Moments of Time – A Brief Thousand Years?

Priceless Moments

Moments in Time - A Studio 1-37 Original ImageThis has been a week of moments for me and I bet it has for you as well. These moments of time can range from joy, fear, concern, and many other emotions. As I write this week, I am thinking of dear friends who are also experiencing their own moments. Some with the joy and anticipation of their daughter’s wedding and others as they care and make decisions for their sister who is in ICU. It is the moments of life that make our memories and of which we learn life lessons from both the good and the not so pleasant.

Each day contains 24 hours, 1,440 minutes, 86,400 seconds, and countless moments. These moments of time often seem endless to us when tragedy strikes, or they speed by like the passing of light when we don’t want the joy to end. But each second, even the ones we dislike intensely, remain priceless gifts from God. It is said that time is something we never have enough of, yet we often give it away so easily. Time is free but priceless and although we can’t own it, we can use it. It is the one thing that we can’t keep but we can spend it and if we lose it, we can never get it back.

Living Only for The Moments

Joys and sorrows fill our life and as important as we feel our moments in time are, living for them alone is not wise. It is only when we live with our eternal home in mind that we fully appreciate our limited time on earth and the need to make the moments count. We so often feel pressured by our limitations of time. However, whether we wish to capture the moments or desire them to turn in our favor it is important to remember that time does not limit God.

Like it or not, our time on earth is indeed limited and the mortality rate of humans remains at 100%. It is easy to get discouraged when the world seems to be heading down the hopper, the future dim, or our personal world crumbling. Thankfully, we have a God who has made provisions for us. Our God can see the future, change it, and has no limitations. He is completely unrestricted by time and because He is eternal, we can depend fully on Him.

The Timetables of Life

God is not slow, even though we often feel He is when things are not going our way. He just operates on His timetable instead of ours. It is in our struggling moments of time that we see our frailty as humans contrast strongly with God’s eternal nature. Eternity has no timetable which is almost incomprehensible to humans. What is important to comprehend is that whether we are in a grand moment of joy or sorrow and no matter if time appears short or long that God is always in control. Because He is in control it is important to place our trust fully in Him spending our limited time on earth working effectively for Him. When we live our moments of time in and for Him, the joy will indeed extend to all facets of our life so that one day our concerns of time will fully disappear.

For you, a thousand years are as a passing day, as brief as a few night hours. Psalm 90:4 (NLT)

A Future Investment

Whether all your moments this week were of joys or concerns it is important to remember that your desire to see satisfaction in life comes from God. When you lose your focus, you lose your sense of purpose that God intends for your life. It is important to remember that your moments will be fully satisfied in eternity. Until then it is important to apply yourself to loving and serving God for this is the way to find satisfaction on earth.

As you seek more joyful moments in life remember to not put off important things you wish to do for a better day because life is short. God is not working on your timetable. You must be ready to meet Christ anytime, even today, yet plan your work as though your life will last for years. Attitudes of life help you find satisfaction and enjoyment even in the direst of circumstances. God works in His own time but allows you glimpses of His perfection and your eternal future in His presence. Your investment in Him in the moments of time you spend on earth will reap rewards.

Everyday God, who loves you very much, deposits time in your life bank. Those 86,400 seconds of time represents 1,440 minutes, or 24 hours each day. He gives you this amount of time for you to use every day. Nothing is ever carried over on credit to the next day. So, from today’s dawn until tomorrow’s dawn, you have a precisely determined amount of time. You can spend it any way you wish, but you can spend it only once. It is important that you consider how you will spend your moments of time so that no matter what the moment brings you know where your focus should always be.

Challenges and Comforts

Find the challenge of spending your moments of time by keeping your faith and trust fully in God in both the good and bad circumstances of life. Allow your convictions in Christ to motivate you forward knowing all that He did for you is not in vain and the rewards for the lessons of life learned on earth are coming. Surround yourself with the comfort of His love knowing that God is always in control running on His timetable where a thousand years may only be a passing day or a few night hours.

Love in Christ,



When the author walks onto the stage, the play is over.

C.S. Lewis

Extra Study

Psalm 39:4, Ecclesiastes 3:11, 2 Peter 3:8

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you spend the moments of time in your life focused on God? Have you considered the many ways you can spend your time as an investment in your future with God? Share your thoughts about the moments of time in your life where joy is found even when the circumstances seem anything but.

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