Lamp of Life – In the Darkness, a Light is Needed

Lamps Provide Light

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Do you need the light of a lamp in the dark? As I get older, I have discovered that I don’t see as well as I used to. This is especially true as the light begins to fade each day for it seems as if my sight fades as well. Many times, simply turning on the light makes an enormous difference in whatever task I might be doing. Even something simple like getting a drink of water is much easier if I turn on the light. There is just something about a lamp that suddenly illuminates the darkness making life easier. Lamps of light dispel the darkness. This is just like the lamp of God’s Word that can shine on our path in the dark times of life.

I typically don’t watch or listen to the news. Today, I was reminded why, as a friend reported the bleak and dark events I missed over the last number of hours. The COVID-19 Crisis marches forward with rather disturbing news. And if that wasn’t enough, riots and protesting continue along with what appears as lawless violence with senseless deaths being reported nationwide. In this very dark world, there is a need for the Lamp of Life to be lit. We need clear directions when we are facing darkness which is why God’s Word is of grave importance.

The Word of God is both true and wonderful. This is why we must stay faithful to both God and His Word. It is sometimes easy to lose sight of what is important when the world around us gets darker. However, it is only through obedience to God that we can achieve peace no matter how dark or disturbing our world is. His Word remains a constant and is our lamp in the night.

The Beauty of a Lamp in the Dark

It is through God’s Word that we can find beauty in the dark. And it is through His Word that we can stay true and grow in our faith. When we find ourselves amid darkness, whether it is the news around us or the darkness that affects us more personally, we must look to the light of God to mark our path for it is only in this way that we will not falter.

Your Word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.

Psalm 119:105 (NLT)

The Bible reveals the way for us to see clear to stay on the right path. The words written to the song Thy Word by Amy Grant and Michael Smith speak clearly to the importance that the light of God provides to our life path. When we feel afraid and lost, we can know through the Word of God that He is with us. His love is clear throughout His Word and if we will allow Christ to be our guide, we can live a life without fear. God’s Word is the only lamp that can light our path no matter the darkness or obstacles that may fall in our way.

The Only Lamp

It is only with the lamp of God’s Word that the tangling roots that might lie along our path are revealed. These tangling masses are the different thoughts and ideas that other people, religions, or philosophies attempt to snag and confuse us with as we travel the path of life. But when we hold God’s Word as the absolute truth and way, we can step around and over those life entanglements that might trip us up. This is why it is important that we allow the lamp of God to shine down upon our footsteps.

Won’t you take the challenge today to allow the lamp of God to light your path fully illuminating your life with His light? Find your convictions rooted firmly in the knowledge and understanding of His promises found in His Word. Seek your motivation to move forward into the light knowing that it is only God that can dispel the darkness. Lastly, surround yourself in the comfort of knowing that when you apply the Word of God to your daily tasks and concerns your faith comes alive, and thus the darkness around you turns to light.

Love in Christ,

E. J.


I am a man of one Book.

John Wesley

Extra Study

Psalm 25

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