Life: Finding the Light in the Dark

Life: Where is the Light?

The Light Shines in the DarknessMy life seemed dark this morning as there was no light when I awoke even though normally at this time the room is beginning to fill with the light from the dawning of a new day. As I lay in the darkness I listened as the rain splattered against the window and I could hear the excess water running through the gutter that ran the length of the house on the outside corner just a few feet from my pillow. I was not motivated to get up. Surrounded in the darkness I lay motionless as I was cocooned in the warmth of the bed linens that surrounded me dreading the cool air that the darkness would lend me if I got up. I quickly talked myself into just embracing the darkness from my current position. I eventually made myself get moving and as I did found there really was more light than I originally thought and that seemed to spur me forth in my day.

Do you ever find yourself not wanting to move forward in the darkness even though you know you must? The alluring enticement of light has entranced humankind since our existence. If you have ever been camping, you know how no matter what the temperature of the weather may be that once the darkness of night falls there is nothing more comforting and encouraging than the center of the camp fire. The light seems to draw us like a magnet as it mesmerizes us with its dancing flames of reds, oranges, yellows, and blues. Staring into the dazzling light it seems that no matter how tired you may be it is with great reluctance that you want to move away from the fire light and head into the dark tent for the night. Christ is frequently referred to as the light of the world for very good reasons. It is with the light of His hope that we can move forward in life knowing that we have life eternally.

This week our focus verse is about how the light of Christ did indeed bring light to everyone as we look to John 1:4. Did you know that the time span of writings between the old and new testaments is approximately 400 years? During this period there appears to be no sound from God, no prophets with messages recorded, and the time of this period is full of constant change in leadership that eventually leads to a dismal outlook as leaders turn violent over the inability to change the worship of the Jews. This period is the intertestamental period also known as the time of silence. Silence from God is indeed a dark time which is why the emphasis of light is important when we think about and refer to Christ. For it is with the light that comes the hope and with that, life. If God never came to earth through Christ, our hope for the future and life would be continuously shrouded in darkness.

The light that Christ brings to the earth is why it is so important that we understand that Christ is truly the Savior for all of humankind. He is part of our creation and He is the only way to a future once we leave earth. The world during the time before Christ, appears filled with the darkness of trouble and escalating political issues. Today’s world appears not so different if we look to the global news at the end of each day. The light of hope though that comes with Christ brings us the comfort and motivation to move forward continually into the light. Without the light of Christ our hope fails and fades along with a better life beyond. Sometimes our life here on earth seems overwhelming but we must remember that nothing our life holds is too complicated for Christ to understand. His love brings us to the light and it is the light that gives us life and leads us home to Him.

The Word gave life to everything that was created and his life brought life to everyone. John 1:4 (NLT)

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it. John 1:5 (NLT)

Keeping and Sharing the Shining Light

Understanding that Christ is part of your creator and that without Him you do not have life is only the first step in securing and keeping the light burning for yourself. To keep the light in focus it is important that you know your ultimate purpose on earth is to live your life for Him. It is only with His power that things can change for you here or beyond. You must look to Him for your hope as He is the true light in the darkness of life that surrounds you here.

It is with Christ that you should turn to first when life becomes unbalanced and out of control. He will set you steady if you keep Him as your main focus as you strive to work out life’s issues. You must remember that your only achievable goal is to ultimately live with Him and that is what your life is about. Making Christ your ultimate focus goal brings the light into your life leaving you with peace and security forever. Turning to God first allows you to give up your self-reliance and self-fixes putting your faith and trust in the light of Christ.

Once you have secured the light in your life, you are to share the light with others. A Hindu trader in India once asked a missionary, ”What do you put on your face to make it shine?” With surprise the missionary answered, ”I don’t put anything on my face.” The questioner began to lose patience and said again more emphatically, ”Yes, you do!” All of you who believe in Jesus seem to have it. I’ve seen it in the towns of Agra, Surat, and even in the large city of Bombay.” Suddenly the Christian understood, and his face glowed ever more as he said, now I know what you mean, and I will tell you the secret. It’s not something we put on from the outside but something that comes from the inside. It’s the reflection of the light of God in our hearts.” (Psalms 34:5, 2 Corinthians 4:6)

Sharing the light of God doesn’t take a great effort it only takes your focus on Him to allow the light from within to shine to others. Never underestimate the effect that your inner light may be having on someone else as it shines freely. Keeping and sharing the light requires the challenge that you look only to Christ for your answers. You are truly loved by your creator and should be in awe of what He has done for you. He asks nothing in return but for your trust in Him. Find yourself motivated today by the light of Christ knowing that you have a future of no problems or fears. Allow the light of life to shine in your life and radiate the warmth of that light to others you come in contact with.

Love in Christ,


Post Script

Some people change their ways when they see the light, others only when they feel the heat. (Unknown) Click To Tweet

Extra Study

Psalm 119:105. John 1:5, John 3:15 ”“ 16; 36, John 5:20, John 6:35;48, John 8:12, 1 John 1:5, 1 John 5:12

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