Remember – Do You have Difficulty?

Remember ”“ It is often Hard to Do!


Remember – Do you have a problem with this word? How about just remembering? The adage says, ”Oh how quickly we forget”. It is frustrating when I don’t remember things that I should but it is equally frustrating when the people around me don’t remember what I have said either; like my family members. This week I was teaching a group of children who were working with colored pastels that were water-soluble beside shapes of water-soluble black ink. Now as I gave the instructions the first thing I said was that when brushing the water over the pastel only go in one direction and do not touch the black ink beside it for if you do the black ink will smear. It wasn’t but just a bit before the first child exclaimed in shock and dismay that the colors were turning black. They didn’t remember that I told them if they touched the black ink with their brush the colors would surely smear. I gave the reminder again and still there were children that didn’t listen and understand. Did they not remember what I said or did they just so quickly forget?

The average person forgets four facts, items, or events every day, according to the 2013 study commissioned by ”Post It” notes maker, 3M. I didn’t need 3M to do this study to know that I forget which on some days seem like far more than four items a day. During the study the 2000 adult participants forgot as many as 1,460 things each year, including their phone, keys, and wallet. Do we forget or do we just not remember because we are too busy living life and trying to get ahead?

There are over 300 prophesies in the Old Testament regarding the Messiah and many of those deal with the details of His death, yet they were forgotten or not remembered when Holy Week was taking place. But they remembered afterward and we can clearly see now the events foretold.  Even the disciples were told three times by Jesus what was going to occur, He would be betrayed, killed, and raised from the dead in 3 days; yet they sat in disbelief and dismay in the days following the crucifixion for they didn’t remember what He said.

This week our focus verse reminds us of the great importance of being able to remember. It shows us that remembering is important. Because we can remember we can place our hope fully in the future for there is now redemption and not disaster. Death is overcome as He said it would be. The resurrection gives meaning to tragedy and remembering gives hope for the future. Christ is alive as He said. The scripture’s ring vehemently true. They are more than stories and legends they are the truths of life.  It is important that we remember this not only during the Easter Season but through all seasons of life for He is alive!

He isn’t here! He is risen from the dead! Remember what He told you back in Galilee. Luke 24:6

Remembering Brings Light

Because we remember we understand that Jesus is alive. Because we know that He predicted this as well as other prophets in the scriptures we have the secure confidence to help others see that He is indeed the light brought to earth and continues to provide hope for our future. When we seal the gap with firm belief due to remembering we will not hesitate to tell others about Christ fulfilling the great commission He issued to us. For Christ isn’t in a grave for He is alive and this confirms the scriptures as true and credible.

A story is told from the villages of Northern India that a missionary was preaching in a bazaar. As he closed, a Muslim gentleman came up and said, ”You must admit we have one thing you have not, and it is better than anything you have.” The missionary smiled and said, ”I should be pleased to hear what it is.” The Muslim said, ”You know when we go to Mecca we at least find a coffin. But when you Christians go to Jerusalem, which is your Mecca, you find nothing but an empty grave.” But the missionary just smiled and said. ”That is just the difference. Mohammed is dead; Mohammed is in the coffin. And false systems of religion and philosophy are in their coffins, but Jesus Christ, whose kingdom is to include all nations, kindred, and tribes, is not here; He is risen! Just as He said He would and all power in heaven and on earth is given unto Him. That is our hope.”

There is no grave to remember to put flowers and bestow honor upon for the grave is empty just as He said. It is important for you not only to be willing and ready to tell others about Jesus with the confidence of remembering but to confirm it within yourself. Sometimes it is a good thing to look to the past. As a Christian occasionally you need to stop along the path of life and look back. For when you view the past you can remember that even though the path winds and is steep, you can see how God has easily directed you by His faithfulness. Author F. E. Marsh described what the Christian can see when looking back and remembering:

The deliverances the Lord has graciously constructed (Deuteronomy 5:15).

The way He has superbly led (Deuteronomy 8:2).

The blessings He has granted (Deuteronomy 32:7 ”“ 12).

The victories He has won (Deuteronomy 11:2-7).

The encouragements He has given (Joshua 23:14).

When you face problems and difficulties, you sometimes forget the most important thing that you should always remember; God’s past faithfulness. It seems that sometimes you only see the dangers, detours, and disasters but if you will stop, look back, and remember you will see the joy of victory, the challenge of the trip, and the presence of Christ who is always with you for He promised to never leave or forsake you. (Hebrews 13:5)

Won’t you be challenged to tell others the Good News of remembering. Be convicted in your belief and motivated to fully trust God in your future. And through it all find the comfort in knowing that the scriptures are true and you have a place after this one that will be free of worries, sickness, and aliments of all kinds.

Remember always what Christ gives you.

Love in Christ,



We must welcome the future, remembering that soon it will be the past; and we must respect the past, remembering that it was once all that was humanly possible.

George Santayana

Extra Study

Matthew 16:21, Luke 9:22, Luke 9:44, Luke 18:31-33 ,The Bible.Org Messianic Prophecies 

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