Refreshing Your Life in the New Year

Christmas Disappointments

Refreshing in the New Year - A Studio 1 - 37 original imageHave you moved into the Christmas slump? Does your life need some refreshing? Did the day after Christmas appear to be like, ”The Morning After?” Sometimes it seems that we do perhaps feel a bit this way. The dramatic letdown of the last 30-day seasonal hype and buildup. Where festivities led with intensity and emotions soared to meet the match. Then suddenly, it is over. The hectic pace ends and whatever expectations that didn’t quite meet the mark leads us either making plans to change things next year or in an emotional state of post-Christmas defeat. Psychiatrists note this emotional state under many terms; Post-Holiday Blues, Seasonal Depression, or Christmas Slump, among others but it all simply relates to losing your perspective.

Just like Katie, an 8-year-old girl who experienced a disappointing Christmas. She didn’t get the gifts that she wanted to receive. She got into several arguments with her older brother and on top of that her mother walked into the room to find her fighting with him and she received the blame. As Katie’s disappointment grew so did her anger as she finally took it out on the family cat, Mr. Boots. This led her to an early bedtime that night. As her mother walked by Katie’s room she heard her praying the Lord’s Prayer in her own way, ”and forgive us of our Christmases as we forgive those who Christmas against us.”

Refreshing Life

The spirit of Christmas that was so alive just a week ago suddenly disappears and as we take down the decorations our emotions often plummet with them leaving a sinking emptiness. Maybe our perspective gets skewed like the misplaced Christmas tree evergreen we brought into the house that dries up no matter the multiple tricks attempted. It’s roots like ours are not connected to the life source. So, as the New year approaches it is time to cleanse ourselves in the refreshing fountains of Christ regaining our perspective in the world.

For you are the fountain of life, the light by which we see. Psalm 36:9 (NLT)

New years like new things can be a refreshing symbol or hope of goodness to come. There are no other means outside of Christ that can bring a renewal and hope for life. It is only through Him that the necessary refreshing, that brings life through eternity, is possible. Depending fully on Christ for all our needs brings about not only perspective in this world but life for the next.

God’s faithfulness is seen through His justice and love for us even with all our mistakes of the past, present, and future. Despite, all we do He continues to pour His love out to those who know Him. As the New Year approaches we can fully recognize the offering of a new life. Like the cleansing and refreshing water of a fountain, we can begin again. Even greater is the knowledge that we don’t have to wait until the New Year for He offers a renewal every day.

A Different Perspective for the New Year

The broken promises the world offers of money, power, careers, and even comfort and routines will never refresh us like we desire. It is only through God and His promises that constant and consistent refreshing is possible through the living water that only He provides. Putting our fears and problems in perspective of His grace leads us to know that He loves us, handles the evils of the world justly, and will care for us throughout eternity if we depend fully upon Him.

God is our constant redo, restart, and do over for it is only through Him that the light of life is provided to us allowing the refreshing and renewing we need to begin again. Christ is the fountain that pours over us allowing for eternal life.

Fred Pratt Green wrote the hymn poem, There’s Snow on the Mountain, that aptly describes this often needed after Christmas renewal.

There’s snow on the mountain and ice on the pond;

The Wise men are home now in the back of beyond:

The Shepherds have left us; the heavens are dumb;

There’s no one to tell us why Jesus has come.


The tree drops its needles, a sign we must go;

But the long road to Egypt is covered in snow;

And wherever we travel the food will be dear:

Who knows what’s before us this coming New Year?


But God’s in His heaven, and Jesus has come

To show every sinner he’s welcome back home,

To be this world’s Savior from hunger and fear,

And give us new courage to face the New Year.

A New Year Refreshing

So, as you pack away your Christmas decorations and any disappointments the Christmas season may have brought know that you have the courage to face this New Year because of Jesus. He is not only as His name Emmanuel states, God with us but He is also for us.

Be challenged as the New Year approaches to renew your life through refreshing yourself through Christ. Allow your convictions to trust fully in Him knowing that it is God’s faithfulness, justice, and love that provides the constant and consistent ability to refresh your life. Find your motivation in knowing that you are not limited to just the beginning of a New Year to refresh your life but continuously. And lastly, find comfort in knowing that you are so loved by your creator that provides fully not only for this life but through eternity.

Happy New Year!

Love in Christ,



You get a new year, you get a new start, you get a new opportunity.

Billy Butler

Extra Study

Jeremiah 2:13, John 4:14, 1 Peter 2:9

Green, F. P. (1976). There's Snow on the Mountain and Ice on the Pond. In F. P. Green, The Hymns and Ballads of Fred Pratt Green. Carol Stream, IL, USA: Hope Publishing.

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