Interruptions for Grace – Today’s hope; Tomorrow’s Promises

Daily Interruptions

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How do you feel about interruptions? There are all kinds of interruptions in our daily lives. Some are annoying, others exasperating, and some become overwhelming. Interruptions in our life often have us suddenly moving in a different direction and leaving behind the tasks of what we were doing. Recognizing how to handle interruptions whether they are important or just throwing us off track is necessary for they often affect more than just ourselves. Many Divine interruptions impact not only our life but become life-changing for those around us in a positive and eternal way. Interruptions of all kinds give us the ability to both offer and accept grace bringing hope to situations and promises of a better future.

I am a creative person, but also a task-oriented detailed “get it done” person. These 2 don’t always appear as if they would go together but in my case it does. Because of both of these traits, the one thing I abhor is interruptions. When I work on a piece of art or other task undertakings I want to be left alone. Don’t interrupt me for I am on a mission. And I can get pretty irritated if interrupted, especially for unnecessary things. But in all of that, I also have to admit that sometimes I interrupt myself. This is often referred to as “squirrel” syndrome.” Sometimes I am working and suddenly get sidetracked on a different task that leads to something else which leads to something even further. This is why I am a list maker and goal setter.

Lists, Goals, and Interruptions

I start each day with a list in my journal of what needs to be done. And for the most part, I stick to it. But occasionally, I get off track with what may initially be an interruption that needs to be dealt with but turns into a “squirrel syndrome” problem. Yesterday, I found myself with this type of interruption.

I was folding laundry, a task I had forgotten. I might add that I often don’t add things like laundry or other household necessities to my daily task list. This often creates situations of too much to do in one day but that is a different story. So, while folding laundry yesterday, I suddenly received a phone email alert. It was informing me about a $5K Amazon purchase that would soon be on its way.

Since I hadn’t made an Amazon purchase, I immediately went to my computer so I could see fully what this was about. I quickly realized as I logged into my account that this was a scam email to which I alerted Amazon. I was in the clear as it wasn’t connected to my account or the email that is associated with the account. But this interrupted my laundry. Before I knew it, however, I was falling down the rabbit hole as I found myself making a real Amazon order, checking email, and a few other things before I remembered my laundry again. Everything I did was necessary, but it resulted due to a series of interruptions. Do you ever have moments or days like this?

How to Handle Interruptions

As I thought about interruptions, I wondered if Jesus ever became frustrated at the interruptions He encountered daily. It seems that time and time again there was always someone running up to Him interrupting His flow and changing the course of His direction. With crowds of people following Him and wanting something from Him, it must have been like a swarm of irritating mosquitoes. Yet the gospels never tell us that He was annoyed with all the interruptions. Unlike me, He holds a supernatural and never-ending supply of patience and grace. And just perhaps that is the lesson we are to learn as well.

It is only because of grace that we can be a follower of Christ. It is grace that motivates us to respond to others in the manner of Christ showing love, joy, and hope. And it is grace that allows us to live in this world binding with other believers showing grace to others. Every gift we own we do so because of the grace of God. Christ is always showing us the full example of grace, how to display it, and how to give it to others.

Christ always stops His life and offers grace to the interruptions and interrupter. He gives His utmost attention to being fully present to every interruption that He encounters. And it is in this we learn 2 things. One is to offer grace to interruptions, but also to remember that when we are seriously interrupted that it is because of Christ that we can utilize our faith and not be afraid. Because He gives us the hope, we need for today to see the promise of tomorrow.

But Jesus overheard them and said to Jairus, “Don’t be afraid. Just have faith.”

Mark 5:36 (NLT)

Seeing and Experiencing Interruptions from Both Sides

Many times, the interruptions that occur in life create hopelessness and fear. But we must realize that with these interruptions that Christ wants us to interrupt Him too. It is in this way we can see our problem from His point of view. We can hold faith and not be afraid of the ups and downs of life when we accept the grace of Christ. He is the creator of life and has power over both life and death as well as the power to forgive sins. When we stop and realize the glory of His power, we understand that He always offers hope and promise.

It is because we believe in Christ that we hold a spiritual life that death can’t conquer or take away from us. We realize that it is through His power He offers us a wonderful life. When we believe the glorious assurance and certainty of Christ, we can stare fear down and root our hope in the promises of God. It is in this way that no matter the severity of interruptions that life offers us our fear can dissipate. This is the wonder, assurance, and certainty given to us

Divine Appointments from All Sides

Sometimes interruptions are Divine appointed, and we must be ready and willing to offer the grace needed to help another through it. Other times the interruptions cause us to be the interrupter. We are encouraged to interrupt Christ and plead for help as we realize that we can’t do it alone. It is only through the help of Christ that we can take on whatever interruptions are thrown our way. And it is in this that we also learn to give what we have received, which is grace for grace.

Won’t you take the challenge today to look at interruptions as Divine appointments? A way to ask for help and a way to give help to others both as the example offered by Christ. Allow your convictions to be rooted firmed in His love for you so you can stand without fear with the hope of today and the promise of tomorrow. Find your motivation to give grace away and to accept the grace offered to you through all interruptions. Lastly, surround yourself in the comfort of knowing that no matter how serious the interruptions of life are that for the believer, today remains full of hope because tomorrow is firmly promised.

Love in Christ,



Grace is the voice that calls us to change and then gives us the power to pull it off.

Max Lucado

Extra Study

John 11:25-40

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