Resting in the Shadows of the Lord’s Light

Changing the Perceptions of Shadows

Those who live in the shelter of the most high will find rest in the shadow of the almighty. Psalm 91:1 NLT
Soothing Shadows

The portrayal of shadows conjured by writers, poets, artists, and the more recent film industry have long influenced our imaginations and have given the term shadows a “bad rap.” Often as we approach the word shadows, frightening images of things we would rather not envision surface to our mind that are usually not sources of comfort.

But if we think clearly about shadows we realize that they can only be cast if there is a great light. The comfort of light seems to expel the dark side of life that often goes with our fear of shadows. If you have ever sought the shadows of the beautiful shade of a tree for cool relief from the heat you realize that shadows are not a bad thing as it is in the shadows that comfort and rest can take place.

I recently took a day off from the studio and spent the time with a good friend of mine at the beach of a local lake. As the day waned on we took our own comfort in the shadows of a lovely tree’s shade at the edge of the beach, eventually just sitting in silence watching the other people frolic about on the beach and in the water. As I sat allowing peace to transcend over me I began to watch a father and his young son playing on the beach. The sun was beginning to cast low in the sky which made delightful shadows for anything that was between the sun’s light and the ground’s surface. The little boy, who may have been about three or four, had noticed the fascinating shadows his daddy’s body cast on the sand and began to exclaim over the shapes. When the dad realized the delight that had overcome his son upon seeing the shadows he began to jump and move around practically dancing across the beach. The little boy squealed with glee and began to race about trying to catch the long deep shadows of his father. It was such a joy to watch the two interact with one another all over the bright light of the sun casting a likeness of the father on the sand for the young child to blissfully catch. This went on for some time as the two delighted in one another as the boy found comfort and joy in knowing that the shadow’s likeness was his father.

As I began to think about this week’s focus verse the imagery of the father and his son came flooding back into my memories. Shadows should be seen as places of rest and comfort especially when we think of how they can only come about because of a strong light. If we are in the strong light of God, our father, we can rest easy in the shadows of His light dancing our own joy of delight. This week’s focus verse is Psalm 91:1;

Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty. (NLT)

Living in the Light Allows Resting in the Shadows

To be able to rest in the shadows we first must live in the light of the shelter of God. If we live in the light we know who to turn to for comfort and help. (Isaiah 25:4) God provides us with His shelter from our fear if we will develop our relationship trusting Him when we become afraid. It is with our daily devotion that we will find the safe sanctuary, security, and shelter we desire. Our relationship doesn’t make our adversities disappear but it casts the light strongly upon who is in control and who we must turn to for our help. Ultimately we will find our final deliverance from the impossibilities and situations that are totally beyond our ability to handle as Christ returns or we join Him in eternity. (Isaiah 32:2) Until that day comes we can find the rest and comfort we need from the heat of life in the shadows of shade cast by the shelter found from living with God.

Let us all change our images of shadows and for this week and beyond remembering that shadows are a great place to rest especially when the shadows we are resting in are the deep shadows from the shelter of the Lord our God, our Father in Heaven. So delight as you dance on the beach of life catching His shadows and finding the comfort and rest you need from the weary world.

Love in Christ,


What are Your Thoughts about Shelters and Shadows?

Do you find delight dancing in the shadows of God? Have you thought about how shadows can only be cast if there is a very strong light? How have you found comfort and rest in the shadows of your living relationship of the shelter found with God? Join us on these topics or other related topics.

How God is working through your life?