Pausing in Life – Needed and Necessary Reflection

The Danger Within

Pausing and reflecting in the silence - A Studio 1-37 Original ImageHave you ever considered the danger of not pausing in life? To simply stop and reflect on what you are doing, where you are going, and the needed significance of God in all those things? Are you a ”loose cannon” bouncing all around and creating more damage inside than the storms on the outside of your life? Taking the time to secure yourself by pausing, reflecting, and considering God in your life builds great strength.

Interestingly, I recently read about how the term ”loose cannon” came about. The original text appears derived from the French novelist, playwright, and poet, Victor Hugo in his last novel published in 1874, Quatre-Vingt-Treize translated as Ninety-Three. In the novel, a sailor fails to properly secure his cannon while the ship is out to sea. The cannon rolls out of control and is internally damaging the ship during a storm. The sailor risks his life to secure the cannon and save the ship. He is honored with a medal for his bravery but then executed because he didn’t properly do his job, to begin with.

There is indeed a grave danger when we live our life as a loose cannon. A life that is figuratively seen as a loose cannon is out of control and unpredictable. This creates a life that can unintentionally cause damage. A real cannon that isn’t lashed in place on the deck of a mighty ship wreaks havoc by rolling dangerously and unpredictably. Much the same, a life lived as a loose cannon is one that can destroy the being from the inside out even if there are storms of circumstances raging on the outside.

Understanding is Meaningless but Trust is Sustaining

It is of utmost importance that we take the time to pause and reflect upon God’s power within our life. Problems within us are often more destructive to our life than the problems that surround us. By stopping and listening carefully we can see ourselves as God sees us. Allowing Him to come close is to experience Him fully seeing, hearing, and feeling Him in our life. This necessary every day pausing with Him sustains and strengthens life.

Many people are currently struggling with the suffering caused by the natural disasters recently experienced by the hurricanes that hit the islands in the Atlantic and Caribbean along with the mainland of the United States. Many ask, “Where is God? Why does He allow these things to happen?”

This age-old question is one we clearly see in the book of Job. Elihu gives the best answer even though it is only a partial one. He reminds Job that people can’t understand all that God allows but it is up to us to still trust in Him. He gives the best answer that a human can yet it remains incomplete because people do not have all the facts. Only God sees the whole where we see only a part. Elihu however still reminds Job of God’s mighty power.

Good from Bad

Whether you experienced the most recent storms first-hand or not there are always surrounding circumstances that can potentially affect your life. As threats of hurricanes, accidents, medical issues, or even death descend upon us, we want to know why? We live in a world invaded by sin, disasters, and sufferings of all kinds. These dark experiences come to the deserved and underserved alike but that doesn’t mean that God doesn’t care, isn’t just, or is powerless.

These things happen because we live in a fallen world that is consistently affected by the life-shattering consequences of sin. But even though God sometimes allows evil to exist for a time He also turns it around for good. (Romans 8:28) We hold no answers to the whys but we can be assured that He is all-powerful, in control, and knows what He is doing.

In the headlines, there appears a constant stream of good deeds occurring in the aftermath of the storms. The USA News report from Wednesday’s Headlines read Faith groups provide the bulk of disaster recovery, in coordination with FEMA. This article and many others like it clearly show that when the bad occurs the good of people come forth. The bad things quickly swing into opportunities to turn to God and seek His strength. His power and ways are clearly seen in all the good.

Press Pause and Reflect

German race car driver, Sebastian Vettel said, ”Sometimes you need to press pause to let everything sink in.” God only desires to show His love and compassion to us. So, it is necessary even amid the mayhem to stop and gain strength from Him and see things from a different perspective. To allow everything to “sink in” and know of His might, power, and ultimate control in this time of reflection. For in the thoughts of Wayne Dyer, when you pause to change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Pause a moment, Job, and listen, consider the wonderful things God does. Job 37:14 (GNT)

Pausing is the Necessary Step

To see a different world and experience a substantially different life you must take time to reflect upon God’s might every day. Taking the time to schedule a moment to see things differently, to appreciate the good, and not focus on the bad is the only way to see that God is in full control. Recognizing that God’s ways are not ours and that like Job, we have no right to question but instead to simply accept His power and know that He only desires to show His love and compassion. In the silence, we see that by trusting Him in our pain the victory is won and doubt disappears.

Composer, Arvo Pärt, said, ”Silence is the pause in me when I am near to God.” The silence helps you reflect better on who you are and your place within God. Pärt’s beautiful work, for piano and cello, Spiegel im Spiegel translated as Mirror in the Mirror refers to an infinity mirror that produces images also to an infinity. As our life too, is seen differently from different views. It is only by pausing in the silence that we see God clearly for His greatness. He is the foundation and His love always remains fully upon us.

Today and every day take the necessary time to set aside a moment to reflect upon the glory of God. Find conviction to trust fully in Him no matter the circumstances that whirl around you. Allow your motivation from faith to develop from the pauses you take in life spending time with Him. And know above all that in the good and the bad that you can never be separated from His love.

Love in Christ,



He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.

Albert Einstein

Extra Study

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