Open your Eyes to Help the Impossible but Possible World Around You

Open to the Possible

Open the Possible - A Studio 1-37 original imageAs I write today, I experienced an impossible morning turn possible as God allowed my eyes to open to how He uses others for good. Sometimes when the impossible and overwhelming world hits it is easier to close yourself off to the world rather than open up. But it is only by being open that the impossible can become possible. This is because it is when you are open to God that He can lift the weight that holds you down.

What things in your life or world appear impossible? A minister making a home visit to one of the younger families in his parish found himself looking down at a 5-year-old boy. The boy quickly told the minister that his mother would be there shortly. To make conversation, the minister asked the little boy what he would like to be when he grows up. The boy immediately answered, ”I’d like to be possible.” ”What do you mean by that?” the puzzled minister asked. ”Well, you see,” the boy replied, ”just about every day my mom tells me I’m impossible!”

So, are you open to the impossible becoming possible in your life? It is difficult when you look to the weary world and wonder how to accomplish all the things that appear impossible today. But with Christ, you and I can join with Him to be a partner in the impossible. God never asks us to do the impossible unless He provides the power and resources to get the job done. He stands ready to not only open our eyes to the impossible needs but as our divine partner in making life in the world possible. God is not just the hope for the impossible, but He is the help to make things possible for all those in need including our own.

The Full-Time Job of Meeting the Needs

God’s help, unlike people’s help, is lasting and complete. He attends to all our needs both physical and spiritual. Because He does this for us, He expects us to do likewise for others. When we partner with Him, He opens our eyes to those around us. When Christ is our helpmate not only is the weight lifted from our shoulders, but He helps us provide the help others need to lift their weight as well.

The Lord opens the eyes of the blind. He lifts up those who are weighed down. The Lord loves the godly. Psalm 146:8 (NLT)

As you partner with God to tackle the impossible you must be willing and able to meet people’s physical needs even if you feel they don’t deserve it. Once physical needs are met then you can help with their spiritual needs. It is important to remember that the church isn’t a building, but the people. And the people can’t operate just one day a week as it is a full-time job.

A number of years ago, in the windy city of Chicago, a crowd of community residents did something unusual. They picketed the churches in their community to do something other than have church as they picketed them to be a church. The community wanted the Christ that the church claimed and proclaimed each Sunday to move out of the sanctuary and into the neighborhoods. They asked why they were only open on Sunday as needs happened 24/7? The community wanted Christ active in the other 6 days of the week as well.

Compassion Partners Equal Possible

It is God that is the hope of those in need whether the needs are physical, emotional, or spiritual. The people of Christ are His instruments to help those needs be met on earth. You must be Christ-like as you partner with Him, willing to compassionately help people as you met physical needs knowing then Christ will help you bring spiritual healing to them. All believers hold a responsibility to those in need no matter if those needs are physical, emotional, or spiritual.

God needs committed, submitted, and dedicated people who live to meet the needs of others. This is how the impossible becomes possible. It is through this commitment that God will open your eyes to those around you. There are many people just trying to survive life until someone rescues them. You must allow God’s love for the hurting and broken to work through you. Meeting the needs of the hurting; physically, emotionally, and spiritually is required as 1 Corinthians 10:24 tells us, ”Don’t be concerned for your own good, but for the good of others.” (NLT) You must love without getting tired and the only way to accomplish that is by partnering with Christ.

Won’t you challenge yourself to meet the needs of those around you no matter what those needs may be or if you feel they are deserving of help? Find your conviction to be Christ-like helping those around you with compassion as He would. Recognize that your motivation comes from knowing that God meets all of your needs even though you too, are undeserving. Surround yourself in the comfort of knowing that one day there will be no hurting people or those in need because the Father above loves each undeserving one of us.

Love in Christ,



Compassion will cure more sins than condemnation.

Jim Denison

Post Postscript

Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired.

Mother Teresa

Extra Study

Matthew 9:30, John 9:7, 1 Corinthians 10:24

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Have you seen the hurting around you? Do you partner with God allowing Him to open your eyes to watch the impossible become possible? Share Your thoughts on the grand necessity of being a 24/7 partner with Christ to help meet the needs of others whether you think they are deserving or not.

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