Him.

Love in Christ,


Post Script:

There is a story told about the sculptor Rodin, who one day saw a large carved crucifix on the roadside. He loved the work and desired it strongly for himself so he purchased the cross and made arrangements to have it brought to his home. Unfortunately, it was too big for his house. Rodin however did not allow this to deter him as he knocked out the walls, raised, the roof, and then rebuilt his house around the cross.

Are you willing to seek out and find God at all costs shaping your life around Him, instead of trying to fit Him in the confined space you have filled up with the “junk” of life on earth?

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Want more study on seeking and finding God? Try the following scriptures to help you understand how important seeking and finding God has been throughout the Bible.

Deuteronomy 4:29; Jeremiah 24:7; and Hebrews 11:6.

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