Mighty Power – Finding the Strength to Live a Life of Peace

That’s All I Want

Find Your Strength in His Mighty Power - A Studio 1-37 Original ImageWhat do you want in life; power, money, peace, or strength? Maybe you want it all but, in a world, fraught with dismal headlines you will settle for peace and strength. It takes some mighty strong power to get that in this world, but it appears little Janie knows exactly where to get it. The children were learning about the 23rd Psalm in Sunday school. Because they were doing so well their teacher decided they would present what they learned to the church congregation. The small class stood nervously on Sunday morning at the front of the church. Their families, church members, and visitors sat watching and waiting in anticipation to hear the children’s presentation. The teacher chose Janie to recite the studied Psalm before the others did their parts. Janie stepped out proudly and began, ”The Lord is my shepherd; that’s all I want!”

Janie may not have recited the words correctly, but she sure did understand what David meant when He wrote Psalm 23. Having Christ as our shepherd and dependable guide provides the strength and peace we need to make our journey here on earth. It is through His mighty power that He can provide each of us this simultaneously only because His power is above all.

God’s mighty power is the power that brought the universe into being and that power that keeps it operating is the same power that cleanses all our sins. There is nothing He can’t do to include providing each of us the strength to move through life and with the true peace found only in Him even while the storms rage around us.

Tapping into the Mighty Power

Paul tells us that God directs, carries out, and sustains our salvation all according to His eternal and loving plan. We should turn to Him in trusting response making His purpose our mission. This allows us to live not only wisely but energetically for Him. We gain our sustaining strength from His mighty power as He helps us stand firm against all the dark things of this world.

He is indeed mighty and awesome, holding such great power that no one can stand before Him without His mercy. But He holds unlimited mercy towards His people and that is what creates the overflowing peace of life. By grasping the great extent of God’s mercy towards us we can see what true love is and just how deeply God loves us. Our sins deserve strong and severe judgment, but He has chosen to show His love and mercy to us through Christ if we seek Him out. Through God’s mighty power, we can live a life of strength and peace even on earth.

A final word: Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. Ephesians 6:10 (NLT)

Strength Brings Peace

Life can be overwhelming at times, but it is here that you can find the strength you need. By looking immediately to the Lord, you will gain what you need, to face the ills of life. Learning to keep your focus and depending on Him always secures this message within you. This allows you to gain the extra strength you need quickly without having to search. For it is here that your trust builds knowing that His power is above all and that He is waiting for you to call upon Him.

Understanding fully the power and might of God who reigns over everything is mind-boggling. But factor in that even in all His mightiest He fully loves and desires to help you no matter what you have done is beyond awesome. You can indeed find not only strength for this world but peace to go with it. He doesn’t promise you money, but He does promise security for your future and that is a mighty power that you hold on to.

Won’t you take the challenge of putting on the full armor of God to protect yourself as you learn to depend on Him for your secure future? Allow your convictions to lead you to trust fully in His mighty power and promises that have repeatedly shown themselves true through the ages. Find your motivation in knowing that there is nothing that God cannot do. And lastly, surround yourself in comfort knowing that the Lord of all loves you deeply and wants nothing more than to be with you hosting a full relationship not only now but through eternity.

Love in Christ,



We are capable of great works through the mighty power of the Holy Spirit.

Lailah Gifty Akita

Extra Study

Deuteronomy 10:17, Hebrews 1:3

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