Old to New – 4 Steps for Repurposing Your Life

 Repurposing – Old Things into New

And He also said, "It is finished! I am the Alpha and the Omega - the Beginning and the End. To all who are thirsty I will give freely from the springs of the water of life. (NLT) Revelation 21:6
Thirsty for a New Life?
Drink from the Living Water of Christ!

Do you like to repurpose old things into new ones? My mother is the queen of repurposing old stuff into new things and my husband insists that I have the same gene. There is an allure to taking an object that could be destined for the trash and reinventing it into a new object. Sometimes though just taking the old or used object and correcting its flaws so that it has a new life is satisfying.

This week the weather got really cold in most of North America and such was the case at my home too. My supposable squirrel resistant bird feeder hanging from my back porch was empty and I had not wanted to fill it because I have to fight with the squirrels over who gets the seed. I felt really badly at the lack of seed as I looked out to see the most beautiful cardinal bird sitting on the rail. He didn’t lite long because there was no food to be found and I knew I needed to do something about this as they are a favorite bird that I like to watch.

That day I found I had some time between errands and meetings so I decided to run by the local big box hardware store to see if they had any new feeders that might deter squirrels. I would at least consider the purchase of a new feeder providing the price was right. My current feeder was a bit mangled by the squirrels from their chewing and didn’t hold seed properly or deter them much.

We seem to have above average intelligent squirrels at our home. They have figured out ways around every squirrel baffle feeder we have owned and have destroyed many feeders by chewing or knocking them to the ground to get to the treasured seed.

As I made my way to the small bird section disappointment mounted as there wasn’t a large variety of feeders to choose from and only a few were on sale. The choice available neither excited me nor did I feel they would really baffle the squirrels. There was this one however that was similar to one that I owned before that was a pretty good squirrel baffle however it was large and expensive even though marked down from the original price.

I finally eyed the new and somewhat promising feeder one time too many. I decided to take it down to look at with greater thought. I was quite surprised to realize on closer inspection that this new feeder was not new at all. Someone had purchased it, used it, and then decided they didn’t want it, for there in the bottom of the feeder was crumbs of old bird seed. I decided that this perhaps is just the break I needed to get a new feeder for myself, repurpose the feeder someone else didn’t want, and relieve the store of the item.  I immediately located a salesperson nearby and explained the situation.

He was a bit surprised to find it on the shelf in such condition and after haggling a bit we agreed on a price approved by the garden manager. I made my purchase of a new feeder and felt rather good about my find as I went on my way.

It was not until the next morning however that I was able to set up the feeder. As I unboxed my new feeder I realized that I may not have gotten such a good deal even with my fifty percent off. The feeder had been obviously used by the birds as not only seed residue was left inside the feeder but bird evidence stained the roof top. I really questioned why they returned the feeder but as I set it up I knew why.

The design had not been thought out well and it was very difficult to put together once the seed filled into the feeder spaces. I finally was able after a lot of perseverance, some tweaks, and a few twists to the design to repurpose the feeder into a new and better feeder.

Sometimes things just need to be readjusted to make them work better. It wasn’t an easy task as it took some work and time to get the old feeder into the new condition that I needed it to be in order to work properly.

Is your life like that? Do you feel that you need to be repurposed into a better you? Sometimes at the beginning of the New Year, feelings or needs to redo things and make the old into the new seem to surface. Desired is a refreshing of the self into a new being.  I know I often feel this way. This year in particular there seems to be a lot I want to change about my life and set out to do different. Perhaps you want to change some things in your life too whether your health through diet and exercise, a new career, or perhaps the healing of an addiction.

We can change our lives and repurpose them for new things but we cannot do it alone. It takes a partner, a companion, a helpmate and we will find that in Christ. This week’s focus verse is about the help, guidance, and new life given to us through Christ. It is as simple and profound as understanding and believing that in the beginning God created it all out of nothing and Christ finishes the plan of our salvation with His death and resurrection. This leaves us with hope for the future of eternity but with a helpmate to give us new life while we wait on the Trinity to complete the plan.

