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It is now officially Summer and probably before too much time passes, we will find ourselves longing for Fall. A few weeks ago, it seemed that Summer came a bit too early with soaring temperatures and a lack of rain. I began having to water plants that were withering in the dryness and heat as I watched my lawn go from needing a weekly trim to no trim at all. My garden pond water was dropping daily, and it wasn’t long before my rainwater reserves were depleted. My concern grew as I didn’t want to have to pay the city for water to keep the pond levels up. And so, I began longing for rain.

When it reached the point that I thought I would have no choice but to use the city water, God delivered the rain. Boy, did He deliver the rain! It rained and rained for forty days and nights, no sorry that is another story. But it did rain and it seemed like it wasn’t going to stop. So, I began to tell my husband that if it continued to rain that the pond was going to overflow. He laughed and told me to stop complaining as it was just a short time ago that I was begging for rain. I didn’t really mean for it to come out as a complaint, but I guess it just proves that we always seem to be longing for something we don’t have.

A Dehydrated Life

Are you longing for something more in your life? Is the life you currently lead, feeling a bit dehydrated, leaving you longing internally for something more? A life that is dehydrated results in us not only feeling thirsty but fatigued and with the dissatisfaction of knowing that something just doesn’t seem right.

God created us with an innate longing deep inside of us to connect to something or someone who understands us completely. Unfortunately, all too often, we attempt to fill this void with meaningless drivel that doesn’t quench the thirst or fulfill the deep longing for something more. Attempts at packing our life with more things, money, or just an endless array of stuff including useless activities just doesn’t quench that longing that comes from deep within us. Trying to satisfy that need of more with more just doesn’t work and if we look hard enough, we soon will realize that we can only occupy the need of more with less.

There is only one thing that will fulfill our longing with more and it is by allowing God to pour into us. Our lives depend upon God which is why we have a thirst for Him. Those who seek Him out will find that our incessant need for more, fills with only one thing; His grace. A relationship with our Creator is available to everyone no matter who the person is or what their past may hold. Seeking Him out allows us to meditate on His kindness and love, restoring our connection to Him and resulting in eternal life.

As the deer long for streams of water, so I long for you, O God.

Psalm 42:1 (NLT)

Satisfying Our Deep Longing

As humans, we consistently are longing for a connection. This full connectional longing can only be satisfied by God. As we recognize that it is only through God’s ability that help is within our reach, our focus becomes centered on His goodness and provisions. It is through this type of concentrated meditation that we feel full satisfaction with connectedness. The more we focus on Him, our relationship and understanding grow, allowing further fulfillment with our life on earth and our life to come with Christ.

As we become intertwined with God, His truth provides the right path for us to follow, as His light gives us a clear vision. It is only with His light that the darkness dissipates leaving the unsure things of life behind as we focus on our future with Him. It is in this place that the longings of life fully hydrate us.

Won’t you challenge yourself to seek God out in all situations knowing that it is only He that can satisfy the longing of your soul? Find your conviction in knowing that God provides victory over all the woes of the world. Be motivated in sharing the wonderful knowledge of God to your family, friends, and others that cross your path. Surround yourself in the comfort of knowing that God loves deeply and desires for you to seek Him out fulfilling the deep longing in your soul for more. He stands waiting now to set you free and fill you with satisfaction that only He can provide.

Happy Summer!

Love in Christ,



God is all-full. He is self-contained. He is eternal satisfaction.

Swami Sivananda

Extra Study

Psalm 63:1; Luke 8:26-39; Galatians 3:23-29

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