Responsibility: Rewards of a Committed Relationship

 What’s Your Top Five?

What is Your Responsibility Commitment to Christ? A Studio 1-37 Image What levels of responsibility do you hold in your daily life? If you are anything like me I am sure you can quickly come up with a long list that seems never-ending. But just for fun take a moment and think of the top five responsibilities you feel are the most important.

Have you ever considered that some of your responsibilities stem from simply holding knowledge about the subject? We instinctively know that this principle is correct for one who knows the standard is more responsible for that knowledge than one who does not know the standard. A good example of this is when you’re learning a game. You’re allowed some leeway as you learn the rules of the game. However, upon learning the rules and gaining more experience, you’re held to higher expectations to play according to the rules of the game. With this principle in place it is well-known that if an experienced player continues to ignore the rules, they have the choice of playing correctly or being thrown out of the game. So clearly as you gain more knowledge you also gain more responsibility to the things you know.

So out of your top five consider which ones you have responsibility for simply because of the knowledge you hold. Have you made a firm commitment to these responsibilities? When you hold true to your known responsibilities it is important that you do so consistently. If you aren’t diligent with your duty of responsibilities, you can quickly watch things fall apart.

Responsibility: Lessons in Commitment

Take for instance the man who made a promising investment in a large piece of ranch real estate purchased in hopes of enjoyment for his retirement. While he was still actively working he took one day off each week to go out to his land and work. He felt this responsibility was necessary for his commitment to retirement.

He quickly realized that he had purchased several acres of weeds, gopher holes, and rundown buildings. It was anything but attractive but the man knew it had potential and so he stuck with it. He held faith in knowing others before him had purchased similar properties, restored them, and now were reaping the benefits of beautiful land in their retirements years. So each week he would go to his ranch, crank up his small tractor and plow through the weeds with a vengeance. He would spend time doing repairs on the building, mixing cement, cutting lumber, and replacing broken windows. It was hard work but after many months the place began to take shape.

He began to feel so good about the place that he decided to take a break from this hard backbreaking work. He began to rest each week instead of making his trips out to work on the land. One day, he decided to go and check on his property. Upon his arrival, his dismay rose to find that the weeds had returned and the buildings required more repairs. In his forgotten responsibility to the land it began to return to its previous state. The lesson learned and realized is that required diligence for valued long-lasting benefits is necessary. He began his efforts again and knew that this would be a continued process or he would not have the future that he planned for.

Responsibility: Actively Using What You Know

Do you invest your time and energy into making sure your responsibilities are carried out in a true and consistent matter? How do your top five chosen responsibilities stack up against your time, energy, and commitment? Responsibilities develop from seeking a higher form of life and then intensify more with the knowledge that you learn. As time passes you realize that your responsibilities must remain consistent and steady or the work in which you put into them will slowly diminish.

Real and committed responsibilities run deep and are more than just a surface skim but the rewards of taking on these types of responsibilities shape lives and futures. God relishes those who sincerely seek and look for Him. As you come to Him believing and gaining in your knowledge, you learn that He wants a faith that is personal and a relationship that is deep. This relationship becomes a refreshing responsibility with commitment. Unlike a brief acquaintance or social media relationship this is a relationship that is real, encountering, and raw. This relationship responsibility deepens as you consistently seek and find Him each day. The rewards are abundant for it is the receiving of His strength, peace, and best of all, eternal hope of life all in great abundance.

Responsibility: The Necessary Work for a Lasting Relationship

The importance of a personal relationship with God takes more than just going through the motions, trying to be a good person, and surface talk prayers. As you actively seek Him you will know Him better through your diligence. This develops your relationship into a level in which your responsibilities grow for what you learn and know about Him.

There is more to life than what you see on earth but you must pursue it. All relationships take a commitment. But a relationship with your creator should take an energized engagement with a high level of commitment. This coupled with responsibility and the action of gained knowledge results in the eternal rewards that rest upon your soul. Gaining more knowledge gains greater responsibility.

