Incomplete Life: Always Looking for Greener Grass!

Does Greener Grass Really Exist?

InComplete Life = Greener Grass? A Studio 1-37 Original ImageImagine two fields divided by a fence. Both fields are about the same size and each hold plenty of the same kind of lush green grass. In each field stands a mule, and each mule has his head through the fence eating grass from the other mule’s pasture. In the field all around each mule stands plenty of grass, yet the mule reaches for the grass in the other field because they see it as greener and fresher even though it is harder to get. Now in the process of reaching for what the other mule has each mule finds itself caught in the wires of the fence and can’t get loose. Now see the word, Incomplete. As each mule reaches desperately in their discontent trying to make what they see as an incomplete life complete, they trap themselves into a position where they can’t properly live, move, or exist as they are meant too.

Many of us suffer from what we see as an incomplete life. Sometimes it is only a temporary issue but for some, it becomes a way of life. When the feelings of an incomplete life take over our very existence we, like the mules, cease to live, move, and exist as God intended for us too. When we forget or don’t recognize that without God we are nothing, life appears dismal. And often results in a vicious cycle of malcontent and feelings of an incomplete life. We forget what is important as we reach for the superficial things of life that do not satisfy or make the feelings of an incomplete life full.

An Incomplete Life?

When we place our life focus on seeking the secrets of love, happiness, and other unrealistic utopias of life that don’t fully exist on earth, we set ourselves up for a feeling of incompleteness. This can often be the point that we began to whine and cry over our life and circumstances much like a preschooler that doesn’t get their way. Four-year-old Sam was visiting his grandmother when he became testier and started crying about the least little things that didn’t go his way. One such incident involved animal crackers. He wanted more, but she refused to give in as it would spoil his dinner. He burst into tears! His grandmother, in exasperation, said, ”Sam, I don’t know what I’m going to do with you. You cry over nothing.” He immediately calmed down, looked at her and replied, ”You need to tell me to stop whining.”

Maybe it is time for us to ”stop whining” too. Instead, we need to refocus and place God first before everything else. It is time to fully recognize that there is no utopia without Him leading our life.

For in Him we live, and move, and exist. Acts 17:28a (NLT)

There is Only One Field of Green Grass

It is important to not only know but fully recognize and place the Creator of the universe as your ruler in all aspects of your life, not just parts. Calling on God should always be first. It is important to not allow sin to act as a barrier between God and you. You can’t get too far away from God because He is everywhere and everything. He knows all and controls all. For without God you are nothing and you will remain incomplete. He is what completes life.

One day, it will be too late to decide where God is going to stand in your life, so challenge yourself today to live, move, and exist fully with Him. Allow your convictions to stand up for Him and place Him first in your life. Be motivated in knowing that while you have breath it is never too late to come to Him. Find comfort in the fact that He is omnipresence and is everywhere at all times. He is there for you yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Even right now! The grass is only greener when you abide in His field. Let Him fully complete your incomplete life today.

Love in Christ,



Content makes poor men rich; discontent makes rich men poor.

Benjamin Franklin

Extra Study

Isaiah 55:6, Jeremiah 23:23 ”“ 24, Hebrews 13:8

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you feel your life is incomplete? Have you searched for the greener grass of the world? Is God fully in your life so that you live, move, and exist only with Him? Share your thoughts and experiences on how God completes your incomplete life.

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