Priorities: Allowing God to Rearrange Yours

Upside Down Life and a Leaking Dike

Priorities? A Studio 1-37 original imageDid God rearrange your life this week? Have you found your priorities suddenly turned upside down? I am a planner and daily goal setter to a fault. Yet my week turned upside-down. What I thought was a planned-out schedule suddenly changed. I like things mapped out and know where I’m going. Maybe not to the point that change devastates me, but I must admit I like my apples in the cart and at the end of the day the boxes checked off. Sometimes though the dike leaks.

Did you know that much of Holland was once part of the ocean, but the Dutch built great dikes far out in the shallow sea, and so reclaimed the land? As their dikes hold the ocean back, the people live safely on the land, farmers use the soil, and businesses find success. Because of their way of life, many of the people in the lowland refer quaintly to Sunday, as God’s dike.

They see that what God’s people do on the Sabbath each week serves their society in much the same way as the dike serves the land. As the dike holds back the sea, so does the life-sustaining experience of worship help hold back the flood of evil that is constantly threatening to overflow the people.

Attending worship and praying to God, however, doesn’t keep the dike from leaking. But it does keep the overwhelming flood of evil, fear, and despair from sweeping us away out to sea. When we worship, pray, and show gratitude to God no matter what, we strengthen our dike and help keep the wall in good repair. This not only helps ourselves but the world outside of us. It allows us to maintain the seawall even when the ocean threatens to sweep away all we have.

The Crumbling Wall

This week we look to Jeremiah for our focus verse. His dike was not only leaking but the wall seems to be crumbling as he watched and so like many of us, he began to complain. He pointed out to God that he was faithful and had done what God asked of him, yet he was failing. Jeremiah wanted help now. He pleads his case before God as he attempts to remind Him that his joys in life are found only through His power and words.

We learn from Jeremiah that living and doing what we think is the right thing doesn’t protect us from the bad things of the world. Jeremiah teaches us that sometimes life just isn’t fair but that even in our despair we can tell God our real thoughts. When we take our grief to God, He will help us rearrange our priorities to fit His purpose. Our joy and heart’s delights are only found through the one who provides us life.

When I discovered your words, I devoured them. They are my joy and my heart’s delight, for I bear your name, O Lord God of Heaven’s Armies. Jeremiah 15:16 (NLT)

Moving forward when the dike is leaking requires us to redirect our eyes on God’s purposes instead of our ”to-do” list. When we look to Him we can take our anger, hurts, fear, and pity parties in a new direction. God will help us rearrange our priorities to fill His purposes.

Rearranged Priorities

It is important to recognize that God’s Word and everything He stands for is the only joy that is truly derived from life. And even though your faith doesn’t protect you from the evil of the world, you can come to Him in prayer. You have the privilege to tell the King of Kings how you feel. In return, He expects you to trust Him no matter what, for what you see as an upset apple cart or leaking dike may just be exactly what He needs others to see so He is revealed to them.

Challenge yourself to trust Him when your dike leaks or the walls of the sea threatens everything you know. Tell God how you feel, trust Him to listen, and then move forward no matter what the circumstances. He is your everything for without Him you have no hope for life. Allow Him to rearrange your priorities and redirect your life for His purposes. Give Him full control knowing your convictions hold firm. Find your motivation in knowing that He is ready to listen and help you see things differently. Surround yourself with the comfort of knowing that He loves you enough to make provisions for you in all aspects of your life.

Your ”to-do” list is meaningless when your priorities are not fulfilling His purposes.

Love in Christ,



Good things happen when you get your priorities straight.

Scott Caan

Job 23:12, Psalm 19:10; 119:103, John 16:33

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