Need: What Is In Your Number One Place?

Separating Need from Want

Blessed are those who know their NEED of God. Matthew 5:3 (NEB) A Studio 1-37 original imageDo you find it sometimes difficult to separate want from need? As you look back over the week did you receive what you truly needed during this time over your wants? Or did your wants surpass your needs?

Sometimes as we view wants and needs we quickly realize that our real needs are more easily met than our wants or desires. Past wants have a way of piling up as discarded ”junk.” One look in my garage gives quick evidence to that. I am attempting to start the year off fresh and with a minimalist pairing down of my old ”wants” A clean slate, so to speak, for the new year without the burdens of old excessive wants taking up space in my home and life.

In reality there are very few things that we truly must have and it is the separating of these true needs from our wants or desires that we should reflect upon daily. This reflection though must begin with the one thing we need greater than all others. For it is this need that sustains us not only here but through eternity. Sometimes a visual reminder of exactly how important that need is becomes necessary.

The Lamb Breaks the Fall

On a Catholic Church’s tower in Werden, Germany there is an unusual lone sculpture carving figure of a lamb. This lamb is a visual reminder of sacrifice. When the building of the church took place there was a worker that fell from a high scaffold from that very tower. By all accounts due to the height of the fall the man’s co-workers expected to find him dead. But to their surprise and joy, he was not only alive but only slightly injured.

It just so happened that as the man fell a flock of sheep passed beneath the tower at the same time. The man landed on top of a lamb who although broke the man’s fall was crushed beneath the weight. The lamb gave his life to save the man’s. To pay respect to the miracle, placed on the tower at the exact height that the worker fell, rendered in the stone is a carving of a lamb to honor the one that gave its life for the man’s.

Recognizing the Greatest Need

We, also, have a visual reminder of the lamb that saves our life and it is Him that we need to acknowledge. He surpasses all our wants for without Him our wants hold for nothing. It is through Christ that we owe our life and find eternal blessings. Recognizing that we need God is one of the most important things to understand about life as a human.

Too often we confuse happiness with need and we make vain attempts to capture it through the gain of wants. However, it is important to understand that through Christ, experiences of hope and joy are independent of outside circumstances. Hope and joy are the deepest forms of life’s satisfaction that no gained want will ever fill. Satisfying this deepest need is only met through knowing and following Christ. To live eternally acknowledgement of Him goes beyond needs. Attempting to control life through the obtaining of wants will never satisfy the deepest need that every human desires. For blessings from God come from recognizing that the true lamb gave His life by breaking our fall from sin.

Blessed are those who know their need of God. Matthew 5:3 (NEB) (NLT)

Cleaning out the Wants and Focusing on the Needs

As the New Year is off and running maybe it is time to clean out the old wants in your life too. Understanding that blessed means more than a life filled with happiness is the key to this great life clean up. Acknowledging Christ in all aspects of your life and the important recognition that you need God as you need air begins a journey that culminates in eternity.

James recommends practical applications in James 4:7 ”“ 10 on the best ways to draw closer to God. Drawing close to God defines and points to Him as your one true need.

  1. Humble yourself before God ”“ Come before Him not just committing your life but giving control to Him by following His ways.
  2. Resist the devil ”“ Avoid temptation by coming closer to God through relationship. As you seek His will and not the world’s your true need outshines your wants.
  3. Make all attempts to live a pure life ”“ As you develop your relationship with God your desire to experience God’s Holiness will replace your desire to sin.
  4. Seek forgiveness when you fail ”“ God knows you are not perfect and you shouldn’t be afraid to come to Him with heartfelt sorrow when you sin. He desires to forgive you but you must come to Him asking.

Not Just Everyday but Every Hour

Lord I need you. These words that resound in a follower’s hearts daily reflect eloquently through the song, Lord I need You, known best through Matt Maher who also wrote the song with 4 others. This song marries need with James’ practical application. For as the song points out it is…

  • With God that you find rest for without Him you fall apart.
  • It is God that guides your heart.  For where sin runs deep God’s grace is great and where grace is, God is there.
  • Only with Christ are you free. When temptation comes your way, Christ teaches you to rise to Him.
  • When you find that you cannot stand alone you can fall on Him.

For it is through all of these things that you can recognize and say, ”Lord, I need You, oh, I need You. Every hour I need You. My one defense, my righteousness. Oh, God, how I need You.” (Carson, Nockels, Maher, Reeves, & Stanfill, 2011)

Won’t you challenge yourself to freely acknowledge that you need God? Find the conviction to say that you can’t do it alone, placing God in full control of your life with motivation in the knowledge that there is a plan and a God to depend upon. For there is great comfort and the deepest of satisfactions in not only knowing the great necessity of God in your life but in knowing that He cares about you no matter what.

Those that understand their need for God and who live their life as such not only find joy and hope among the impossible but are eternally blessed.

Love in Christ,



We need God as much in the calm as in the storm.

Jack Hyles

Extra Study

Isaiah 57:15, Matthew 25:34, James 4:7 – 10

Carson, D., Nockels, C., Maher, M., Reeves, J., & Stanfill, K. (2011). Lord I need You [Recorded by M. Maher]. Brentwood, Tennessee, United States of America.

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