Protection Comes with a Price

How Mothers are Like Magnets

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It is important to hold a basic understanding of magnets or the concept of protection a magnetic field offers. For example, it could be said that the earth’s magnetic field that serves to deflect most of the solar wind protects life on earth. Therefore, it is understandable that teachers begin this study early with elementary students. Ms. Johnson, a second-grade teacher, recently decided that her class should be able to understand the basics of the science of magnets; how they work and to visually see their effect on objects. The day after the lesson she included this question in a written test; “My full name has six letters. The first one is M. I pick up things and can offer protection to life. What am I?” 50% of the students answered the question with the word, Mother!

Perhaps it can be argued that mothers are like magnets because they do pick up after their children and offer protection from harm. When the children are younger it seems this type of protection is never-ending. When they become older it appears that this type of “protection” is the most discussed in the home. Whether it is from peaceably, yet strongly discussing how the toys need to be put away in the younger years or how the dirty laundry needs to be off the floor in the teenage years; Moms are usually the one that is behind this type of “pick-up protection.” But that is not the only protection these celebrated females offer to those around them.

Risking Life to Offer Protection

Most animals from birds to mammals, fish to reptiles when threatened will either stop moving or flee. However, when these animals are threatened with young in their presence, their reaction is dramatically different as they seek to offer protection at all costs. There are countless stories of mothers who risked their own lives to protect their children no matter how old the mother or the child was. But as we celebrate these heroic females this weekend whether they have dramatically stood between the forces of evil offering protection or just lovingly directed and enforced the “pick-up protection” it will never equal the protection that Christ offers to all. For our time on earth is limited in comparison to eternal life and the protection that Jesus offers is one from eternal harm.

The life or mission of Christ brings eternal life to all who believe that He is the Messiah, the Son of God. It is through the price that He paid to bridge the gap between us and God that now offers us the protection of a problem-free eternal life. Through serving Him we hold everlasting safety. By following in the footsteps of Christ and working with God to fulfill His will, we hold the assurance of being welcomed into God’s presence and finding everlasting protection there.

I give them eternal life, and they will never perish. No one can snatch them away from Me.

John 10:28 (NLT)

Time on Earth is but a Moment

Life on earth is full of problems as it is the under the control of Satan but by trusting in Christ our future is secure, safe and fully under God’s protection. Christ promises that when we trust in Him no matter what happens to us on earth there is no one with the authority to take away our eternal life as it is preserved by Him.

Jesus paid the price of our protection through His suffering, death, and resurrection. So, we are assured that our future is protected as we are righted with God. Although Christ and His Father, God, is not the same person, they are one in spirit and conduct which is part of the mystery as He is God. This gives us the assurance that His power and glory back up His promises made to us.

It is through the confidence of hope in our future that we can remember that life on earth when compared to eternal life is merely a blimp. It is important though in our problem-filled world to remind ourselves of this daily. In addition, we must be alerted to feelings of loneliness, tiredness, or even helplessness along with our tendency to get quickly overwhelmed or hyper-focused on our own problems. For it is in these times that we become more prone to the dangers of Satan’s attacks.

How Christ is Like a Magnet Too!

Mothers may be like magnets because they pick up after us offering protection, but Christ is more like one. For those who believe are drawn tightly to Him clinging to the future that He protects for us. It is through Him that a field is formed that cannot separate us from His love or all that He has done for us. Through this field, the speed stays the same, but the direction of the force draws us nearer with each day of life.

So, challenge yourself to keep your eyes focused on the life you hold eternally and not allow the problems of the earth to overwhelm you or become your only focus. Root your convictions in the power of Christ and His authority. Be motivated that you hold an eternal reward with the One who died for you to have the privilege of a problem-free eternal life for simply believing in Him. Find comfort in knowing that compared to your eternal life that any problems you experience on earth are just a moment in the scheme of time because your eternal future is secure, and you are fully protected.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you magnets that pick up and offer protection to those around you.

Love in Christ,



Jesus means life to me. Jesus is our Savior. When I think about Jesus, I think about the sacrifice He made so that we may have eternal life. I can certainly tell you I’m not afraid to die, and I certainly have a peace about my life.

Jake Peavy

Extra Study

John 6:37, 39; 17:12, 1 Peter 5:8

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