What you do with your knowledge holds significant eternal measures but the rewards of taking on the responsibility through a daily lifelong commitment of a relationship with God are immeasurable and infinite.

Search for the Lord and for His strength; continually seek Him. Psalm 105:4 (NLT)

Developing Relationship Responsibilities

Seeking and pursuing God is the beginning of a relationship with your Creator. But how do you go about developing that relationship into a deep and meaningful one? Just like any relationship it all begins with committing your time. When you first meet someone you want to learn more about them so you can get to know them better. You begin to spend more and more time with them. Depending on the relationship you find yourself committing more than just time but also energy, and sometimes finances to enhance and develop the relationship further. It isn’t long before a sense of responsibility evolves further binding the relationship. This is the way it is with God as well.

The Application

Once you decide to honestly pursue God the next step is learning to know God better. This begins through many ways such as studying His word, gathering with other believers to worship, meeting with small groups, and gaining a deeper knowledge through specialized Bible studies. As your knowledge grows you seek not only to learn more but to spend more time doing so.

Like human relationships the next step is desiring to spend more time with Him. There is no set amount of prescribed time as each individual sets the time of commitment according to the level of development in the relationship. The goal is to set a daily commitment schedule as this is the most important relationship you will ever have.

This newfound commitment will flourish into an honest responsibility to your maker. But unlike worldly responsibilities this relationship doesn’t add more pressure but instead just the opposite, it will bring you peace. As you expand your knowledge, commitment, and responsibility levels you slowly realize that your relationship with God is the most important thing you do all day. It becomes as vital as eating and breathing for it allows you to thrive in a world that is often full of harsh and startling realities.

Keeping It Fresh

Seeking Him out each day brings a freshness and renewal to your life but the necessary responsibility of the commitment comes back to you. God gives you the god-like privilege of free will to make this choice with your knowledge, time, and commitment. It is up to you to use this freedom wisely for your benefit. It is free in its offering but you must commit to keeping it clear, pure, and fresh.

There was once a beautiful lake that was clear, pure, and fresh. It drew animals and people alike to its shores. But over time people no longer took the time to care for the water as they once did. They wanted to use its resources, draw renewal from its pureness, and reap new life from its fresh waters. But no one wanted to take the time to get to know the water, understand how its pureness worked, or take their time tending to it. So the beautiful lake lost its freshness and the clear water over time became covered with green scum. The animals became ill from drinking the water and humans began to look for other sources in which to fulfill their basic physical and emotional needs.

Finally, one day someone came by that understood the problem. Debris had, over time, collected from the hard spring rains, clogged up the dam, and prevented the free flow of water into the lake, and instead had diverted it to outside of the lake. Once the clearing of the spillway took place it wasn’t long before the lake was fresh and clean again. The flow in and out of the lake was necessary to keep the water pure. (revised Patt, 1997)

Responsibility: Where knowledge and Faith Collide

Your relationship with your creator works on the same principle. You must commit to get to know Him better, understand His foundational principles, and commit to Him through responsibility of the needed relationship. You will not be able to find any other source that will fulfill and sustain you like the one you find with Him. The Living Waters must flow in and out through you for the good of all around you for without the flowing water, lives become clogged and stagnant.

Won’t you be challenged today to begin or further develop a deep lasting, committed, responsible relationship with Christ? Find yourself convicted with your faith and your knowledge to responsibly gain a meaningful relationship because of its eternal measure. Allow your motivation to spur from your knowledge taking comfort in knowing that He wants a relationship with you. Christ cares and desires to meet you wherever you may be in your knowledge of Him whether on the surface or beginning to dive into the depths of the Living Waters. The free-will is your gift, the responsibility lies with what you chose to do with it.

Love in Christ,



Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

Henry Ford

Extra Study

Psalm 27:8, 2 Corinthians 6:1 ”“ 2, Hebrews 11:6

Patt, R. W. (1997). All Stirred Up. Lima: CSS Publishing.

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