And He also said, "It is finished! I am the Alpha and the Omega - the Beginning and the End. To all who are thirsty I will give freely from the springs of the water of life.(NLT)Revelation 21:6

4 Steps for Repurposing Your Life

Are you thirsty this year for a new life? Your spiritual thirst can be quenched if you believe in Christ and allow the blessings of the eternal to be given to you.  Experiencing life’s fullness only occurs in a relationship with God through Jesus. You can begin to repurpose your old life into a new one through 4 simple steps.

1. A Daily Pause - You must slowdown in your busy life so you can really understand and remember that the Beginning and the End is God and He rules. If you pause daily and remember this, it will also slow you down so you can hear what He is saying to you through your heart. This daily pause will allow you to see new ways to an old life.

2. Change and Visualize– A new life is for everyone as God can make all things new through Christ. A new mindset must occur for change. By using a daily pause you will become more conscious of God throughout your day. This will allow you to begin to change your old life into a new one. As you begin to think in a new and more positive means you will replace old negative thinking as you desire more to please your creator than yourself. As you begin to reset your mind with a new change you will see new things take place in your old life. You will see how true commitment and a personal relationship with God builds change within you.  Living your life as this visualization firmly seals your belief that God is the supreme and this enlightenment frees you to then live your life as He would have you do. This new change and visualization will help you see your potential through Him and take the action needed to fulfill that potential.

3. Accept and Release – Pausing, changing, and visualizing are all great ways to begin a new life but until you accept the invitation Christ has wholly  offered to all people for new life you will not reap the full benefits. The full acceptance of your new life will advance you to the next step and help you push through it. Upon acceptance of a new life there must be a release of the old.  As you reach this step, your new life is opening up as you are clearing out the old but sometimes the old stuff just doesn’t want to let go. You must allow Christ to take this for you as He has already paid the price. You will mess up as you go along, we all do, but you cannot allow the mess ups to tear down your new life and turn it back to the old. Give the mess ups to Christ and begin again. Ralph Waldo Emerson writes about this daily release quite proficiently;

Finish every day and be done with it. You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.
 Ralph Waldo Emerson

4. Move Forward with Comfort– New experiences can challenge you in many ways so it is important to remain committed to the firm belief that the ultimate life lies only with God. Moving forward and living your life according to the Biblical principles that you are given is important no matter what issues you may come across. God has graciously given us choices so every moment we have is an opportunity to create a better life through Him. There will be obstacles along the way as the new life received doesn’t claim to release you from problems but you can take comfort in that the open invitation is for all; and all have the choice of freedom in a new life granting the release of hope for the things to come.

Repurposing your life for a new one with God will give you the freedom of life you deeply thirst for. Whatever goals you set for yourself in this New Year think deeply about the liberating effects that a new life will have upon you. As you set your goals keep in mind Colossians 3:23;

Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than people. (NLT) Colossians 3:23

Whatever purposes, goals, or ambitions set in the New Year for a new life, we should determine with God, always striving to bring honor and glory to Him. When setting out to work with God to repurpose our life, we must think about the reasons of why as much as the reasons of what. As A.W. Tozer thoughtfully penned;

It is not what a man does that determines whether his work is sacred or secular, it is why he does it.

Love in Christ,


Post Script;

The beautiful words to the song All Things New written by Steven Curtis Chapman serve as a reminder that God is the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and Omega, and it is only through Him that our lives can be new once again.

Who spoke and made the sunrise, to light up the very first day; who breathed across the water, to start up the very first wave? It was You. 
You introduced your glory, to every living creature on earth; and they started singing the first song to ever be heard. They sang for You.
 You make all things new, You make all things new.
But then the world was broken, fallen and battered and scarred; You took the hopeless, the life wasted, ruined and marred; And made it new.
 You make all things new, You make all things new. You redeem and You transform; You renew and You restore. You make all things new, You make all things new.
 And forever we will watch and worship You; You turn winter into spring. You take every living thing; and you breathe the breath of life into it over and over again.
 You make the sunrise day after day; But there’s a morning coming when old things will all pass away. And everyone will see You make all things new, You make all things new
Come redeem and come transform; Come renew and restore.
You make all things new, You make all things new.
And forever we will watch and worship You Now and forever; You are making all things new, You’re making all things new.

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