Possible Life in an Impossible World

What’s Your Possible?

Summer Possible

Sometimes it seems like there is no possible, because the world appears so, impossible. Is there really room for possible? Years ago, Meg F. Quijano’s daughter felt there was plenty of room for possible. Meg had just returned from a meeting of the National Organization for Women. Her, then, five-year-old daughter, Lisa greeted her with the news that when she grew up she wanted to be a nurse. ”There was a time when nursing was thought by many to be a ”˜woman’s job’”. Quijano told Lisa. She went on to tell the child that she can be a lawyer, a surgeon, banker, even President of the United States, she can be anything she wants to be. The young child looked a little doubtful. ”Anything, I can be anything at all?” She thought about it, and then her face lit up with ambition, ”All right” she announced. ”I’ll be a horse!”

Now, I am not suggesting that it is possible to become a different species, but I am sure that with God, the impossible world can be righted, to possible. Should we not all strive to be possible in life, in this impossible world? Johnny thought so. Reverend Green was making a home visit to one of the younger families in his parish. Five-year-old, Johnny answered the front door and told the Reverend that his mother would be there shortly. To make some conversation, Reverend Green asked the little boy what he would like to be when he grows up. The boy immediately answered, ”I’d like to be possible”. ”What do you mean by that?” the puzzled Reverend asked. ”Well, you see,” the boy replied, ”just about every day my mom tells me I’m impossible!”

Our goal in life should be just like Johnny’s, to be possible. Possible makes things happen, possible creates a better life, a better community, and a better world. Possible makes the impossible world seem much less so; impossible. So where does possible come from and how can we achieve the possible? Possible only comes with God, as we can only find the possible with and through Him.

Our focus verse this week, reminds us of the great and possible things of God, as we look to Joseph.  God turned Joseph’s seemingly impossible situation into the possible, in order to accomplish His will and plan. Joseph’s life was a life of circles, moving from one impossible situation to another and then into an achieving, possible life. If we look at his life closely, we can clearly see how God took the impossible and made it possible.

God can take our disobedience and turn it into good to accomplish His purposes. Joseph’s brothers wanted to kill him, but God needed him to be in Egypt, so through the impossible, God created possible, and so instead the brothers sold Joseph as a slave. When he arrived to Egypt, Potiphar, an Egyptian officer, purchased him, but because the Lord was with Joseph, everything he did was successful, and soon Joseph found himself in an elevated position. But Potiphar’s wife also noticed Joseph; it wasn’t long before she made advances toward him and when he rebuffed her, she made untrue claims, and soon he found himself in prison; an impossible situation. But once again, God created the possible; from the impossible. Joseph became a favorite with the warden because God was with Joseph. Joseph was soon put in leadership positions within the prison and helped many prisoners. As time went on, because of Joseph’s ability to interpret dreams, Pharaoh summoned him, all because of Joseph’s connection through another prisoner. This eventually led to Joseph being placed as a ruler in Egypt. All of the impossible circles of Joseph’s life turned into possible only through God. Joseph’s many impossible circles of life became righted with possible, because of his determined faith and relationship with God.

Life is truly full of circles and many times, impossible circles, but God rules over every circle of impossibility. Our possible comes only from having the faith to trust that God is over every bit of good and evil, every blessing and every problem. God, alone, can turn the bad into good. God’s plan, trump’s all other plans. He makes the possible, for those who believe, just as He did for Joseph. He provides for His believers in far advance of our needs. God gives us glimpses of the possible through inspiration and encouragement, with our faith and prayers.

Life may seem impossible, but with God, life is full of the possible.

You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people. Genesis 50:20 (NLT)

Seeing and Being the Possible

If you want to experience the possible, then you first must act upon your trust in God. You must live your life for God and not for the impossible world and all of its problems. When you place your faith in the possible, then you hold down fear, and peace abounds; no matter the great impossibility of the circumstances. You know in your heart that with God, there is only possible. But this type of mindset is not easy, and to achieve the God possible, you must understand the magnitude of patience. To keep hold of your trust and avoid acting upon your own methods, remember the POSSIBLE.

P ”“ Plans and Peace: Knowing that God’s plan rules all is the key to peace and the openness to possible.

O ”“ Obedience: God will turn your obedience to good things through your faith and trust and He will take disobedience and make good from evil.

S ”“ Sacrifice: The greatest sacrifice is already finished, as God sent His Son for the sins of the world. The greatest possible, is already sealed and given to us to take and receive.

S ”“ Seek: When the impossible surrounds you, seek God first for the encouragement to keep going, and to experience the peace of the possible.

I ”“ Inspired: See and feel the awesome inspiration of the past impossibilities that gave way to possible. Study and be familiar with the great stories of faith that saw and overcame tremendous circles of impossibilities turned into the possible.

B ”“ Believe: You must believe that God is in control. Your belief will allow you to be patient and wait for His possible to occur

L – Look and Listen: As you wait patiently with your belief, you must also be looking and listening for God to create the possible. Your relationship with God will allow you to be more finely attuned to looking and listening. Spend time with God each day in devotion, study, and prayer; strengthening your relationship to see and hear the possible.

E ”“ Encouragement: Be encouraged to keep moving even in the circle of impossible. Know that God is ultimately in charge of all, and in His time, He will triumph according to His plan.

The world is impossible, but with our faith and trust placed fully in God, the possible is always at hand. There is room for the possible; and you are challenged to place your trust and faith in God waiting patiently, being motivated by knowing that He rules above all, and comforted in faith that God will provide for His believers creating good from evil as He works His plan and His purpose for your life.


Love in Christ,


Post Script

”But with God everything is possible” Matthew 19:26b (NLT)

Extra Study

Genesis 37:26-27, Proverbs 16:4, Isaiah 55:8-9, Mark 9:23, Romans 8:28, IF and the Possibilities of God

Meg F. Quijano Story - Adapted from Bits and Pieces, January 6, 1994, p. 17; 
Johnny and Reverend Green adapted from unknown

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